Legendary Land

: Gain .

: Return target legendary creature to its owner's hand.

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Karakas Discussion

DragonSliver9001 on Here there be DRAGONS!

4 days ago

Karakas is banned in commander btw.

zapyourtumor on goats and glory

1 month ago

Ok if you're gonna go into legacy there is a huge pool of cards that you can use (I'm more of a modern guy myself so I'm not super experienced with this but I'll try to help as much as I can). First off, Swords to Plowshares best white removal in legacy im pretty sure. You could only run a singleton of Blood Moon and two Shared Animosity to make space for a bunch of Enlightened Tutors which can also fetch later sideboard hate like Suppression Field, Rest in Peace, Stony Silence, Crackdown, etc. Not sure if you want to go in that direction though. Pyroblast/Red Elemental Blast are great for sb but also pretty good in mainboard since everyone sucks Brainstorms and Force of Wills dick in legacy as far as I can tell.

Mana costs don't seem too restrictive, but adding some dual lands would help consistency a lot. If you have no budget, there's shit like original duals and fetch lands. Other options are shock lands, check lands, fast lands, filter lands, horizon canopy lands, scry lands, etc. There's also stuff like Karakas and Ancient Tomb that everyone runs for some reason. Maybe Cavern of Souls for goats? although you only have a few actual goat creatures so it won't be great.

SynergyBuild on Spellchaser Revisited

2 months ago

Look, Chain of Vapor kills lage, it's a token, why just prevent damage.

Honestly I am upset too, and I apologize if it came out that way, but you have repeatedly said I broke rules while incorrectly stating them.

Again, instead of Fog, just run Karakas if you are actually scared of it, that's a land that shuts down the whole archetype. Fog is a joke. Scared of field too? Echoing Truth deals with either. Luckily, truth is really budget too, so, that's always good!

Now onto the rules, that GoblinElectromancer made so elegantly in comparison to you changing, 75 cards in a deck, Mental Misstep and Force of Will aren't banned (as of us writing this at least, and he previously claimed my deck wastunning banned cards), you editing this post to make it seem like you always had 75 in the card slot isn't tricking anyone.

You misquoted shadow63, where I requoted him properly. You lied and said his exact quote was "You either run burn, mill, or tokens, right?" Which implies only those archetypes due to the word "either", which wasn't his exact quote, as it was "So burn or mill or tokens?" Which just asks if those seem like good archetypes in the format, not pretending that they were the only ones.

I never said shadow63 solved it, you are trying to quote him, lied about his words to make him sound stupid or naive when he is an excellent deck builder and understands more decks exist, and then attempted to say you knew better and made a fancy new deck I had already mentioned and tested before you even heard about the format.

And you're angry and regretful? Be more regretful. Don't lie, don't change words around pretending you weren't wrong, read the rules of the format, be a decent user on this forum.

DarkHero on Why Are Empress Galina and …

2 months ago

Karakas can abuse and break commanders. Tsabo Tavoc and Empress Galina are generally not good.

SynergyBuild on Why Are Empress Galina and …

2 months ago

It's actually also because Karakas is more powerful than removal, the card is protection from opposing removal (sort of obvious when you take a step back) and combo enabling. Take Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath; Legacy decks bounce uro in response to the sacrifice trigger, getting 3 life, an extra draw, and an extra land drop each turn. It let's you exile a permanent per turn with the original Mangara of Corondor. A numerous variety of high value pieces for Karakas to abuse as well as protect, or for opposing threats, remove leads it to be more powerful than Galina or Tavoc.

Neither of those can be used for combos or protection effectively, whereas Karakas can be, as well as being free, 0 opportunity cost, and being incredibly powerful for it's free cost. I'd readily spend 4 mana for that type of effect, having it on a land is just gravy.

RNR_Gaming on Why Are Empress Galina and …

3 months ago

Theres also the opportunity cost to consider. Karakas goes in every white deck. Theres no downside.

PhotogenicParasympathetic on Why Are Empress Galina and …

3 months ago

Seven mana for the option to spend two mana to kill a legendary creature the next turn is just not a good rate. By the time Tsabo has actually killed something, Animar, Soul of Elements has already powered out a field of creatures, Roon of the Hidden Realm has been creating value for several turns, every blue deck ever has six counterspells at the ready (if they even CARE about losing their commander), heck, with a decent ramp opening, white decks could already have dropped Avacyn, Angel of Hope by turn eight. If I'm out to kill your commander, I'd rather just Doom Blade it and take the 1 for 1.

Karakas not only doesn't cost mana to play and is ready to use on turn one if need be, it doesn't cost a card slot to run it - if you never need to use its ability, it still taps for mana. It would literally be an auto-include in every commander deck that runs white.

Karakas also has additional functionality by being something you can use to save your own legendary creatures from opposing removal, again only at the "cost" of not tapping that land on your turn.

In short: Karakas is a good card, even outside of EDH, that becomes much better in a format that requires legendaries. Galina and Tsabo are not good cards outside of the format, and EDH doesn't make them significantly better.

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