When Tiramisoute12 invited me to build a commander deck together, I was curious to find out how his experience playing cEDH and my casual style would mesh. It was interesting to me that he chose Mayael, because it was one of my underperforming commanders at the time, having built it with theme only in mind and not having optimized it in a while.

The main areas we negotiated over were the amount and type of ramp to use and the creature selection. We ended up with a list I feel is both respectful of a casual, multiplayer setting while being optimized to ensure a fun experience in most games, with a minimal need for mulligans.

We started with the selection of 8 categories of effects that we wanted to have

Big Bois Obviously the core of this strategy, creatures with power 5 or more go here. A selection was made from the highest power/toughness available in the Naya colors. We have other decks that include Eldrazi/Blighsteel and didn’t feel like using these here, as we are trying to be casual and somewhat thematic.

Creatures with key ETB or triggered effects are also coming into play here, as we fully intend to abuse Mayael’s ability as a response toolbox.
Having added all these frighteningly high mana value cards to the deck, we didn’t want to be commander-dependant. In order to avoid a single point of failure in our game plan, it was decided to ensure redundancy.

Effect that put creatures on the battlefield from our library or our hand form the cornerstone of our board presence.
Although we are going to cheat our high mana value creatures into play, these effects are still costly, and we want to get Mayael online early if possible. Ramp that brings lands to the table was prioritized, but we ultimately agreed to test a version including a few creatures that can generate several colored mana. So far this has proved functional, we are hoping they stick to the table in multiplayer.
Topdeck manipulation is going to be a must if we are to have some form of control over what arrives when. It will also help to avoid drawing blanks before triggering a cheat effect and even allow to prepare a specific response.
Once we have ramped into a cheat engine, we should ensure that we are not going to gas out as we spill our big bois on the battlefield. Effects that allow us to draw on ETB, or according to our highest power creature combine to save us from relying on the luck of the draw.
Many times I have built nice decks that successfully flooded the board with an impressive army, which would never survive a full turn to allow for me to use it. Haste is a must here, and would ideally either enable all our creature, or the best one that entered each turn.
Icing on the cake, because after all this is multiplayer and a lot of damage will have to be dealt before we are declared victorious. Additional attack phases allow for much more aggression, as well as generating multiple triggers to overwhelm our enemies.

In case of a stalemate, an alternate wincon can be a nice ace to have up our sleeve.
Finally, it would be naive to think that we are the only ones able to build an engine, and we know our opponents may even have bigger, better threats in mind. This is where we find the tools, both surgical and nuclear, to resolve these issues. A few shields are also provided to prepare for the inevitable retaliation. The miracle is a good match for our topdeck manipulation.


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