Marrow Chomper


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Alara Reborn (ARB) Uncommon

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Marrow Chomper

Creature — Zombie Lizard

Devour 2 (As this enters the battlefield, you may sacrifice any number of creatures. This creature enters the battlefield with twice that many +1/+1 counters on it.)

When Marrow Chomper enters the battlefield, you gain 2 life for each creature it devoured.

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Marrow Chomper Discussion

Catalog9000 on Golgari Death Swarm

2 months ago


I have Doubling Season as a means to aggressively use Liliana, the Last Hope's last ability. True she'll only be at 6, but you use her +1 and the next turn you get her Emblem. It also works wonders with Endless Ranks of the Dead. I feel like if I cut them both out, the entire deck's idea of aggressively turning out literally hundreds of tokens falls apart.

However, I see your point on Marrow Chomper and Vulturous Zombie. Perhaps those are more well suited for Sideboard cards? And I agree about Whip of Erebos. I was just thinking Lifelink would be fun, but it absolutely does not need to be in there.

As for Evolving Wilds, it's actually in there for Fatal Push. My Forest / Swamp may enter tapped (Unlike with Verdant Catacombs), however it still gives me two additional cards to kick off FP's Revolt ability.

I had actually considered Slitherhead. Might go back to him. A 1/1 that turns into a +1/+1 Counter always sounds good, IMO

Pieguy396 on Golgari Death Swarm

2 months ago

Hey there! Cool deck! I feel like your problems could mostly be solved by making your deck faster. There's really only one viable ramp deck in Modern, TitanShift, and that's because ramp is its win condition.

To that end, I would cut most of the expensive cards in your deck altogether: Marrow Chomper, Vulturous Zombie, Doubling Season, Whip of Erebos, maybe even Endless Ranks of the Dead, and instead focus more on powering out some solid early Zombies like Gravecrawler, Diregraf Ghoul, Geralf's Messenger, etc. You could even go for Slitherhead if you need to dig deep enough. I would also cut Golgari Charm for some more aggressive 2-drops, probably something like Relentless Dead.

Additionally, if you need to add more cards to replace the above cuts, I would recommend going up to the full 4 Lotleth Troll, followed by the full 4 of some of your lords.

Finally, Overgrown Tomb is much better than Evolving Wilds.

In any case, good luck, and I hope this helps!

Catalog9000 on Golgari Zombie Tribal finishing touches

2 months ago

What would you guys do to finish this Golgari Death Swarm up?

I feel like it needs to be a bit faster. There's no draw engine, and it doesn't ramp. But I don't want to detract from making my Zombies stronger, either.

I understand I can overwhelm with 2/2's easily, but I feel like pumping them up is a good thing so they can withstand incoming assaults from the early game.

Yes I am aware that Liliana will almost certainly be destroyed immediately by things like Dreadbore, but hey no deck is perfect and no defense is perfect. That's why there's only two of her in there. Also saves money. I focus more on Endless Ranks of the Dead and Doubling Season for that very matter.

But as far as ramping / drawing goes, is there really anything I can do? I was thinking of Golgari Cluestone which solves both issues at once, but I don't really know what to replace.

Another issue I seem to be having is finding a good means of protection against Flyers. Not too many Zombies have Flying and I don't think a single one has Reach. That's why I have things like Whip of Erebos and Marrow Chomper in there.

Thanks in advance!

Pheardemons on The Devourer World Of Jund

3 months ago

I'm liking the overall theme here, but question. Wouldn't Prossh, Skyraider of Kher be a better commander here? The extra tokens definitely generate some extra value for him to kill with commander damage, not to mention he creates token to help you with your devour theme.

Also, some devour creatures I think you should consider:

Thorn-Thrash Viashino - The fact that he can give himself trample makes him EXTREMELY relevant

Marrow Chomper - can help keep you in the game. Having a crap ton of creatures, but only one life, doesn't give you much of a benefit.

Thromok the Insatiable - If you are going with a devour theme, he is a must. This guy can gain INCREDIBLE power with the token theme you have.

Voracious Dragon - Definitely much better if you were to play Krenko, Mob Boss, but either way another flyer that can potentially deal some damage as well since you do play goblin token generators.

Token Generators I think you should consider.

Krenko, Mob Boss - Can win the game by himself, but for token generation this guy is insane.

Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet - He only hits opponents, but he also helps HOSE graveyard strategies. Not to mention, can beef himself up if need be.

Grave Titan - I think this guy is pretty powerful by himself, but then he can also start generating some major advantage.

From Beyond - Another Awakening Zone

Hooded Hydra - possibility since you can easily sacrifice him.

Benefits from Sacrificing

Fecundity - It can help opponents, but I feel like you'll get more use out of it

Viscera Seer - Not a bad way to make sure you don't draw something useless

Mortician Beetle - Simple yet extremely effective in a deck like this


Asceticism - Dude, just yes. This card is insanely amazing.

Golgari Charm - The regenerate factor protects all of your tokens from a wrath effect. Nothing like having a winning board state, to be reset with a Wrath of God.


Doubling Season - While expensive, can help with redundancy with Primal Vigor.

Parallel Lives - Redundancy again, but does stack with the others.

This is everything that came to mind at first, hope you find somethings to help your deck!

ArchFline on Bittersweet Suffering

4 months ago

@Ohmarow The reason why neither Mycoloth or Marrow Chomper have been mentioned is because the modern formate is a very fast passed format and so one that which easily marginalized any strategy that rely on high CMC cards. The only time you see competitively played high CMC cards are when you have ways to quickly accelerate ones mana base or methods to cheat them in for cheap, neither of which do we focus on or have room for in this stredgy without acting as a detriment to our core win condition.

lagotripha on Blood Pact

1 year ago

The traditional quillspike deck is a Necrotic Ooze deck that can get both creatures abilities once they are in the graveyard- there are plenty of versions of this out there. Can i reccomend cutting the deathtouch one toughness creatures for stuff like Cruel Edict, Grave Peril, perhaps running Elves of Deep Shadow to stabilise mana. There are some kickass budget 5-6 drops in G/b in the form ofMarrow Chomper and Worm Harvest, which interacts neatly with Mulch, Grisly Salvage and Satyr Wayfinder. there are attempts at aggro with this and Grim Flayer. The big trick is finding cards that are great but common rarity. I have some budget mono-black builds build ton the principle.

The key to competitive budget though, is all in the sideboard. Dark Heart of the Wood, Tormod's Crypt, Krosan Grip and the like- and because a lot of great sideboard cards are cheap you can put them maindeck with a sideboard suited to face two other archetypes- leading to three strong matchups through hate cards alone even if the deck itself is meh.

Bloodveld on Eat creatures, Om nom nom nom!

1 year ago

Neat idea for a deck! Awakening Zone is a MUST for this type of deck, maybe replace Sprouting Thrinax? I would also suggest maybe Thromok the Insatiable or Preyseizer Dragon while taking out Marrow Chomper and Skullmulcher.

TheFoilAjani on deathrending power!!!!

1 year ago

Alrighty, so you seem to be off to a good start. I have a couple of suggestions, but first for easy cuts;

-2 Grafted Wargear

-1 It That Betrays

-1 Marrow Chomper

-2 Shadowborn Demon

-2 Grave Pact

-1 Pawn of Ulamog

-1 Blood Artist


Now for swaps; I really like what you have going here, but it seems a little unreliable to make things work properly. Ways to make the deck more consistent;

I would recommend having some split of Blood Artist and Zulaport Cutthroat (3-2). Because Artist targets, Leyline of Sanctity-type effects can ruin that. Zulaport isn't just stricly better because Artist triggers from all deaths.

Nice token producers could be:

The Thalid should be Blisterpod.

Some stronger removal would be nice. If not on a budget, the obvious Abrupt Decay and Maelstrom Pulse would be good. Otherwise, cheap ones like Hero's Downfall and Victim of Night work.

Some cards in your maybe board aren't modern legal: Hypergenesis (banned), Innocent Blood andCarrion Feeder.

Finally, you have the list posted as Pox. Pox is a deck running Smallpox and Death Cloud effects. This is closer to Aristocrats.

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