Trying for power 9. Currently going for Aluren and Spellseeker lines. C&C are welcome.

Here's a disgustingly formatted explanation. Spellseeker Reanimation Lines

  1. Cast Spellseeker, fetching Culling the Weak and Unearth.
  2. Cast Culling the Weak, sacing Spellseeker.
  3. Cast Unearth, reanimating Spellseeker.
  4. Spellseeker fetches Entomb and Reanimate
  5. Play Entomb, putting Eternal Witness in your graveyard.
  6. Cast Reanimate, reanimating Eternal Witness.
  7. Eternal Witness gets back Culling the Weak and Unearth.
  8. Cast Culling the Weak, sacing Eternal Witness.
  9. Cast Unearth, reanimating Eternal Witness
  10. Eternal Witness gets back Culling the Weak and Unearth
  11. Cast Culling the Weak, sacing Eternal Witness. You can now repeat casting Culling the Weak and Unearth, and reanimating Eternal Witness for infinite .

Converting infinite into drawing your deck

  1. You should end the infinite loop with reanimating Eternal Witness a final time, and returning Unearth and Culling the Weak.
  2. Sacrifice Spellseeker to Culling the Weak.
  3. Cast Unearth on Spellseeker.
  4. Spellseeker finds Diabolic Intent + Demonic Tutor
  5. Demonic Tutor or Diabolic Intent can find us Necromancy.
  6. You can now start looping Diabolic Intent, Eternal Witness and either Necromancy or Unearth to find any number of cards.
  7. We find Cloudstone Curio, and any other card we want. We make sure to leave Cloud of Faeries and Gaea's Cradle in our library.
  8. Cast Cloudstone Curio.

Generating infinite mana of any color

  1. End the previous loop by Unearthing Eternal Witness, and bringing back Entomb and Unearth.
  2. Entomb, and put Cloud of Faeries in the grave.
  3. Unearth Cloud of Faeries, untap and tap 4 lands.
  4. Cast Crop Rotation, finding Gaea's Cradle if necessary.
  5. Cast any dork, bouncing Cloud of Faeries.
  6. Keep bouncing, untapping and tapping for infinite mana.


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