Earnest Fellowship

Earnest Fellowship


Each creature has protection from its colors.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Earnest Fellowship Discussion

Spell_Slam on Blackstar (Yo pumpkin head)

2 months ago

Have you thought of Earnest Fellowship ? It's pretty powerful with Reaper King, but it has good applications for most creatures. It affects everyone's creatures, though. That can mess up some people's strategies, too.

legendofa on How much do ordinary people …

5 months ago

Massacar If an ordinary person actually saw the event depicted in Spirit of Resistance , would they be able to see colored lines bouncing off a forcefield? In Earnest Fellowship , is an aven really pouring out a rainbow?

Gemstone Array probably wasn't the best example, since Mirrodin's suns are literally the colors of mana. The five gem motif shows up in art often enough that it becomes shorthand for the five colors of mana. Maybe a better question is, how did the sculptor of The Three Seasons know to put white, blue, black, red, and green stones in the art? Are natural Mana Geode s common in the multiverse? Why does Naya Battlemage refer to schools instead of colors? Why are all of the Ravnica guild leaders physically in the right colors? How did Star Compass and Deathmark even get the symbols?

I guess what I'm asking is, what does mana actually look like? It clearly has a physical presence.

Gleeock on Marisi's Marching Band [Goad EDH]

5 months ago

Earnest Fellowship the greatest protection/evasion spell ever

Gleeock on Forced Combat with Najeela as …

6 months ago

Hello. I've playtested ALOT of forced combat decks... still, Take what I say with a grain of salt:

  1. I would play the Royal Rumble!!! - because forced combat fun is a pretty mid-level & midgame dependent way of possibly winning... combo-centric & blink subthemes either ignore the midgame concept by blowing right past that or throwing the temptation for one-sided interactions through the roof. It defeats the point of your midgame forced combats & uncomfortable decisions for opponents when all the optimal decisions are sitting right there. (Crescendo of War is an option... but why when the combo is right here to win me the game?). Also, with Najeela combo the opponents' perception will go this same direction & then the pressure will load heavily on you to accelerate the game when all their removal is coming your way, leading to an endgame arms race instead of a midgame back-&-forth.
  2. In Royal Rumble!!! you did an amazing job at including tutors without too many endgame temptations. Shiny Impetus is sweet it substitutes for removal in some ways & usually nets you at least one temporary ramp (typically more). Earnest Fellowship protects all sorts of creatures & totally jacks with combat stalemates (is pretty strong if you have lifelink or marisi on board). Crescendo of War turns the board into a 1/1 nightmare-fest. With lifelink on board & the unilateral buff to your defending 1/1's this card is just wild. Oath of Druids amps up the fun level. Akroma's Will is an instant-speed non-combo game ender or way to get you back in the game.
  3. Tainted Remedy effects feel like a good idea to me. There can definitely issues with mid-game stallouts against lifegain-centric decks.. & shutting off lifegain combos can also be good.

Gleeock on Something new.

6 months ago

Nothing breaks a rut like: Thantis, the Warweaver or Marisi, breaker of coils. Though not really Egyptian themed. Marisi works well with several Oketra-related token production themes & vigilant warriors (while not being expressly swing-wide. I've successfully gone that route & it is very good at both pushing boardwipes & recovering from them super fast. You get to play weird protection themes that render the darksteel mutations of the world useless ie Earnest Fellowship. You get to change the game-pace, & change up how defense works.

BelgoBoliviano on Eight and a Half Tails Color Politics

8 months ago

Hello n0trichard ! Thanks for writing a primer about 8.5 tails, a pet commander of mine for sure. Your list is very interesting and balanced and the casual/fun orientation is something I look for too. I wanted to discuss some of the cards you run, not to challenge whether they should be played or not but because I feel I don't understand them well.

Earnest Fellowship : I feel like this card can also give protection to the opponent's white creatures against mines, making them unblockables would be a trouble. How do you play it ? Is there something I'm missing about this card's use ?

Ravnica at War Don't you feel it's too specific or, related to your meta, it works fine and removes most annoying creatures ?

Thran Turbine Since it's cannot be used to play spells. I guess you use the mana to make an equipped creature unblockable ? Or maybe you've got some other use for it.

Shell of the Last Kappa great addition ! I didn't know this card at all. Amazing mana sink and savior. Do you have specific 'hidden' uses I should know about ?

If you want, you can check my existing 8.5 tails list and I'll gladly discuss any feedback you'd have.

carpecanum on Handmade Horrors (Plight of the Crows)

10 months ago

All the shapeshifters are scarecrows. Mimic Vat has been reprinted a dozen times now, it can make scarecrows on anybody's turn.

You have no Sorcery or Instants? Dense Foliage only screws other people while you can still kill things with scarecrows.

Earnest Fellowship screws others and your deck laughs right now. Pledge of Loyalty protects your boss, Spirit of Resistance is hilarious.

Your scarecrows are punks after the initial etb. Maybe cards like Switcheroo?

carpecanum on Weatherlight Assemble!

11 months ago

Wow I was reading Coalition Victory like it was an enchantment. Opalesence is worthless, sorry.

Celestial Dawn makes all creatures white for Crovax and makes all your lands basically 5 color.

I don't see any spells that target your own guys. Earnest Fellowship is thematic and can really screw with some decks. Suddenly opponents can't enchant their own creatures or buff them. Not sure if it would help in your meta.

Collective Restraint would be good defense

Empyrial Plate is another good choice for increasing your boss' power

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