Release to the Wind

Release to the Wind


Exile target nonland permanent. For as long as that card remains exiled, its owner may cast it without paying its mana cost.

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Release to the Wind Discussion

Neotrup on Lutri's Mechanics

3 months ago

Companion is a mechanic that allows you to access an extra card at the cost of 3 mana and restricting your deck building. When originally printed you did not have to pay the extra 3 mana, and the effect of having access to an extra card, especially a known card rather than a random one, was so powerful that wizards had to implement bans and the rule change to pay 3 mana.

You do not get the enter the battlefield effect each turn, and not all companions even have an enter the battlefield ability (such as Jegantha, the Wellspring , a popular companion in modern Tron).

Even of you did get Lutri, the Spellchaser ETB each turn, it would only copy a spell, it wouldn't copy the cast triggers of the spell, which is important for your infinite combos. The Release to the Wind combo I described has you copying the spell, but not casting it so Double Vision and Thousand-Year Storm don't trigger. I did link several cards that do work off the combo, and ones templates the same way would also work.

9-lives on Lutri's Mechanics

3 months ago

Neotrup does this combo Lutri, the Spellchaser + Release to the Wind work if Lutri is already my companion?

Neotrup on Lutri's Mechanics

3 months ago

I did want to circle back to an earlier combo: Lutri, the Spellchaser + Release to the Wind . This does work if you target something with Release , then cast Lutri copying it and changing the target to himself. The copy will resolve, exiling Lutri at which point you immediately recast him for free and repeat the process. This doesn't really accomplish anything by itself, but it triggers magecraft (as you're copying an instant) and abilities that look for a creature entering . It also triggers abilities that look for casting a creature or a creature being exiled .

Gidgetimer on Lutri's Mechanics

3 months ago

Lutri doesn't really affect anything if he is already on the battlefield. He must enter the battlefield to trigger his ETB.

Show of Confidence and Mentor's Guidance make copies of themselves, but these copies are not cast. They are not one card combos by themselves. The only thing Lutri can do is make 1 additional copy.

Doublecast and Teach by Example copy the next card cast. Casting one and then the other will copy the second one cast (the copies still are not cast) Making the NEXT instant/sorcery get copied twice. Lutri can copy either of the spells, allowing for the next instant/sorcery cast after the two copy spells to be copied a total of three times.

If you cast Release to the Wind targeting a different creature and then cast Lutri you will be able to infinitely exile and then cast Lutri. You will need a third piece to generate advantage from this interaction.

Polaris on Lutri's Mechanics

3 months ago

Just to clear up a few other possible confusions, let's talk about what casting spells means.

To start with, spells only exist in one place: the stack. An instant or sorcery or creature in your hand is an instant, sorcery, or creature card. When you cast it, it becomes an instant, sorcery, or creature spell. At this point (not before) it can be affected by things that copy, counter, etc. spells. Once a spell resolves, it goes to the battlefield (if it's a permanent spell) and becomes a permanent, or to the graveyard if it's an instant or sorcery and becomes an instant or sorcery card again.

So to clear up one other possible confusion, you can't play Lutri, the Spellchaser and copy an instant or sorcery card in your hand that you haven't cast. You can copy any instant or sorcery spell on the stack, regardless of whether it's a card or a copy.

You can also set up an infinite loop if you do it right, but it's a standard copy loop and Lutri only kicks it off. You need three things: an instant or sorcery, an instant or sorcery that copies it, and Lutri or something similar ( Ral, Storm Conduit etc) to copy the copy spell. You put the new copy on the stack copying the original copy spell, so it resolves to create another copy you can also target on the original as many times as you like. However, you don't generally increase the number of copies you make (when you end the loop, you still only copy your original spell twice), so you need something else (like Ral, Storm Conduit's triggered ability, Kalamax, the Stormsire 's second ability, or Twinning Staff ) to get any value from the infinite loop.

Of the examples you gave here, only the second one works, and it works without Lutri's help as described above. The first and last examples don't work because copies made by Lutri aren't "cast" and because the triggered ability only happens once. Release to the Wind doesn't work because by the time you can cast Lutri again, Release to the Wind is done resolving and has gone to your graveyard.

9-lives on Lutri's Mechanics

3 months ago

Are these combos true with Lutri on the field?

Show of Confidence is a one card infinite combo.

Doublecast and Teach by Example used on each other with another card with Lutri is an infinite combo.

Release to the Wind is a one card infinite combo.

Mentor's Guidance is a one card infinite combo.

Snake_Oil on All-Form One, One-Form All [Orvar Goodstuff]

8 months ago


I wasn't aware that Stage had dropped so hard in price... Adding it seems fair enough, plus it's another to fish for off of map.

As for unblockable spells, that's certainly an option, especially with stuff like Blighted Agent but I wanted to keep it as control over going aggro.

Control Magic is nice, though only a few of my spells can actually target it, so I'll absolutely side it for now.

There are a great deal of ways to go infinite here, especially with Peregrine Drake around -- Archaeomancer itself has some nasty synergies with Release to the Wind for one and any one mana target spell for another.


The new Sakashima would be great... If it wasn't a 20 dollar card by itself. I did consider Sakashima's Protege but the cascade hitting a counterspell is a nightmare. Worth thinking about though.

Thank you both for the thumbs up!

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