Port Town


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Rare

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Port Town


As Port Town enters the battlefield, you may reveal a Plains or Island card from your hand. If you don't Port Town enters the battlefield tapped.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Port Town Discussion

TaegukTheWise on Roon Blink Shenanigans

2 days ago

Dissolve, Counterspell, Dismiss, Bant Charm is a personal favorite, especially when it protects your finishers and stops the Torpor Orb menace and its creature counterparts, Cancel, Broken Concentration, Draining Whelk pairs nicely with restoration angel and Eldrazi displacer, Dream Fracture, Faerie Trickery is good in a faerie-less meta, Familiar's Ruse can put a blink target back into your hand so its not a downside per-say, Hinder, Render Silent, Rewind, Scatter to the Winds, Spell Swindle , Void Shatter are cheaper alternatives. If you're looking for cool or niche cards, or cards that you don't know/remember use Scryfall, its basically Gatherer but better that's where I found a lot of these.

My first couple of cuts would be Gilded Lotus (you're in green, you can ramp for the mana you need if you put in more basics with cards like Explosive Vegetation and Blighted Woodland) so cutting a bunch of the non fetch able lands would be where I would cut, so the scry lands and cards like Port Town (but not the pain lands, those work with your Eldrazi displacer since you don't have Wastes, which I recommend for you 2 regardless, you can fetch for them while the pain lands can provide you with fixing and colorless mana) and if you do add those basics ignore my other suggestion about taking out either farhaven or solemn. Minion Reflector, Fabricate, and Enlightened Tutor to help put the combo together, Birthing Pod and Felidar Guardian are absolutely nuts regardless of your win con, you can go from a 2 drop into a 6 drop in a turn! If you're keeping Brago then you really don't need Momentary Blink, Ghostly Flicker, or Eerie Interlude, you could put either more creatures (or counterspells, which is my suggestion) If you want to keep vorinclex you will need that birthing pod and felidar, I would also say you would need either Mirari's Wake or some way to discard it reliably and cheat it back into play with karmic guide and figure out some way to protect it, namely with counterspells, but if you want to control the table there are better ways, like with Thought-Knot Seer to remove answers as you build your board state and gain an ally with its LTB trigger. Avenger of zendikar is a fantastic late game threat but obviously you need to get more lands in play, so that's the other reason I say add more basics, its pretty inopportune to use another threat to power another threat in this specific capacity, its alright with sun titan since he can also attack to get you a fetch from your grave instead of needing to enter play.

Roon is a toolbox deck, so you need to focus on either progressing your board state rapidly as you accrue more value than all of your other opponents and/or stopping your opponents from having their board states, so for combo your finishers would be locking out the table with dead-eye, and/or creating an infinite army with reveilark, karmic guide and minion reflector, you already have mystic snake, and you already know how to go make infinite mana with karmic guide and reveilark. Later down the road I would recommend using that dead-eye with Thought-Knot Seer to take away your opponents answers.

Hopefully this gives you more than what you needed, but I would need to know how you would like to finish your games in order for me to help make other cuts, do you want to stomp your opponents into submission? Or would you like to combo out while their pants are down? Or would you like a bit of both, because each of these are possible, I just need to know what direction you would like to take this control build.

The_Baneslayer on Oloro, Ageless Ascetic (Budget Spirit Tribal)

6 days ago

Your mana base is not consistent enough to make the deck work fast enough (in playtesting I always had problems with the mana).

You need more dual lands, not expensive ones, such as Caves of Koilos super cheap and effective a full list of cards Id recommend going into the land slots being:

Caves of Koilos

Scoured Barrens

Adarkar Wastes

Underground River

Port Town

Irrigated Farmland

Sejiri Refuge

Jwar Isle Refuge

Salt Flats

To speed up the deck as well you could also include one or two more mana rocks, Thran Dynamos Iconic Masters version is currently about $2.5

Also if you wanted too you could base the deck around a recursion combo with Second Sunrise and Devouring Greed, just find a way to recurr the two spells, add some cheap tutor effects (Diabolic Tutor, Increasing Ambitionand boom

sylvannos on Azorius U/W Control on a ...

1 week ago

I'd cut each the following:

-1x Tablet of the Guilds (lifegain on its own is generally terrible)
-3x Prison Term (there's a lot of better options))
-1x Wall of Denial (again, better options are out there)
-1x Angel of Invention (doesn't dodge Lightning Bolt and you're not playing a lot of creatures. It's mana cost is too high to justify playing a creature without flash)
-1x Niblis of Frost (It dodges Fatal Push and Abrupt Decay, but not Lightning Bolt)
-3x Render Silent (there are cheaper Counterspells. 3 mana is a lot)
-1x AEtherling (you don't need a lot of win conditions)
-1x Azorius Guildmage (we need some room)
-2x Negate (again, need more room for some other stuff)

I'd add:

+1x Opt (you want 4 copies)
+2x Detention Sphere (general purpose removeal)
+2x Mana Leak (low mana Counterspell)
+1x Dispel (this is fills a role similar to Negate, except it costs less mana)
+1x Elspeth, Sun's Champion (this is the type of win condition you're probably looking for)
+1x Condemn (Death's Shadow really doesn't like this card)
+1x Logic Knot (it's a hard counter that's excellent to have later in the game)
+4x Spreading Seas (some decks simply won't be able to cast spells at all if you play this, especially Tron)
+1x Venser, Shaper Savant (this should just be in your main)

For your sideboard, I'd do:

1x Blessed Alliance (good catch-all card to handle a variety of decks)
1x Supreme Verdict (against Aggro, you'll want more sweepers)
2x Blind Obedience (this is a good choice against burn and you're already playing them)
2x Disenchant (you need instant speed artifact/enchantment removal)
2x Relic of Progenitus (graveyard hate)
1x Essence Scatter (good choice)
2x Negate (these are the ones that were main but get moved to the side. You bring them in against combo and control)
1x Dispel (against some decks you'll want 2, namely control decks)
1x Celestial Purge (beats Zoo, Burn, and Rock strategies)
2x Ceremonious Rejection (helps against Tron and Affinity)

After that, the main things you'll want are Cryptic Command, Snapcaster Mage, Celestial Colonnade, and Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip (which you know). On the cheaper end of things, look to getting 3x more Serum Visions, Search for Azcanta  Flip, Jace, Architect of Thought, Stony Silence, Rest in Peace, Mindbreak Trap, and Wall of Omens.

You'll also want to improve your mana base, as that's probably the most important part of a control deck. Once you have 4x Flooded Strands, 4x Hallowed Fountain, and 4x Glacial Fortress, you can add in more utility lands, such as Field of Ruin and Ghost Quarter. Seachrome Coast is another great option.

I'd cut Evolving Wilds from your deck right away and add in 3x Plains and 1x Island. Port Town and Temple of Enlightenment are okay to have, but look to replace those with Glacial Fortress or the other lands I mentioned. You really don't want lands that always come into play tapped that aren't manlands. Otherwise, you'll die when you can't cast Supreme Verdict on turn 4 or Dispel + Negate on turn 3 when you're going second against burn.

ArchonBlue on Azorius U/W Control on a ...

1 week ago

I posted this deck initially a few weeks ago, but I deleted that thread and am reposting it to reflect the significant amount the deck is changed. I'm a relatively new player, been playing for under a year, and I just started competing in local tournaments. This is my Azorius Blue and White Control deck on a budget. It started with a Return to Ravnica intro pack but I've modified it substantially since then. The idea is to counter and buffer the opponent in the early game and then swing for lethal with some flyers or Aetherlings in the mid to late game. The deck worked pretty well at FNM this past week, admittedly the sideboard needs some work.

I'm a student teacher so money is tight, I would be overjoyed to have a few Snapcaster Mage and Celestial Colonnade in here for flashback and big win cons respectively but those cards are on my Christmas wish list, not in my current budget.

Any advice I could get, particularly from experienced pilots of U/W control, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! :)


Creatures (11)

1 Venser, Shaper Savant

1 Dragonlord Ojutai

1 AEtherling

2 Azorius Guildmage

1 Elspeth, Sun's Champion

1 Geist of Saint Traft

2 Spell Queller

1 Wall of Denial

1 Banisher Priest

Lands (23)

1 Nimbus Maze

2 Glacial Fortress

6 Island

2 Faerie Conclave

8 Plains

3 Evolving Wilds

1 Temple of Enlightenment

Instants (17)

2 Serum Visions

4 Path to Exile

3 Render Silent

1 Mana Leak

1 Sphinx's Revelation

4 Opt

2 Negate

Enchantments (6)

2 Authority of the Consuls

1 As Foretold

2 Prison Term

1 Search for Azcanta  Flip

Sorceries (3)

3 Supreme Verdict

Total: 60


Creatures (4)

3 Vedalken Outlander

1 Lavinia of the Tenth

Instant (11)

2 Essence Scatter

3 Disenchant

2 Negate

2 Dispel

2 White Sun's Zenith

2040364 on Become a Dick for $16!

1 month ago

I played Azorius control for a while, and I found the Silence was the best card against Combo and other control decks, and it's not super expensive either.

You might also want to include Journey to Nowhere instead of Singing Bell Strike, as it prevents the creature from doing anything, and doesn't feed graveyard based decks.

A few other notes: You have no wincon. I don't see a way for you to easily win, nor a way to stop creatures once they hit the field or draw any cards. In other words: Your deck will just stall, but you cannot win.

Changes I would make:

-3 Deprive

-1 Negate

-2 Spell Pierce

-1 Rewind

-4 Rattlechains

-4 Zealous Guardian

-2 Quickling

-4 Singing Bell Strike

-1 Nimble Obstructionist

-1 Vapor Snag

+3 Silence

+2 Isochron Scepter

+4 Cyclonic Rift

+2 AEtherling

+3 Oblivion Ring

+3 Journey to Nowhere

+3 Supreme Verdict

+2 Rule of Law

+2 Sphinx's Revelation

In addition, you would definitely want to change up the land base to help the deck run smoothly.

-13 Islands

+8 Plains

+3 Glacial Fortress

+2 Port Town

These changes should help the deck stay in control longer, and make sure that you don't have to worry about aggro decks or combo decks.

In summary: I propose to change this deck to an Azorius control deck that works around keeping the board controlled, rather than the stack.

These changes would increase the price somewhat, but it would still be relatively cheap and should still function pretty well.

Subject134127 on Heronomy

1 month ago

Hmm, I think it's an interesting mana fixer, though I already have equal chance drawing a white permanent as I have drawing a basic land. I like the way it works with Port Town and will consider adding 2 or 3 and see how it goes! White permanent is more of a bonus than a reason to include though!

bakeraj4 on W: Cards for Bant Control ...

2 months ago

I have a Port Town, Stroke of Genius, and Vizier of Many Faces. I'll comment on your binder as well.

Pieguy396 on W: Cards for Bant Control ...

2 months ago

Hello! I'm working on building a Rubinia Soulsinger Bant Control EDH deck, and I'm looking for the following cards:

I also have plenty of other wants in my binder, which is where all of my cards for trade are stored as well. Thanks in advance!

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