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Hey everyone!

Once upon a blue moon I had a Kangee, Aerie Keeper bird tribal deck. It was bad. I fell in love with it. Sadly, I stopped playing magic in it's entirety not long after. Once I had returned after my hiatus I was looking for new decks to build and stumbled upon the new Kangee card. My old flame had grown so much. She flourished in my absence and actually got better. My love was reignited and a new deck was built.

The Deck is no longer a bird tribal but a flying tribal with the new Kangee card just because of the fact that a lot of the synergistic cards cost less than a buck. Oh and a flying tribal is better than bird tribal (quite sad, I know). The strategy remains the same though. Cast your birds (or drakes or angels or whatever) and then buff them with your commander or other anthems. Go high and wide!

This is the current version of the deck I brewed up. It is not yet fine tuned so suggestions are very much welcome. Cheers!


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