River of Tears


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Future Sight Rare

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River of Tears


Tap: Add (Blue) to your mana pool. If you played a land this turn, add (Black) to your mana pool instead.

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River of Tears Discussion

flintshadowrider on Dazed & Confused

1 month ago

Thats a lot of lands for a deck where average cmc is 2/3 :L Prob could cut the Breeding Pool and River of Tears as a start <3


3 months ago

I think you should be splashing black instead of red. You're only using red for creature interaction and a marginal amount of filtering. Black does both of those things better and you also get access to hand disruption, which is absolutely incredible before you drop a shared fate to ensure they have no way to stop it, and you won't care about your opponents having hand disruption once the shared fate sticks.

Should be playing Fatal Push and Dismember and stuff to deal with creatures. Play Inquisition of Kozilek instead of Peek, which doesn't really do anything. You'll definitely want another though. You can probably get away with Duress and/or Despise over Thoughtseize or Inquisition I guess if you're trying to stay within budget. Maybe Infest if you want a sweeper effect, Night's Whisper instead of Looting, Brainspoil as a tutor for Shared Fate. The upside to black is just so much higher.

You even get way better sideboard options. More hand disruption, more sweepers, more kill spells. Whatever's the best in the matchup. If you still want a LD spell, you have Rain of Tears. If you want a fog against hyper aggro decks, Darkness. You don't have a ton for artifacts and stuff, but a couple copies of Echoing Truth and hand disruption should get the job done.

On a seperate note, I wouldn't play Dissolve or any scry lands. Scrying is bad. Not sure if you've made the connection, but you still have your own library with a shared fate. You draw from your opponents, but you get to scry for your own. That means your giving your opponent access to screwing with your draws, which is awful. Just play Drowned Catacomb or River of Tears or Darkslick Shores or something for fixing. I would recommend playing Deltas and Watery Graves since it's just the best thing you can be doing, but thats fine if it's out of your budget. Deltas also give revolt for fatal push.

This is all just a suggestion, but I really hope you're seeing all of my points here. Black just supports what you're doing so well

Delta-117 on UBTron

4 months ago

Dismember or River of Tears maybe?

xdaft on Grixis Legends (ABANDONED PROJECT)

4 months ago

I think I might be able to trade 2x Fatal Push and maybe 1x Electrolyze Do not know how I can utilize them in this deck but one can never know (esp. fatal push which is amazing). I do not have spare Lightning Bolt and do not know where I can put them if I move them from the Boros Control I made. Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek might be out of my budget range (i try to keep things in a semi-tight budget so I can replace cards without asking myself why I spent so much money on a card (unless I got them from a booster)). I like River of Tears but I do not think I can find it (at least for now).

Jumpnshootman on Grixis Legends (ABANDONED PROJECT)

4 months ago

Honestly, I'd run more cards to remove and disrupt your opponent's threats to survive. The two that come to mind are Fatal Push and Electrolyze, Although Fatal push is best when used with the pain and shock lands which cost $$$. In addition, any deck that runs Mountain should run 4x Lightning Bolt. It's arguably the best card in modern. cards like Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek are also great at disrupting the opponent's hand. Being able to see and remove your opponent's turn 1/2 play could be Huge.

I understand these are a lot of cards that are almost Grixis auto includes, but it would streamline your deck a bit, and let you get to the 1 or 2 combos you would like to finish the game with.

Also it's pricey, but River of Tears always seemed like a fun card to try out in a mana base. unconventional, can't be tutored, but quirky.

BattleDragon on Faerie dust is a hard drug

5 months ago

I really love Dismember, but with Fatal Push now available, I'd consider running 3x Fatal Push and 0x Dismember. Helps you out in faster matchups, and is overall more versatile, even at just 'destroy creature 2cmc or less'.

Second, I'd run 4x River of Tears by dropping a Darkslick Shores. Its just too good in your build.

Third, you could drop some cards like Go for the Throat in order to carry a pseudo kill spell for nonland permanents like opposing Lillianas, even if its just a bounce spell.

Fourth, I like the idea of Snapcaster Mage. It just feels right, and since only a 4th of your deck is tribal it shouldn't bother. Everyone likes snapping a 1cmc removal/counter spell back!

Maybe double check your main description? I ran into a couple typos :P

Otherwise, brilliant deck +1

Sidenote: Sorry if thats a lot up there, I just like the deck :) If you ever want to make a 3 color variant of this, Red or White could do amazing. White means Path to Exile and a plethora of potential sideboard cards (though thats not neccessary), while red could help you handle land based strategies and creature rush decks (I think).

Do you have any advice on what really pairs well with hand disruption like Inquisition of Kozilek? I really want to make a B/Something deck, but I just can't find the right color. Maybe blue?

YellowFlassh23 on Blue/Black Faerie Rogue

6 months ago

Your deck is indeed lacking focus lemme see what I can do. Also these suggestions are assuming you're going for a low to the ground evasive agro build of faeries. Your deck is also extremely budget and if any of suggestions are too out of your price range it's fine let me know and I'll see if I can some up with a better alternative. Also your land base really needed some changes made to it so I made them I'm not sure if with the changes it equals 60 cards still let me know it not. I really hope these help

Changes to enchantments (+)

  • +4 Bitterblossom This card does everything you need in your deck; low cmc and makes rouges/faeries. By itself bitterblossom can take over and win most games if left unchecked long enough.

Changes to enchantments (-)

  • -1 Protective Bubble your cards almost all already have flying which makes them hard to block + scion already gives shroud no need to have this semi-expensive protection in here

Changes to instants/sorceries (+)

  • +2 Counterspell one of the best counters in legacy and since you're only playing a two color deck it should not be too hard to cast being UU

Changes to instants/sorceries (-)

  • -1 Hideous Visage again no need to make your creatures hard to block they already are.

  • -2 Notorious Throng this card is good if you have the mana as it can straight up end games if cast for its prowl cost but most of the time it's over kill. its insanely good as a 1 of that can steal games if you cast it when your opponent's tapped out (say by mistbind clique) also I've added quite a bit of draw power so you can see it rather often even though its just a 1 of.

  • -1 Recall you play so many creatures and they are either A. easy to protect or B. expendable you don't need to wasting mana to get them back when you could just cast another in the place of one that was lost.

  • -1 Smallpox kinda lack luster as a 1 of and hurts you as well slowing you down, you're trying to win quickly and overwhelm your opponent before they have answers to your army.

  • -1 Sorin's Vengeance another card that is way to expensive for what it does by the time you are able to cast this either you or your opponent already won.

  • -1 Nameless Inversion two mana for a pseudo removal/buff isn't really as worth it as straight up removal

  • -1 Sorin's Thirst see nameless inversion

  • -1 Wring Flesh see nameless inversion

  • -2 Violet Pall this card is just straight up bad sorry to say its way to expensive and the value of a single 1/1 faerie rogue for it is not worth in any way.

Changes to creatures (+)

  • +4 Faerie Miscreant This is another low to the ground faeries rogue that draws you cards.

  • +1 Latchkey Faerie This card if your bring it in for its prowl cost can be very effeceint but you don't want to be paying the 4 mana ever so have 2 means you see if enough where it can cantrip and give you a 3/1 body while digging deeper into your deck but also you won't always see it.

  • +3 Mistbind Clique This card is insane its a 4/4 for 4, protects a faeries (if they target for removal just flash in and exile target protecting it), semi-time walks your opponent (cast on upkeep and taps them out so they can only play instant in response). They only reason I'm not recommending 4 is that it is kind of expensive and you want to keep this decks cmc pretty low.

  • +1 Oona's Blackguard this is the main card in your deck and you want to see it every game as soon as possible it makes all your rogues when they etb bigger speeding up your opponent's clock as well makes your opponent discard when they take dmg (which is going to be often) keeping them from stopping your army of creatures.

  • +1 Scion of Oona this card protects all your faeries(flash it in in response to removal) and makes them bigger and you can bring it in on your opponent's end-step to save mana on your turn. the only disadvantage is that since it grants shroud not hexproof you can not target your own faeries(which is why I'm not recommending 4). Also having 2 means they can't be target as well.

Changes to creatures (-)

  • -1 Stinkdrinker Bandit while this card is excellent at making your rogues bigger(since all of them having flying they will usually be unblocked) and its prowl cost makes it very efficient to cast you already have quite a few other lords in the deck and to many buffs may be overkill. (this card is still amazing in theory and if you want to keep 3 that is fine I just feel you might need to start adding more removal/control)

  • -1 Auntie's Snitch I feel the goblins are unnecessary and they are easily blocked bc they don't have flying

  • -2 Ghostly Changeling 3 cmc is a lot in your deck + an additional 2 to make it into a 3/3 temporarily is not worth it.

  • -1 Marsh Flitter too expensive for a lack luster effect

  • -1 Mothdust Changeling it is cheap but doesn't do much except slow you down to make it flying? not worth it

  • -1 Nightshade Stinger again doesn't do much can't even chump block big creatures

  • -2 Prickly Boggart low cmc and has fear but other than that doesn't do anything and fear is worse than flying no point in really having it

  • -1 Sower of Temptation while this card can steal big creatures from your opponent your opponent won't always have big creature to steal its cmc is also high. this card is better in the side board where you can bring it in when you know it will be an effective choice.

Changes to artifacts (-)

Changes to lands (+)

Changes to lands (-)

Weltbild on Mono U Tron

7 months ago

Same with Tolaria West here, but occasionally I got to fetch for for the necessary 0 cmc artifact. About as often as having Gemstone Caverns on the draw.

Ok, fair point on River of Tears. I'll add another.

I guess I'll stick to either 1 or 2 Mindslavers.

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