Evil Twin

Creature — Shapeshifter

You may have Evil Twin enter the battlefield as a copy of any creature on the battlefield except it has ", : Destroy target creature with the same name as this creature."

ladypickleton on Oloro's Gambit

2 weeks ago

There are some great possibilities here I never considered and others that just remind me what is out there and need to get.

Archaeomancer's Map would be a game changer in these colors and top of my list to modify my own haha.

When initially learning to brew a deck I went for higher CMC cards but now I focus on 1-4 CMC especially when editing and taking out things that don't seem to be working. Other things on my list to use from here: Karlov of the Ghost Council Cleric Class Lone Rider  Flip "don't mind this 2 drop haha" Voice of the Blessed Crested Sunmare (would be fun; probably also a target but omg if they leave it alone...) Paradise Plume (i think this would work especially well if there is a lot of overlap in the colors of your playgroup or playing 1v1)

Suggests: Bolas's Citadel (only because it's fun; it's also a huge target and the price of those cards can add up quickly) & Divinity of Pride (big hits, many lifegain) & Evil Twin or any other copy effect can be useful tactically taking out threats with it's ability but if they let you have Oloro out, you can copy it, sacrifice the real one and send it to the command zone and get double life-gain triggers. On that last note I have seen people instead of building towards pillowfort going for effects to abuse upkeep triggers ala: Paradox Haze with Golden Urn and Copy Enchantment and creatures like Deep-Sea Kraken and Indulgent Tormentor and Jhoira's Timebug and other supports like Clockspinning and can abuse it even more with Strionic Resonator or Mirrormade and similar effects. I like that idea because a lot of those pieces are useful just on their own but synergize quite well.

Good luck!! Thank you for the tag (:

rdean14 on Card creation challenge

3 months ago

I'm not sure if she's my favorite character, but definitely high on the list.

Perfect Blue Spoiler Below! Show

Repeat, let's see some more favorite movie characters!

Caerwyn on 0 Slivers Theft

6 months ago

Evil Twin is not legal with Zirda as a companion - though its replacement effect confers an activated ability, the card itself doesn’t have an activated ability.

Jabberjaw46 on Niv-Mizzet is your Superfriend!

6 months ago

not walkers, but still some cards to consider

Any 2 color clone just gives you another Niv Mizzet trigger

Dack's Duplicate, Evil Twin, Altered Ego


Soulherder and Mistmeadow Witch

more triggers= more walkers

HansY0L0 on Sidisi's Brood of Tyrants EDH

7 months ago

Thank you very much th35h0t5 for that list of recommendations and I definitely agree on Evil Twinvs. Path of Discovery. Swapped those cards and I will check your cuts deeper when I’m at home.

I’ve seen you cut many of the creature bases counter spells like Frilled Mystic, which I think are great cards in a reanimator deck.

th35h0t5 on Sidisi's Brood of Tyrants EDH

7 months ago

Personally i would cut Evil Twin to fit Path of Discovery. Evil twin doesn't really synergize with graveyard strategy you've got going and its slow as removal.

montanaflash23 on Lynde's Cursed Evening

7 months ago

Correction, swapping out Evil Twin for Followed Footsteps.

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