Vesuvan Shapeshifter

Vesuvan Shapeshifter

Creature — Shapeshifter

As Vesuvan Shapeshifter enters the battlefield or is turned face up, you may choose another creature on the battlefield. If you do, until Vesuvan Shapeshifter is turned face down, it becomes a copy of that creature and gains "At the beginning of your upkeep, you may turn this creature face down."

Morph (You may cast this card face down as a 2/2 creature for . Turn it face up at any time for its morph cost.)

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Vesuvan Shapeshifter Discussion

MagicMarc on Blue/black modern budget that isn't …

1 week ago

Pickles are tasty goodness you put on burgers and pastrami.

Here is a brief description of the pickles lock:

The pickles combo receives its name because of one of the key cards, Brine Elemental. This moniker was given as pickles are made from brine a combination of water, salt and vinegar. Place cucumbers in brine and you have pickles. Add Vesuvan Shapeshifter to Brine Elemental and the pickles lock is formed. Taken from here;

What is the Pickles Lock or Combo?

DankMagicianD on Kadena, the Control Mage

1 month ago

You might already know this, but since you didn't have it in the description: Brine Elemental and Vesuvan Shapeshifter also locks down your opponents. Voidmage Apprentice is a great addition to the deck as well. As for what to take out for it, Write into Being has always felt underwhelming for me unless I hit a morph creature, which isn't consistent enough to make me love the card.

builderboy7 on

5 months ago

I think that it's a really cool concept that you're trying to win through Etrata, the Silencer's built in win condition but the legend rule makes it so there can only be one copy of etrata on the field at a time, I see you've added a Helm of the Host to get around the legend rule but you'd need a Mirror Gallery in order for cards like Vesuvan Shapeshifter to copy Etrata, the Silencer and stick around. I think that etrata would be a cool ninja commander because you could use her evasion and have her hit, then with her shuffle trigger on the stack ninjitsu in a ninja to prevent you from having to send her to the command zone. Just my thoughts, Hope this deck turns out great!

Rhadamanthus on Sorry, another one. What about …

5 months ago

No, that doesn't work.

The key thing to know here (which is also what your previous question depended on) is that turning Vesuvan Shapeshifter face-up doesn't cause it to re-enter the battlefield. It's already on the battlefield, it's just changing its characteristics. Anything that would trigger "when [something] enters the battlefield" or anything that would normally be applied as something enters the battlefield (entering with +1/+1 counters, making decisions about abilities like Riot or Devour, etc.) doesn't happen.

Rhadamanthus on Can I use Vesuvan Shapeshifter's …

5 months ago

Unfortunately no, that doesn't work the way you want it to.

Modular creatures (example: Arcbound Worker) get their counters as they enter the battlefield. You can do this as Vesuvan Shapeshifter is first entering the battlefield and get the counters, but when you turn it face-up from being face-down it's not re-entering the battlefield again. It will turn into a copy of the modular creature you choose but won't get more counters.

If you do put counters on Vesuvan Shapeshifter (by any method), they will stay on it for as long as it remains on the battlefield. Turning it face up or face down won't make them go away.

Jo-Nai on Can I use Vesuvan Shapeshifter's …

5 months ago

Can I use Vesuvan Shapeshifter's ability to turn face down and morph each turn copying a modular creature and get the +1/+1 counters? Does Vesuvan Shapeshifter keep the counters when he's face down? Does he keep them when I morph him?

Xenwarrior5 on Animar, Soul of Elements Hydra Tribal

7 months ago

I'd recommend Tezzeret the Seeker in order to tutor for your two wincon artifacts.

Also, idk how well this will work, but Ugin's Conjurant can be a good colorless creature, who basically enters for 0 mana with +1/+1 counters equal to however many counters Animar has.

You could add a few morphs that synergize, but the only 2 I can think of are Hooded Hydra and Vesuvan Shapeshifter, but if you're cloning your utility creatures, you might as well run Spark Double, which has the potential to safely copy Animar or Tezzeret.

triproberts12 on Yes, No, Maybe, I Don't Know

9 months ago

I was playing around with a giant list a little while ago, and the conclusion that I came to is that Jeskai Giants (Jeskai Jiants?) led by Ruhan of the Fomori is the best build, since you can use on-board tricks like Shapesharer , Vesuvan Shapeshifter , Renegade Doppelganger , Artisan of Forms , Arcane Artisan , Cryptoplasm , and Call to the Kindred along with copy effects like Quasiduplicate to skip over playing a bunch of mediocre Giants, instead copying the good 6+ mana ones the turn they come down. The nuts is copying an Arcane Artisan , and have it become your insane giant in response.

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