On Serra's Wings


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dominaria (DOM) Uncommon

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On Serra's Wings

Legendary Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature is legendary, gets +1/+1, and has flying, vigilance, and lifelink.

On Serra's Wings Discussion

Ragamander on Enchantress

1 week ago

Finest Hour is probably better than Brave the Sands, so if we're trying to fit in Leyline of Anticipation and Privileged Position , it would be better to cut that instead. And it would probably be correct to cut New Horizons instead of Weirding Wood. A card is better than a +1/+1 counter.

You're going to want to add Alchemist's Refuge to the manabase to help you cast enchantments on your opponent's turns when you don't have Leyline of Anticipation. It might even be worth trying to play Vedalken Orrery to get these effects more often. There are a few flash enchantments you can play as well: Seal Away , Temporal Isolation , Slow Motion , Lawmage's Binding , Cast Out , Alexi's Cloak , Cho-Manno's Blessing , Eel Umbra , Jolrael's Favor , and Serpent Skin seem playable.

Another thing you might consider are replayable enchantments. The few I'm thinking of are Mana Bloom , Gossamer Chains , Flickering Ward , Broken Fall and Molting Skin . The latter three will also help you keep Tuvasa alive!

Speaking of keeping your commander alive, you might find it difficult with only Shield of the Oversoul, Swiftfoot Boots, Lightning Greaves, and Greater Auramancy. Furthermore, the latter two give shroud, which will make it hard to enchant Tuvasa afterwards! I'd consider trying to find more hexproof and indestructible effects even if they come from non-enchantment sources, such as Darksteel Plate . As for auras, there's Alpha Authority and Canopy Cover .

Finally, as just a neat card, you might consider playing Cloud Cover .

As for things to take out, the first thing I would do is take out Luminarch Ascension. The card is so powerful that people will just kill it or, more likely, YOU. It's a political disaster. I'd pull Abundant Growth because it's just not a very high-yield card. If you're looking for ramp and color-fixing, Carpet of Flowers is better because of how common blue is in Commander. Authority of the Consuls is probably not going to be very useful unless you know opponents are going to making large numbers of 1/1s for a combo. Finally, as much as I like it as a card, On Serra's Wings is not particularly excellent here. Unfortunately, that's just four cuts, and I gave a lot more suggestions. You'll just have to consider what effects you might want enough to include.

Murphy77 on Azorius Paladin Wand

2 weeks ago

Adamant Will or Sheltering Light might just work out better than On Serra's Wings . Forerunner of the Legion is great and most people with similar decks seem to have missed it. See what you think of Endless hunger M

General_Fist on Unholy Knights

3 weeks ago

musicman3310 I have considered Josu Vess, Lich Knight being in the deck but feel like Josu is a bit slow for what i'm going for.

I use On Serra's Wings over Sigiled Sword of Valeron reasons being it provides evasion, buff as well as lifelink which I found can turn games around very quickly, I find that Sigiled can take a turn to equip it which can slow down the deck I feel.

musicman3310 on Unholy Knights

3 weeks ago

I think that Sigiled Sword of Valeron would be way better than On Serra's Wings . Have you thought about Josu Vess, Lich Knight any?

Lord_Europa on Heaven and Hell “check me out”

1 month ago

You’ve been a great help!

A few of things:

For when I play proper matches I have some cards in other decks currently that I’d consider adding Elspeth, Sun's Champion , Intangible Virtue , Nomads' Assembly , Increasing Devotion and Mikaeus, the Lunarch are all cards I am using for a selesnya token build but could switch in. Along with a Swords to Plowshares as well.

Lich's Mastery has hexproof, so it would only be board wipes I’d have to be scared of.

Aegis of the Gods felt like a buffer between some really annoying triggers that opponents have in an annoying format like commander.

Dutiful Thrull is simply an ultimate chump blocker.

I have some cards like On Serra's Wings that could have situational benefits like making Krav super scary.

Lastly I’ll be adding a sort of maybe board soon to consolidate all of the cards on the radar.

hippobob on The Void of Mass Confusion and to Many Key Words

1 month ago

The Void of Mass Confusion and Too* Many (Key?)Words ;)

Sweet deck, young planeswalker; it seems most formidable. I have a couple thoughts about ways you can totally max out the value in every card in the deck!

Basically, I think you want to maximize the chances that all the creatures you have on the field are working together.

Swap Out These 14 Cards -3x Vampire Nighthawk -2x Serra Angel -3x Dub -1x Primevals' Glorious Rebirth -2x On Serra's Wings -1x Zetalpa, Primal Dawn -2x Llanowar Elves

For these badboys: +1x Healer's Hawk +2x Lone Rider  Flip +1x Fauna Shaman +2x Thalia's Lancers +1x Isareth the Awakener +2x Sylvan Caryatid +1x Birds of Paradise +2x Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim +1x Vona, Butcher of Magan +1x Aryel, Knight of Windgrace

In general, you want to maximize your chances of game-winning synergy. I think these changes will help smooth out the mana curve, provide reliability to the central combos of the deck, and will add versatility to the things your deck can do in 'edge' cases.

Obviously these are just suggestions to help get your brain buzzin'. Here are some other zesty critters with keyword abilities: Pestilent Spirit Would work well with a more control-y and less aggro-y creature build Ochran Assassin (with a critical mass of creatures already on the battlefield, this could win lots of games) Elenda, the Dusk Rose Gifted Aetherborn

Another cool family of cards to consider is equipment. Odiric and knight exemplar could combo really well with Danitha Capashen, Paragon , Puresteel Paladin , Basilisk Collar , Loxodon Warhammer , and other powerful equipment.

Have fun sorcering! Your Bro

saveen1 on vampire sorcerer infinite combo

2 months ago

It's an infinite damage combo.

  1. Equip Famished Paladin with Sorcerer's Wand .

  2. Give him lifelink with Squire's Devotion or On Serra's Wings (I actually found a better enchantment in the new ravnica allegiance set. It cost less, but only gives lifelink for one turn, which is all we need.)

  3. Paladin taps to deal 1 damage to opponent (the wand gives him the ability, but it is the paladin that does the damage.) With lifelink, he untaps. repeat, repeat, until the opponent is dead.

Deadpoo111 on Super Budget Standard Combo (Rotation Proof)

3 months ago

Thanks for the comment! To answer your question, I run Healer's Hawk because my first goal is to gain a comfortable amount of life, then combo off or win with attacking. The first version of this deck primarily focused on combo ex: I had four Forerunner of the Legion and four Sorcerer's Wand. That deck didn't really work bc I died to aggro, control and occasionally midrange decks. Since the deck mainly focused on the combo instead of any other plan, if I couldn't get the combo (which was often) I lost. With this deck I have won through aggro and combo! You are correct that Sorcerer's Wand is important but unlike the other combo pieces eg. Famished Paladin, Squire's Devotion, and On Serra's Wings, it can only really be used combo instead of being used to power up a creature. Forerunner of the Legion is also a nice card but is kind of clunky. I have one in the main deck as a last hope if I really need a Famished Paladin. Orzhov is coming up though and when that comes out, I may have to see what additions I add!

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On Serra's Wings occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%