When thallid's meet efficency only bittersweet suffering can be the result. Also it goes without saying but... THERE IS A FUNGUS AMOUNG US (I would be remiss to not include that joke).

If you wish to leave suggestions below please suggest which cards I should replace them for, and if you like the deck feel free to +1 Upvote and Follow for future content additions.

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I have trimmed down many of the higher mana. Cost cards in favor of some new cards that help to accelerate this construction and bring the average CMC below 2.

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+8 Swamp main
+4 Collected Company main
+12 Abrupt Decay main
+14 Fatal Push main
+2 Misty Rainforest main
+15 Forest main
-7 Mana Leak main
-12 Abrupt Decay main
+3 Field of Ruin main
-8 Swamp main
+10 Mana Leak main
+1 Island main
-15 Forest main
-14 Fatal Push main
+4 Verdant Catacombs main
+3 Eternal Witness main
-1 Mana Leak side
+2 Leyline of the Void side
+8 Surgical Extraction side
+3 Damping Sphere side
and 23 other change(s)