From Beyond


Format Legality
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar Rare

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From Beyond


Devoid (This card has no color.)

At the beginning of your upkeep, put a 1/1 colourless Eldrazi Scion creature token onto the battlefield. It has "Sacrifice this creature: Add to your mana pool."

, Sacrifice From Beyond: Search your library for an Eldrazi card, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library.

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From Beyond Discussion

NobleGhost117 on Eldrazi exile

2 hours ago

Alright, okay. Sit down, buckle in because as someone who loves Eldrazi there's a few suggestions that you may just love for this deck.

If this deck is based around exiling your opponent's stuff (be it library or on the field), then mana ramping into big eldrazi to finish off the game, you're gonna want a rather focused deck. Things like Drownyard Behemoth aren't great because, in order for you to reduce it's cost to something practical, you either need to sacrifice your big finishers OR one or two mana dorks. Neither of these are great. Instead there's a very interesting finisher in Ulamog's Despoiler. It costs less mana for a larger creature that will beat your opponents down faster.

The other problem with the current concept is your average converted mana cost for your stuff. Right now it's 5.70. To put that in perspective, on average to cast something in your deck you're going to need 6 mana. Even if you have a few mana dorks on the field, you won't have a noteworthy field presence until at least turn 4. What you're gonna want to do is add lower cost creatures and remove some higher cost ones that don't really impact the game immediately. I'll break down specifics below:

Blisterpod: Great early blocker that turns into mana. 10/10 would include in ramp.

Eldrazi Skyspawner: Same as above, except you get the mana right away AND you get a flier.

Fathom Feeder: Holy crap is this guy value. A 1/1 deathtoucher that ingests. Your opponents are damned if they block, damned if they don't. Not to mention he's late game card draw with ingest. Absolute favorite low-cost eldrazi right there.

Sludge Crawler: A cheap ingester that is pumpable late game. Easy include

Wasteland Strangler: Stat-wise this guy kinda sucks, but if you ingested a card earlier in the game, he turns into a 3/2 for 3 mana that is also a potential kill-spell on a stick. Brain blast.

Oblivion Sower: This guy is no joke. He's a mid-cost eldrazi that will not only exile your opponent's top few cards, he will also potentially ramp into more mana that will help you cast even more big things.

Finally there's a few non-creatures I want to talk about. You have From Beyond for constant mana-ramp, as well as tutoring for an Eldrazi card. A good 1- or 2-of in the deck. For more control cards, you have Transgress the Mind for hand-hate and Titan's Presence for easy removal if you have a large eldrazi in your hand. Remember that anything with Devoid is considered colorless, so you could reveal a Dread Defiler and it would still be fine.

Hope this helped, and I'm sorry if I came off as angry or rude. I really love the deck concept :)

Odysseus_97 on Toxic Relationship: Hapatra EDH | *PRIMER*

1 day ago

I am building my own hapatra deck, what are your thoughts on these cards?

Corrosive Mentor: The wither effect of the black creatures seems very nice, but sadly the snakes are green only. Considering it but what are your thoughts on this card?

Craterhoof Behemoth: Seems like a must in every token deck, you will have an army of tokens so dropping this would be really strong. But might not fit the theme of the deck, but feels wrong not running it. I run From Beyond in my deck as well so i have an extra token generator.

Archfiend of Ifnir: A card i am considering cutting. Its effect is amazing but there are not that many cycling cards that are useful in this deck, so its not often its effect will be used. The only cards you could use with cyclingWhat do you think?

Forgotten Ancient: Might be a good way to remove some -1/-1 counters from your creatures as a form of protection.

Seshiro the Anointed: Good snake lord, and will let you draw cards when a snake hits, isnt this really good in this deck?

Dusk Urchins: I'm not sure about this card, what are your thoughts?

Seasons Past How has this card performed?

Hope for some comments on these card. But what an awesome deck +1.

Blo on SNEK ATTACK!!!1

1 day ago

Triton Yeah they're similar ;). I mostly found that, in my meta, the decks were too fast to use some of the slower cards, so I replaced them by more value creature or other stuff.

I added a utility land Arcane Lighthouse which you seem to miss. It really helped me a few times, with all the boots and greaves my meta is running haha. Ifnir Deadlands is a must have imo, as is Grasping Dunes as it's essentially more counters for free (land slots). The cycle deserts is something I'm trying atm, as they can trigger Ifnir Deadlands multiple times, but I used to run the 1mana cycle lands, as it's more efficient. I'd also recommend Oran-Rief, the Vastwood and a Reliquary Tower in the rare times you get free cards from your opponents :p.

I cutted Diabolic Tutor as I found the mana cost was often costing me a whole turn, doing nothing. Cryptolith Rite is a card that really shines in this deck, From Beyond was simply too slow for me. Contagion Clasp didn't do enough in my meta, so I added his big bro: Contagion Engine which usually puts 3-4 counters out at once at a minimum, and IF it sticks till next turn, you get double the value since it proliferates twice, as opposed to the clasp, for the same amount of mana. Serrated Arrows was a card I found too costly as well, so I cut it and replaced it with a Devoted Druid.

Another card that I was never really happy to see was Plaguemaw Beast, so I replaced it and am currently using the slot for Bontu the Glorified, which Im testing atm.

My maybeboard is for cards I want to try, but do not own (mostly), so please let me know how Phyrexian Arena and Evolutionary Leap are working out for you. I assume they do a lot. Throne of the God-Pharaoh is a fun card I've never considered, but might try if I own one :p

Is there any reason for all your mana dorks?

Also, as far as additional budget suggestions go, I'd recommend Phyrexian Hydra, its a bomb, especially with the proliferate stuff. Noxious Hatchling is pretty cool as well, and has wither for additional triggers.

solarPULSAR on Ramp with Eldrazi Temple

2 days ago

I think youll either want 4x Expedition Map or 4x Sylvan Scrying to better guarantee that you will be ramping with your eldrazi temple if you arent playing tron lands (Urza's Mine, Urza's Power Plant, Urza's Tower). Some other ramp cards you can utilize would be Cultivate, Nissa's Pilgrimage, Kodama's Reach.

I would remove From Beyond as it is quite slow and not really relevant to mana ramping.

Also consider Tectonic Edge with Ghost Quarter.

IMO this deck is quite slow with an average CMC of 4.21 without sufficient mana ramp. I would replace Sakura-Tribe Elder with mana dorks like Elvish Mystic and Llanowar Elves. Ultimately, this deck would probably be better served going fully tron and dropping any cards that require colored mana, but if not, add more mana dorks or ramp.

dlamars on SNEK ATTACK!!!1

4 days ago

Also I wanted to add that I checked out Bhaal666's deck and I really like the Phyrexian Hydra here. Could easily replace Whisperwood Elemental, a Witherscale Wurm would be interesting as well.

Also if you want to drop 7 or 8 dollars on a card, Parallel Lives would be my priority to replace From Beyond.

Lastly, I'd think about cutting Splendid Agony since I don't think it does enough. Hope that helps!

butcher234 on Energy Counters

2 weeks ago

Squitz If you wanted this deck could easily be Standard legal if you were to swap Temple of Mystery with another dual and swap Awakening Zone with From Beyond. Sure it'll rotate in a few months, but you could technically run this as Standard if you wanted and would have more success against other standard decks rather than modern <3

WednesdayAdamsMan on Eldrazi Bounty

2 weeks ago

Hey standard eldrazi friend! Figured I'd come check out your deck, definitely into it. Do have a few suggestions while trying to keep your budget in check. I think the eldrazi enchantment From Beyond would be a better play here, the tutor ability seems super good for you. LOVE the new deserts here but I think you run the blue one over the Survivors' Encampment rather than tapping extra permanents. I love blisterpod but I think you should also had another ramp dork here just to sure up the possibility for extra mana, I think naga vitalist would do great here in place of kozilek and 1-2 anticipate. lastly, I think Natural State or Natural Obsolescence is a better sideboard option than creeping mold just for speeds sake. BTW I am in love with the Reason/Believe here definitely buying a play set to mess around with in my deck. Be well!

Mono_Land on Meren of Clan Nel Toth - Token Sinergy + Combo

2 weeks ago

Grave Pact and From Beyond and Hangarback Walker for semi dual copies of some of the seemingly larger parts of your deck

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