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Don't worry... I've got an enchantment for that

Commander / EDH Casual Control Discard Enchantment Mill WUB (Esper)




Control the game by getting Zur on the board to fetch enchantments to make it hard for an opponent to do anything of significance.

Whilst this is going on it's always fun to try and mill a commander as an alternative win condition.

Key Cards

Greater Auramancy
Makes it hard for an opponent to remove the enchantments that are harming them and protects my creatures once they are enchanted.

Ghostly Prison + Propaganda
If you want to attack me then you're going to have to pay for the privilege.

Shielded by Faith \ Steel of the Godhead \ Aqueous Form
Makes attacking with Zur every turn a possibility.

Pariah + Shielded by Faith
Attack me all you want, I don't care.


All my deck centre around trying to do one or two things well based around a certain theme, they are not intended to be able to defend and cope with everything and anything that comes their way. (Good Card Suggestions vs Deck Dilution)

I am a 'kitchen table' player with a limited budget. As with all my decks advice and suggestions (as well as +1's) are always very welcome but keep in mind anything above the $5 per card mark I'm unlikely to consider.

The more reasoning you can give with any suggestion you make, the more likely I am to consider running it in the deck. This is because I can't always spot the combo or idea you are going for. Letting me know what your thinking gives me a better insight into how you think this deck might be made better by the suggestion.


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