Meandering River


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Brawl Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Heirloom Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Casual Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Commander 2018 (C18) Uncommon
Core Set 2019 (M19) Common
Global Series: Jiang Yanggu & Mu Yanling (GS1) Common
Dominaria (DOM) None
Amonkhet (AKH) Common
Oath of the Gatewatch (OGW) Uncommon

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Meandering River


Meandering River enters the battlefield tapped.

: Gain or .

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Meandering River Discussion

Legendary_penguin_of_death on Jeskei Control 4

1 week ago

I think synergy build was on the right track for your mana base but here is what I think it should be.

4 Sacred Foundry

1 Clifftop Retreat

4 Steam Vents

4 Sulfur Falls

4 Glacial Fortress

2 Meandering River

3 Island

4 Plains

This gives you

17 blue

15 white

13 red

When creating a streamlined manabase you have to look at what your “greediest” card in each color is. For you it’s Sinister Sabotage, Settle the Wreckage, and Deafening Clarion.

You need a minimum of 17 islands so that you can cast Sinister Sabotage on turn 3 consistently

You need 15 white sources to cast Settle the Wreckage consistently on turn 4

Red only demands turn 3-4 Deafening Clarion as Justice Strike isn’t really a turn 2 play.

I learned how to build manabases from a helpful article written by Frank Karsten. I am not perfect and therefore my suggestion could be a little off but I think it’s pretty close to the ideal manabase. Here is a link:

And here is a table I often reference from his article:

Rabid_Wombat on The Hate Mill, Inc.

1 week ago

I've had some success with this list after splashing White for some much needed board sweepers/creature removal.

I added Cleansing Nova, Settle the Wreckage, Seal Away, 4x Plains plus playsets of Meandering River and Glacial Fortress :D

Sadly as just Mono-Blue this deck has real trouble winning against most opponents...

multimedia on Esper in Ravnica Part 1

1 month ago

Hey, I think you really need Hallowed Fountain if you want to play white as anything other than a splash for Teferi and Chromium with current Esper. I think a true current playable Esper manabase can't support . The only current dual land option for Esper to get more white sources is Meandering River, it's not a attractive option and if you play River you might as well just play Azorius. Evolving Wilds is another option and it's honestly better than River because it at least puts a card into your graveyard to help to flip Search. Another potential way to help the manabase situation is playing Opt or Anticipate. These cards can help to find white lands, but you don't really want to have to play them as they take spots from other cards. If you're a fan of Settle, Lyra, Nova for control then consider Azorius or Jeskai as both these color combinations can support cards.

Here you're trying to make , and , but the manabase can't support all these color requirements. The manabase here is very good right now for only splashing white for Teferi and Chromium (11 sources of white). My advice is consider decreasing white (cutting Settle, Lyra, Nova and one Plains) to consistently draw more black and blue cards which the manabase can more easily support. Consistency with the manabase is key for control. I suggest more black and blue to consistently be able to cast on curve Sinister Sabotage and Vraska's Contempt. Consider 3x Ritual of Soot? Aggro and tokens (go wide strategies) are hard matchups for control because you can't afford to only one for one creatures with removal and counters, but Soot can be a main deck answer to these problems.

For the sideboard I think you can add some more spice :) Consider 3x Thief of Sanity? It can be a busted creature for control who demands an answer in any nonaggro or nonGolgari graveyard recursion matchups. Consider 1 ofs Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip and The Eldest Reborn? Both are very good value cards for control.

Good luck with your deck.

Metachemist on spirit tribal

1 month ago

With an average CMC of 2.85 I think you're running too many lands. I'd cut it back to 38 by trimming off the Azorius Guildgate Meandering River and Sunscorched Desert respectively.

I'd cut a couple of the Pacifism type cards in favor of Ghostly Prison and Propaganda make him work hard for every single attack he pulls off.

I'll let this one bounce around in my brain and see if I can't work up some other suggestions for you :)

Metachemist on Azor, the artificer

1 month ago

Personally I'd cut Meandering River, Kabira Crossroads, Tranquil Cove, and Transguild Promenade and drop in Vivid Meadow, Plains, and two Island.

Hopefully you can score a Chromatic Lantern at either the Pre-release or soon after. If not, I'll snag an extra one the next time I do a bulk buy for a new deck and we can trade for it.

SmashPortal on Infinite Paladin

1 month ago

Counterspell and Sejiri Refuge aren't legal in this deck, as one was never printed in a standard set, and the other hasn't been printed in a standard set since 2009. Unsummon will be leaving standard in a couple weeks, so you might want to use Rescue instead. Counterspell can be replaced by Essence Scatter or Syncopate. Sejiri Refuge can be replaced with Glacial Fortress or Meandering River.

Suggestions Search for Azcanta  Flip, On Serra's Wings, Triumph of Gerrard, Seal Away, Fountain of Renewal, Shalai, Voice of Plenty, Dive Down, History of Benalia.

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