Master Transmuter

Master Transmuter

Artifact Creature — Human Artificer

, , Return an artifact you control to its owner's hand: You may put an artifact card from your hand onto the battlefield.

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Master Transmuter Discussion

Dangerwillrobinson79 on This Breya deck is getting better

1 month ago

Thanks ElderCheese. I agree the high cmc artifacts are big drags in early gameplay. I love snapping them out of the graveyard with Goblin Welder and/or swapping them out of my hand with Master Transmuter or Quicksilver Amulet.
Deadeye Navigator would be a solid add. Appreciate the recommendation.

FalconForce on Staring Contest: A List of Blink-Effect Cards

2 months ago

Nightmare Shepherd is one of the best as it adds a lot of functionality with no upfront cost and allows you to exploit sacrifice mechanics like evoke. Creating token clones with etb/ltb can easily become overpowered, especially when combined with populate. In fact I built a great ETB Roon EDH deck around it using cards like Yosei, the Morning Star, Protean Hulk and Wayfaring Temples that clone themselves. Token clone generation is amazing because it's essentially ETB blinking as a side effect. You have some cards that do it already listed under abuse but I think the mechanic is good enough and has enough viable cards that it might be worth making a new category for it.

Token clone makers

Stolen Identity Blade of Selves Mirror Mockery Zndrsplt's Judgment Repudiate / Replicate Hour of Eternity Supplant Form Dance of Many Minion Reflector Bramble Sovereign Progenitor Mimic Anointed Procession Quasiduplicate Rhys the Redeemed Back from the Brink Dual Nature Mimic Vat Rite of Replication Song of the Worldsoul Helm of the Host Doubling Season Parallel Lives Battle for Bretagard Mechanized Production Orvar, the All-Form Prototype Portal Saheeli, the Gifted Saheeli's Artistry Seance Second Harvest Soul Foundry Spitting Image Splinter Twin Replication Technique Saheeli Rai Mirror March Mirrorworks Molten Echoes Mythos of Illuna Sublime Epiphany Flamerush Rider Felhide Spiritbinder Littjara Mirrorlake God-Pharaoh's Gift Hofri Ghostforge Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker Followed Footsteps Nightmare Shepherd Osgir, the Reconstructor Echo Storm Cackling Counterpart Esika's Chariot Feldon of the Third Path Flameshadow Conjuring Trickster's Talisman & of course anything with populate.

Also some other blink type cards:

Blink-Yorion, Sky Nomad Conditional bounce- Cunning Evasion ETB clone- Wall of Stolen Identity Graveyard blink- Cauldron of Souls, Twilight Shepherd, Adarkar Valkyrie ETB Abuse- Jalira, Master Polymorphist, Proteus Staff, Master Transmuter. Listing the ones that specifically clone or blink artifacts in their own group might be helpful too.

Osmmond on Sen Triplets

3 months ago

Super dig the Vega suggestion, that will make its way in on the next round of edits.

Eddy presents some interesting lines, though I've never owned a copy. I'll likely proxy this for some testing in the future.

Yikes, I should probably build in some protection beyond a few pairs of boots. Is Master Transmuter the right kind of thinking or does that lean too hard into the artifact vulnerability? Not sure either if the answer is simply more swords of X & Y or if there is more synergistic options I should be considering.

multimedia on Sen triplets

3 months ago

Hey, some changes to consider:

Replicating and Sphere are not really needed here because all the other two drop mana rocks are better/faster. Not a fan of Ingot or Relic either, but at least they're indestructible which has protection from Nevinyrral's Disk .

The Artifact lands are helpful with Transmuter, but they are destroyed by Disk unless you control Forge.

Not enough basic lands or other dual lands that are two different land types that could be in your hand to support the Reveal lands from not ETB tapped. Can't really support the two Tango lands or Check lands either, but at least these dual lands rely on lands that are already on the battlefield not in your hand.

Other cuts could be the Bounce lands that always ETB tapped, the two Tango lands since only have six basic lands or the Scry/Cycling lands since they always ETB tapped.

multimedia on Sen triplets

3 months ago

Hey, nice version, but please get rid of Temple of the False God :) It's not a good land here because you don't have any land ramp thus it can't make mana until your turn five or six at earliest which is unplayable.

There's a strong artifact sub theme here consider Master Transmuter and artifact lands especially Seat of the Synod ? Transmuter can cheat big artifacts onto the battlefield by first bouncing an artifact land or another artifact such as a mana rock. Sen is an artifact creature which makes Transmuter another way to protect by bouncing Sen back to your hand.

The way Transmuter's ability works is the artifact that you bounce can then be put onto the battlefield right after from your hand because the bounce is part of the cost of the ability. You can bounce Sen even at instant speed and then just put right back onto the battlefield.

Notion Thief is good opponent disruption especially towards the opponent who's turn you control. Getting to cast their draw spells for you to draw instead of opponent. Grand Architect is a good mana dork with artifacts especially when your Commander is an artifact and blue. It can tap the turn you play it to make 2 colorless mana to cast or activate artifacts.

Good luck with your deck.

Mavalava on Living Weapon Slayer

4 months ago

zapyourtumor - Thanks for the feedback! I get what you mean, however the deck actually uses the Living Weapon mechanic pretty efficiently. The Living Weapon mechanic distinguishes itself from other cards by giving us a token along with the permanent equipment. To make full use of Living Weapons efficiently, we need utilize both of those aspects -- the token and the equipment itself. This deck utilizes the token for various things such as burn/ping, card draw, mana acceleration/color fixing, and of course basic combat offenses and defenses. Once the token has been removed, the equipment still persists, not becoming useless, but rather a tool for us to buff other creatures, such as Dreadhorde Butcher , or Fireblade Charger , for example, which can set up for some devastating damage, especially if equipped with a Lashwrithe or Batterskull . A normal permanent with an ETB doesn't really do this. It's not the most 2000-IQ strategy, but it does accomplish the goal of fully utilizing the Living Weapon mechanic.

When I was trying to figure out how to update the deck, Master Transmuter was a fun option, but (at the time) not as budget friendly, and also there just aren't enough actually good Living Weapons to warrant her play unless you start running tutors like Steelshaper's Gift . That being said, with the newly revealed "Kaldra Compleat" being released in the upcoming Modern Horizons 2 set, there's now a much stronger argument to play her and I'll very likely be updating the decklist again when that card drops, haha.

zapyourtumor on Living Weapon Slayer

4 months ago

Or maybe you could bounce the now useless equipments to your hand for profit and to recast them with something like Paradoxical Outcome , Glint Hawk , or maybe even Master Transmuter .

Max121212 on Hot Women Card Collection

5 months ago

Thanks sergiodelrio.

Master Transmuter is hot (however she is making me think of the Borg Queen).

I always thought Tavern Swindler was smiling, now I can see it's... something else.

Sage of Mysteries has a chain in the water.

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