Crashing Footfalls

Crashing Footfalls


Suspend 4— (Rather than cast this card from your hand, pay and exile this with four time counters on this. At the beginning of your upkeep, remove a time counter. When the last is removed, cast this without paying the mana cost.)

Create two 4/4 green Rhino creature tokens with trample.

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Crashing Footfalls Discussion

philosopher on Modern Mono-white Humans

2 weeks ago

Hey CoolDude678,

I too built a pioneer to modern deck, so you can use this as inspiration:

Gideon, Ally of Zendikar is too slow for modern because decks try to win on turn 3 or 4, so I recommend removing it and adding two more Thalia, Guardian of Thrabens because she slows down your opponent's removal spells and she slows down any combo decks, see Living End or Crashing Footfalls decks for more information.

I recommend swapping Benalish Marshal for Rally the Ranks because with Gideon and the Marshall gone, you can put a Lurrus of the Dream-Den as your companion, which will allow you to be more aggressive with your Dauntless Bodyguard's ability because you can get him back on your next turn.

Mono white modern decks are rare in modern, so please see this video for sideboard suggestions because modern decks need different sideboard cards than pioneer:

I hope this helps and welcome to modern.


K0rt on ARCHONBLADE - Hybrid Reanimator/Stoneblade [MH2]

1 month ago


I'm personally not a big fan of Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger in this deck, or any deck really that doesn't have a consistent way of putting cards in the graveyard e.g Dragon's Rage Channeler . It's also going to be a bit awkward and painful in aggro matchups to get double red in this deck, since you want to both be getting double black to cast both unmarked and persist in the same turn or cast Damn and Lilliana. It also is bad against graveyard hate, which is definitely going to be brought in against you. I also think it's just not really going to be relevant enough times to be worth the awkwardness with the mana and exiling cards from graveyard, Archon of Cruelty is plenty good enough to win games by itself and adding interaction with an opponent to make Archon stick seems better than playing Kroxa.

I think that the Evoke creatures, specifically Grief , aren't that good unless you're doing something that makes them broken e.g Ephemerate or that supports a combo of some kind, like in the new Living End versions with Grief or Crashing Footfalls decks that run Fury as free interaction that cost more than 2. I doubt the number of times Grief takes a crucial piece from an opponent is worth it over getting rid of a combo piece or another piece of interaction.

Ultimately if you're curious about some cards then do some experimenting with them in the deck. It'll be interesting to see what you find.

K0rt on Serra's Descendants, competitive Angel Tribal

1 month ago

Cool deck! tbh this seems like a surprising playable angels variation and pretty good against the assorted Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer and Crashing Footfalls decks that are dominating rn.

I know this is rehashing an old discussion but I really think that Anguished Unmaking isn't really playable over Vindicate. It's much beetter against Urza's Saga decks (particularly the food w/ Asmo) decks and Green Tron both of which seem to be pretty hard matchups for this deck at first glance. You should also probably put a Emeria's Call  Flip or two into the mana base somewhere for the late game. I also feel as though Archangel of Thune might be too slow for modern, especially since it dies to an Unholy Heat even after a trigger. Maybe some Angel of Invention instead since it gives immediate value even it just dies? Could also go with Serra the Benevolent as a repeated pumping source as well as a random "got'em" Worship.

You almost certainly no more about good vs. bad matchups than me with this deck, but maybe think about some Settle the Wreckage, Stony Silence and Selfless Spirit for the sideboard. Settle is good in the creature mirrors like Elves, which are probably faster than you on the ground. Stony is for the artefact decks like AsmoFood, although now that I think about it running Kataki, War's Wage is probably better to not shut of Aether Vial for you. Spirit could be good against Damn out of Esper Control and other sweepers which you probably have a problem against with this configuration with no way to gain card advantage outside of Legion Angel,

TriusMalarky on Azorius Testudo

1 month ago

The corner case where Whirlwind Denial is better than Disallow is so rare, I don't think I've seen it more than once or twice in almost five years of playing magic. See, the only times there's lots of things on the stack is when

  • Your opponent is doing weird things and abusing rules to create a cool combo, in which case you can counter one specific spell on the stack to fizzle the whole thing. See Violent Outburst into Crashing Footfalls(modern, not pioneer) -- just counter the footfalls.

  • There's a counter war. In this case, all you need to do is counter one specific spell, namely one of your opponent's counterspells, and it doesn't entirely matter what counterspell you use, especially because your opponent is likely to counter it.

Other than that, if your opponent knows what they're doing(and if they understand the stack, they probably do), they shouldn't have more than one thing on the stack at a time. 99.999% of the time, Disallow is better than Whirlwind Denial.

spotmaso on Temur Cascade (MH2)

3 months ago

Crashing Footfalls is big with cascade

Xica on Theory Crafting a Turbo Tibalt …

8 months ago

In general i highly doubt decks will be built to cascade into the card.
For the same deckbuilding cost you can cascade into Crashing Footfalls & Flaxen Intruder which can end the game quickly, unlike tibalt who is best used in a more interactive shell.
On the other hand i could easily see BBE jund playing 2-3 copies for value play. Cascading into it from BBE solves the "it dies to creatures" issue, and jund is a deck that can be expected to sometimes survive games long enough to hardcast it (W6 playing into it to a significant degree).

I have to disagree with your evaluation.
The front face of tibalt can be extremely punishing situationally.

Naturally its meta depebdant, however taking Uro with it to draw, make land drops & deny the same opportunity from the opponent who would like to ramp into field of the dead is huge.

And alternative cost creatures are not the only way to abuse the effect. I am pretty confident that doing stuff like copying eidolon of the great revel during every turn of a burn player - and not copying during your own turn - can be extremely damaging.

Unlife on Collected Conjouring, CoCo's weird cousin

9 months ago

Maybe it could fit into a temur shell with Thing in the Ice  Flip. You get a lot of fun sorceries like Crashing Footfalls and Ancestral Recall, and Collected Conjuring could remove 3 counters from Thing in the Ice  Flip all at once.

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