Yuriko ninja combat and burn for the win. I’ve wanted to build this deck forever, and I know it’s been made a load of times but how often do you get to draw loads of cards, interact all over the board, and turn cards sideways in the same deck while actually being able to compete in high power games!?

Like most Yuriko decks this looks to abuse our commander ninjutsu to draw tons of cards, burn the table out, and interact throughout the game. I’ve tried to add as many unblockable enabler creatures as possible to maximize ninjutsu activations and increase card draw. I’ve opted to go heavy on counterspells and removal per my aggressive meta while keeping things as cheap or free as possible mana wise.

I’ve chosen to not include the doomsday line as I find the idea boring and repetitive I’d rather take my chances with a longer game and slightly less powerful overall build and most of the inclusions are pretty dead draws otherwise unless you’re working towards the doomsday piles. Reanimate is another direction this deck can work towards but again at the risk of running more dead cards I’d rather have more and better ninjas and interaction.

I appreciate any and all feedback on this deck and I look forward to extensive play testing!


05/27/23: Removed Contagion (it's just a bad card), Thoracle, consultation, and tainted pact. I just hate it in this deck, the whole deck works to go hard agro/burn and suddenly a thoracle win? Not for me. I'd rather power the deck down and have fun swinging with ninjas and leave thoracle combo for another game in a different deck. In: consign/oblivion, temporal mastery, personal tutor, talisman of dominance. Looking to add a little higher CMC burn and help with connecting on ninjutsu hits a little better. Thanks for viewing!


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