Kangee, Aerie Keeper


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Invasion (INV) Rare

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Kangee, Aerie Keeper

Legendary Creature — Bird Wizard

Kicker (2)(X) (You may pay an additional (2)(X) as you play this spell.)


When Kangee, Aerie Keeper enters the battlefield, if the kicker cost was paid, put X feather counters on it.

Other Bird creatures get +1/+1 for each feather counter on Kangee, Aerie Keeper.

Kangee, Aerie Keeper Discussion

Izzy- on Kangee, Aerie Keeper cEDH

2 months ago

Minor things that I'm suggesting really, the deck overall seems well built.

Manifold Key can serve as a Voltaic Key and also allow Kangee, Aerie Keeper and other creatures to get through easier if you need to switch slightly more to the offensive, and at the same cost it seems like an upgrade.

Given you have few creatures, perhaps a Time Wipe here instead of Wrath of God it is slightly more expensive and color intensive but does allow you to save a creature and potentially reuse their ETB effect.

There's also Talisman of Progress as an alternative to Azorius Signet which could allow you to play something the turn it comes in, given if you have one color the fixing isn't as much of an issue, alternatively there's Fellwar Stone or the new Arcane Signet at the same CMC.

Caerwyn on Advertise your COMMANDER deck!

2 months ago

Looking for any feedback or upvotes on my Kangee, Aerie Keeper deck.

Kangee, Aerie Keeper cEDH

Commander / EDH Caerwyn


Thanks in advance!

Noire_Samhain on Bantish Birds

3 months ago

A good lord for the deck would be Kangee, Aerie Keeper if you can fit them in. Buff your birdies.

austintayshus on Birb is the Word

4 months ago

I think you might want to check out Dovescape . It's one of my pet cards that I can never seem to work into any of my decks, but it's as powerful as it is hilarious.

Also Kangee, Aerie Keeper is a fun bird lord you might also want to check out.

Gadianten on Bird Tribal Attempt with +1/+1 counters

6 months ago

I love tribal decks and I have only seen a couple of bird decks but not any that build around counters and with the built in evasion that seems a pretty viable way to run them; I think a few of the picks are sub optimal so I compiled a some bird choices that might be interesting depending on how your meta is built. I also think you could stand to some more card draw to help fuel the tribal beat down, all in all I think this looks fun and I will enjoy seeing it evolve as you tweak it over time. +1

Cheap useful birds: Baleful Strix , Judge's Familiar , River Hoopoe , Sage Owl , Spire Owl , Stormscape Familiar , Thrummingbird

Interesting and useful birds: Aven Sunstriker , Wingmate Roc , Kathari Remnant , Lieutenant Kirtar , Nimble Obstructionist

Birds matter: Kangee, Aerie Keeper , Keeper of the Nine Gales , Crookclaw Elder

Tribal stuff: Door of Destinies

Non creature draw: Guardian Project , Greater Good

Fun stuff: Battle Screech , Beck / Call

Caerwyn on Advertise your COMMANDER deck!

8 months ago

Below is my somewhat competitive Kangee, Aerie Keeper deck seeking to utilize its somewhat unique ability as an alternate win condition. I would appreciate some extra eyes on the deck to see if there is anything I might have missed.

Thanks in advance!

Kangee, Aerie Keeper EDH

Commander / EDH* cdkime


Caerwyn on The Deckwatch [Home Base]

8 months ago

Darkshadow327 - I agree with [email protected] that Artificers would be pretty interesting. It's not a group you see used as a "tribe" very often, and I'm a sucker for unique decks.

On a related note, I just finished designing a Blue/White Kangee, Aerie Keeper Bird tribal deck. Well, at least that is how it started. During the optimization process, I accidentally re-derived Stax. For some reason this is a problem I always seem to run into.

Kangee, Aerie Keeper EDH

CaptainBanana42 on Kangee Birdtimes - Tribal Birds EDH

8 months ago

Hey, I noticed you mentioned Sejiri Refuge as a card draw spell in your deck description.

Dovescape could be a fun/silly addition in this deck. In combination wiht Guile you can flood your board with tokens. Kangee, Aerie Keeper buffs also the birds of your opponents so you have to keep this in mind if you add Dovescape .

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