Huge shout out to SynergyBuild for all the information and advice he has given me over time. I would also like to thank enpc, TypicalTimmy, Lanzo493, and RNR_Gaming for their help with this list specifically.

You will see a huge difference in this list from budget replacements to powerhouse cards, and that is because i am building the deck on a pretty severe budget, but replacing cards with things I have pulled over the years that are just substantially better. Please understand that anything I want to acquire based on your suggestions will need to be budget oriented, but feel free to make budgetless recommendations as well in case I happen to have it in a binder.

These are the cards I have currently that I think fit best here:

Brainstorm - Solid option to help me set up a few turns worth of draws. Not my favorite card, but strong and I think good enough to merit a place here.

Consider - Replaced Opt in my list as it lets me pitch it to the graveyard to more quickly delve Tasigur. Very solid.

Gitaxian Probe - Cast for no mana, look at an opponents hand, and replace itself. Very solid card for my strategy.

Jace, Vryn's Prodigy   - To be honest, I am more happy about the filtering than I am the Walker on the back of this card, but it is still solid never the less, and psuedo flashback is never a bad thing.

Lim-Dul's Vault - Incredible almost tutor I can use to fetch a piece I need, or set me up for a solid few turns at the very least.

Macabre Waltz - Honestly this is one of the cards I am not sure stay for the time being as a means of recursion, but I would be willing to cut it for more efficient options practically anywhere else.

Necropotence - Absolutely incredible, will probably never leave the deck.

Notion Thief - Another card I am unsure of...the top end is incredible, but the low end is pretty bad...would be willing to entertain advice on what to replace this with.

Portent - Kill an opponents top of deck tutor, or filter my next few draws, versatility is always nice. The fact it replaces itself is also useful.

Rhystic Study - One of the best draw spells in the format in my opinion, this will probably remain throughout this decks life.

Sensei's Divining Top - Very useful card because I can constantly filter through the top 3 cards of my list getting me the best card each turn in those 3.

Thought Scour - You can target an opponent to make them mill their top of deck tutor, but I normally target myself to add cards to the yard and make Tasigur cheaper.

Unearth - Just a method of recurring many value pieces or if I happen to mill/discard Oracle for some reason. Can also cycle it to get a new card in hand and put another in the graveyard.

Windfall - The only wheel I own, and it is quite good to be honest.

Arcane Denial - Cheap counter magic, the drawback isn't great, but it is better than your opponent winning altogether. It also replaces itself which is nice.

Ashiok, Dream Render - One of the few stax pieces I own that make sense here. It is a very solid card though, big fan of this one.

Beast Within - Very solid method of destruction because it hits permanents, so anything troublesome on the battlefield can be hit. Also can technically win me the game in conjunction with both Tasigur, the Golden Fang and Reality Shift.

Broken Bond - This hits both artifacts and enchantments, and lets me ramp in the same turn. Solid option in my opinion.

Counterspell - It isn't flashy, but it is consistent, two blue to say no is the standard by which other counters are measured.

Delay - Saying no for three turns isn't ideal, but in all honesty you only use this card when you have no other options, and then you and the table have 3 turns to come up with an answer to a threat you know exists, hopefully that is enough time.

Dispel - Solid option for saying no to your opponents answers, great protection piece.

Doom Blade - Will be replaced with Infernal Grasp soon.

Force of Will - Can be hard cast, but this will virtually always be used as free counter magic...well...manaless counter magic.

Mana Drain - This is ramp tacked onto a Counterspell, I am a big fan. Very good card.

Nature's Claim - Life gain means virtually nothing to a deck that plans to go infinite, so this essentially reads destroy target artifact/enchantment for which is great valule.

Negate - Strong counter magic for cheap, I will take it since I have nothing better.

Oko, Thief of Crowns - This is a very good walker. the ability to Elk things is so strong.

Pact of Negation - "Free" counter magic, need to be careful with this one and make sure you can pay on your next upkeep though.

Reality Shift - Manifest not always the best drawback, but the hope is they will flip into something worse than you chose to target. Can also win me the game via a combo with Tasigur, the Golden Fang and Beast Within.

Spell Snare - Many counter spells in this game are two mana, there are also tons of other two mana spell that are problematic that can be hit with this spell, I think it is incredibly good.

Stubborn Denial - Useless without Tasigur, will probably be replaced when I get some better counter magic or another type of interaction that I like better. With Tasigur it is very good though.

Unwind - If you have three mana available to begin with, this is technically also a "free" counter spell, so I have included it here. No opinion on it so far, but I think it deserves this spot.

Carpet of Flowers - Incredible ramp spell I am very happy to own, the art is also gorgeous. This is very good in a format where blue is the most common color played. (No proof or research for this statement, merely a shot in the dark)

Cultivate - Since I decided to go with primarily land based ramp, this is one of the best options I own, ramps and sets you up with color fixing and to make a land drop the next turn. Three mana feels a little high for a ramp spell, but it is really solid.

Dark Ritual - Turns one mana into three, makes casting Tasigur easier.

Deathrite Shaman - Strong enough to be banned in numerous formats, just a really solid ramp option in addition to all it's other effects.

Elvish Mystic - Typical dork since I didn't have enough land ramp, dirty and efficient.

Farseek - Lets me mana fix and ramp for two mana, also doesn't have to fetch a basic land, which is really nice.

Fertile Ground - Two mana, ramps one. Unfortunately it is an enchantment, but it is efficient and I didn't have many options.

Fyndhorn Elves - If I run one copy of Elvish Mystic why not two?

Llanowar Elves - If I run two copies of Elvish Mystic why not three?

Lotus Cobra - Admittedly much better with fetches, of which I dont have many, but still a solid option I think.

Mana Vault - One of the two ramp artifacts I run because they are the only efficient ones I own. Really solid option.

Rampant Growth - Stereotypical land ramp spell, I like it, it is pretty good.

Search for Tomorrow - One mana Rampant Growth if you dont mind waiting two turns, also can just be cast for 3 mana if you need it sooner.

Sol Ring - The other mana rock I run because it is so efficient.

Three Visits - Only fetches a Forest, but I have some options for those as it doesn't require you to get a basic.

Utopia Sprawl - Wish I had some more version of this effect honestly, I love ramping for one mana.

Cruel Tutor - Honestly not the best tutor...but it is what I have access to and tutors are so powerful even a sub-optimal one is still solid.

Demonic Tutor - The tutor by which all others are measured, really solid card.

Diabolic Intent - I can always sac a dork later on or something soon to die anyway. Tutoring is very good.

Eldritch Evolution - Sac Tasigur to find Palinchron or a dork to find Thassa's Oracle, there are so many options for this card it is very good.

Muddle the Mixture - There are technically 23 cards in my deck this can transmute to find, but it is also quite versatile as a piece of interaction. It is good i think, may get replaced in the future.

Mystical Tutor - Just a solid tutor to find me another piece of interaction or Demonic Consultation.

Neoform - Fulfills the same role as Eldritch Evolution for me. Just a solid tutor to find some of my combo pieces.

Plunge into Darkness - Honestly I am not sure about this is kind of here as a testing piece, I would definitely be willing to replace it.

Reclaim - Will be replaced with a Noxious Revival if I can ever trade for one.

Wishclaw Talisman - This is a somewhat political piece that I normally am not very happy to see, but it is a good tutor, and I have a severe lack of solid tutor options, so it stays for the time being.

Deadeye Navigator - This is a really solid card that has the ability to go infinite with numerous other combo pieces, in my deck it currently works with both Peregrine Drake and Palinchron.

Defense of the Heart - This is just a way to potentially get out a game winning infinite combo via Deadeye Navigator + Palinchron/Peregrine Drake or Palinchron + Phantasmal Image depending on what I have access to at the time.

Demonic Consultation - Combos with Thassa's Oracle by exiling your library when you name a card NOT in your deck.

Laboratory Maniac - Honestly just a placeholder until I pick up a Jace, Wielder of Secrets.

Palinchron - Nets infinite mana in a combo with either Deadeye Navigator or Phantasmal Image.

Peregrine Drake -Nets infinite mana with Deadeye Navigator.

Phantasmal Image - Nets infinite mana with Palinchron and can also be used as a copy of any of your opponents value creatures such as Dockside Extortionist or Gilded Drake.

Thassa's Oracle - Absolutely the easiest way to win in this deck, it combos with Demonic Consultation to instantly win you the game. I want to add Tainted Pact for some redundancy, but I still need to pick up a few more lands before I can make it work efficiently.

There are a number of ways to win here...but the vast majority of them are based on generating infinite mana and then spamming card:Tasiugur, the Golden Fang's activated ability to mill my deck and return all non-land cards to my hand. After that I can win via a draw spell and Laboratory Maniac, Thassa's Oracle, or by utilizing a combination of Beast Within and Reality Shift to mill my opponents libraries and destroy their entire board state, passing the turn and letting them die to draw step. Additionally I can just cast Demonic Consultation in response to a Thassa's Oracle trigger or if I have a draw spell with Laboratory Maniac on the board. There are two primary ways of generating infinite mana, either Deadeye Navigator + Peregrine Drake or Palinchron + Phantasmal Image . It is worth mentioning that Deadeye Navigator also combos with Palinchron. Either combo can be fetched with Defense of the Heart.

Thank you for reading, please feel welcome to give me suggestions. I certainly need them. Currently I think I have a number of issues, but I want to get some testing in before I make additional changes. I think I need less inefficient interaction, additional/better tutors, as well as more efficient ramp. I will get them, and when I do I will update this list. Once again, all the suggestions would be incredibly helpful, better interaction, tutors, and more efficient interaction and ramp are my primary focuses currently. I know working in this budget I will never have a tier 1 deck, i am fine with that. I just want to be able to sit and play at a cEDH table because it looks insanely fun. Haha. Thank you again! If you like it, drop a +1 on your way out please.


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