This is a list of cards that produce (or simulate) "Blink" and "Flicker" effects. In other words, this is a list of all cards that exile and return your creatures to the battlefield, in order to benefit from ETB (Enter-the-Battlefield) triggers.

  1. Flicker: Named after the card, Flicker, these cards all exile a creature, then _immediately_ return it to the battlefield.
  2. Blink: These cards all exile a creature, then return it the battlefield _at the end step_ of the turn. Slightly slower than "flicker" cards, but basically the same thing.
  3. Bounce: These cards all return a creature card to your hand so that it can be cast again. Slower than the above methods, but can still be useful.
  4. ETB Copy: Cards that enter the battlefield as a copy of another creature (with a beneficial ETB-effect), such as Clone. Rather than actually exile-and-returning a creature, these cards duplicate ETB/LTB effects that have already been triggered.
  5. Token Copy: Similar to the above category, these cards instead create tokens that enter as copies of other creatures, in order to duplicate ETB/LTB effects that have already been triggered.
  6. ETB Abuse: This category actually contains several kinds of cards. A) Cards that allow dual- and multiple-triggering. B) Cards that exile creatures until _you_ decide to bring them back, usually through an activated ability.

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EPICSpider23 came through with a bunch of additions to the ETB-Clone and ETB-Abuse categories. Then when I was adding them, I noticed some cards in the wrong categories so I did a bit of tidying up.

I also defined several categories to better explain them. Plus it was War of the Spark prerelease today so... big day in Magic, all around.


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