Mortician Beetle


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition Common
Rise of the Eldrazi Rare

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Mortician Beetle

Creature — Insect

Whenever a player sacrifices a creature, you may put a +1/+1 counter on Mortician Beetle.

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Mortician Beetle Discussion

CinnaToastKrunch on Dimir Zombies

1 day ago

I have a few syggestions you may like!

Creatures: Nantuko Husk is easy to get things into graveyards and is a zombie! Mortician Beetle gets counters from sac'ing.

Other: I would also suggest cards like Touch of Moonglove for deathrouch OR Unnatural Endurance for regeneration. Slip Through Space for unblockable.Duress for info and getting rid of pesky Instant/Sorceries. You may also go Night Terrors for plain removal and info.

UpsetTomcat on Budget Sacrifice in the Swamps

5 days ago

Nice deck! I'd recommend Mortician Beetle and something for removal, like Geth's Verdict or Bone Splinters.

PG7m on Modern Masters 2017 Builds

5 days ago

Really nice lists. I also built a Mortician Beetle Deck that plays a bit more controlly. I think I'm about 95% satisfied with it. For your consideration;


Pauper PG7m


Slurpeee on Beetlejuice (GB Aristocrats Combo)

6 days ago

Hate to break it to ya, but Mortician Beetle isn't a sac outlet.

Wizard_of_the_Broke on Modern Masters 2017 Builds

1 week ago

Nice use of T-wrath and that Tandem/Thermo synergy.

I had long ago tried to develop a Pauper Abzan Aristocrats thing that failed. But now I can add in Falkenrath Noble and Mortician Beetle, and go 2-color.

Could be good: Pauper GB Combo?

ghoul_Legion on fleshbag funbag

1 week ago

First of all, with this high CMC you need 24 lands.

While I understand you are trying to sacrifice your creatures for beneficial effects, the high converted mana cost of your deck makes it kind of hard to work with.

Here are some lower cost creatures that could be good:

Augur of SkullsBasal Sliver (mana accelerator to cast Ruthless Deathfang faster)Bile UrchinBlind ZealotBlood BairnBloodthrone VampireCarrier Thrall (mana accelerator, 2x creature)Corpse HaulerDeath CultistDemonic Taskmaster (need tokens spawn everyturn)Devouring SwarmWestvale Abbey  Flip This is a must have.Disciple of Griselbrand Save yourself.Doomed Necromancer Worth it.Eldrazi Skyspawner Mana acceleratorFont of ReturnFume SpitterGnawing ZombieGutless GhoulMerciless ExecutionerMortician Beetle -------> Cause why not.Nezumi Bone-Reader ControlPawn of Ulamog mana acceleratorQarsi SadistQuest for the GravelordThoughtpicker Witch controlThrull Surgeon controlVampiric RitesVoracious Null

Skirsdag High Priest Isn't this amazing?

Marcus_Licinius_Crassus on (B/G) Feed. Me.

2 weeks ago

DragonHaiku Mortician Beetle is really cool. I like how MM17 reinvigorated the pauper decks, especially the BG sacrifice decks. BG Sacrifice (Aristocrats) could be built up as a low to the ground like I did with a only 1-2 CMC threats and answers or can be built to become mid range control variation. I personally prefer the quick beat down / combo and the potential to win as quickly as turn 3. I like the instagrow nature of the deck. 1 CMC 1/1 beats turn 2/2 beats. 2 CMC 1/1 beats turn into 3/3 beats and everything does a 1 for 1 for maximum edict protection.

I also love the synergy between 4 Unearth and the 2-for-1 creatures. The mana ramp creatures do their job, but are more a temporary mana bump to move the clock up. The deck if it never sees a Carrion Feeder can also play an aggro beat down against Mystical Teachings decks.

Tragic Slip is a mandatory 4 of and is basically a 1 CMC kill anything. It is the bees knees of removal when in the right shell.

DragonHaiku on (B/G) Feed. Me.

2 weeks ago

Mortician Beetle will be pauper legal starting on March 17th. I would definitely replace one of the vampire sacs for him.

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