Voltron EDH deck with Enchantment theme

I am looking for comments and thoughts on how to improve this deck.

This EDH deck's primary win condition is by playing Sigarda and buffing her with enchantments and going for 21 commander damage. Alternativly, this deck can win by hitting with big creatures like Akroma, Angel of Wrath and Avacyn, Angel of Hope, spawning an army of angels with Sigil of the Empty Throne, or beating face with a creature turned eldrazi with Eldrazi Conscription.

This deck also has a defensive enchantment shell as well using cards like Sphere of Safety, Asceticism, and City of Solitude.

Beyond this, the deck uses enchantresses like Argothian Enchantress and Mesa Enchantress as card draw engines. It can also use Skullclamp on the tokens to draw as well. The Eldrazi spawn are very useful for this effect as you can chain there sac effect to power skullclamps equip cost.

This deck also has the ability to generate a decent number of tokens. This allows the deck to still have a decent creature presence even through I am currently only running 13 creatures.

The planeswalkers in the deck also give the deck some additional utility as well. The emblem from Elspeth, Knight-Errant is great and nearly impossible to get rid of/ Ajani, Mentor of Heroes allows me to buff by dudes as well as dig for answers.


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Played in 4 games/pods tonight

I not going to go into as specific details on each pod as I have done previously today. Instead, I am going to discuss the things I learned and the decks performance.

The deck did overall pretty well. However, one thing I noticed is that I often became a priority target early on. As I started to lay down the defensive enchantment shell, I started to draw more attention. This really kicked in once I played one of my bigger beaters. I would then be getting hit with enchantment wipes (Merciless Eviction seems to be one of the worst). I am interested in hearing if anyone as any advice on how to this kind of metagame politics at the game table. It would be nice to hear any suggestions on how to avoid rapidly turning the game in and EDH Archenemy variant.

Another thing I have noticed is that I seem to whiff on Ajani, Mentor of Heroes second ability at least somewhat often. At the past couple FNM's. It has been somewhat hit or miss. I have generally used primarily the second ability for the card advantage, but if I hit nothing, then it was a waste. Do you folks think I have enough ajani targets in the deck that this is still normal? Or should I be using ajani differently?

This deck also seems like it could use some more ways of stopping combos. I lost one of the pods when an opponent used an effect that made opponents lose life equal to target creatures power. He was able to essentially use it to one-shot everyone at the table with the combo. I was interested in hearing any suggestions on how to include combo disruption into the deck. I am already running Torpor Orb and Hushwing Gryff for there anti-ETB effects. Any thoughts?

I would also be interested in hearing some recommendations of graveyard hate I could include in this deck. Reanimation effects can be very annoying to deal with and I have little of it in my deck as is. There are a significant amount of graveyard shenanigans at the Game store I go to and it might be nice to try to prevent that. They consist of dedicated black reanimator decks to Sun Titan. The consistent recursion of cards by opponents in annoying to deal with and it would be nice to hate it out.

Also, with the spoiling of the new commander cards, does anyone have any suggetions on which, if any, of them I should be adding to this deck.


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