The idea is to ramp to 9 mana, so you can play Jodah, Archmage Eternal and at least one spell for the alternative mana cost while maintaining priority. Any suggestions are welcome.

I like the flavor of this deck as a menagerie of Magic's various villains and abominable creatures. We have Nicol Bolas, the Eldrazi, Demons, Horrors, Dragons, Myojin (at least the black one is evil), a Praetor, a Leviathan, Iona (her ability feels very evil) and an Elder Dinosaur (looks evil)! There are also Liliana and an evil Garruk depicted in the sorceries. Extra turns as one of the most feared effects in the game are included as well. For me, the deck resembles the underground facility in the film Cabin in the Woods, where the monsters from all the different fictional universes are kept.

Composite Golem + Artisan of Kozilek or Rise of the Dark Realms is very nice with Jodah.

Zacama, Primal Calamity + Jodah is another nice combo.

Grozoth can be transmuted for Artisan of Kozilek or Rise of the Dark Realms to be resurrected by them later on.

I also have a Dragonstorm package: Atarka, World Render + Dragonlord Kolaghan + The Ur-Dragon + Utvara Hellkite.

There's a cool line of play, where you have Jodah + Composite Golem on the battlefield, transmute Grozoth for Rise of the Dark Realms, sac Composite Golem and cast Rise of the Dark Realms, put Composite Golem and Grozoth from the graveyard onto the battlefield. With the triggered ability get Artisan of Kozilek and Dragonstorm and whatever to your hand (for example Zacama, Primal Calamity). Sac Composite Golem to cast Artisan of Kozilek and get back Composite Golem, sac Composite Golem to cast Dragonstorm (or cast Zacama, Primal Calamity before and cast Dragonstorm then). With at least two additional copies of Dragonstorm on the stack, get Dragonlord Kolaghan and some other dragons and swing with the whole squad. In magical christmas land this can happen on turn 3:


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