Dream Halls


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Tempest Remastered (TPR) Mythic Rare
Stronghold (STH) Rare

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Dream Halls


Rather than pay the mana cost for a spell, its controller may discard a card that shares a color with that spell.

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Dream Halls Discussion

Enral on Tuvasa Enchantress | **PRIMER**

19 hours ago

Samadtje: Dream Halls will be a great addition to this deck. I will definitely try it out. The only caveat of dream halls is that it is best played the turn you can combo off, if not, you will be giving your opponents the chance to play out their degenerate stuff early.

Bnon: Other than rector, cards like Mirari's Wake and Fertile Ground speeds up the ability to hardcast it. I've had an omniscience hit the table turn 5 with that combination...it's pretty easy to hit over 10+ mana early in this deck surprisingly. But Dream Halls is definitely on my radar for testing.

Bnon on Tuvasa Enchantress | **PRIMER**

1 day ago

Hey, I was just wondering what your lines normally are for getting Omniscience out? I assume you don't hard cast it, but are there other methods besides Academy Rector? Maybe Dream Halls if you add it, seems like a fun card haha.

Samadtje on Tuvasa Enchantress | **PRIMER**

1 day ago

My deck is similar like yours and i smiled when i heard in the comments it's a enchantment storm list. Since i had similar plans with my tusava deck. I love to take over some off your ideas to use in my deck.

I added Dream Halls in my deck. This out with some enchantresses you can almost play your whole deck. It's also a way for me to cheat in Omniscience. I usually use Laboratory Maniac to win the game. You think these cards are nice inclusions in your deck? I'd like to hear your thoughts

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Legacy Deck Complete

2 weeks ago

I took it to it's first LGS tournament tonight and finished 3-1. I'm pretty happy with how it performed. I beat TES, lost to Lands (very close match though), beat Dream Halls combo, and beat mono-U Show and Tell. I know this is far from the best deck in the meta, but it's super fun and can win games.

MatEffect on Narset, Enlightened Master

2 weeks ago

Hi! I'm glad you like my build. It's a competitive build trying to win (or at least to cast Narset) as fast as possible. I know the deck puts you a target since the first minute. In fact, because of that, I don't use to play it xDD only when my friends want to try more competitive decks, for fun. But I like to add better cards with each expansion, I love it.

I've made some tweaks to the deck some days ago, before your reply, but I didn't changed the list here, only to add Aminatou's Augury, so I edited the deck right now.

I've added more fetches and better ramp artifacts to go faster. Fetches will find the lands I need, I make the deck a little bit thinner when Narset attacks to exile less useless lands.

I knew Battle Mastery and Flickerform were not the best auras to play, so I've changed those and some more. Proteus Staff is a key card for my deck, because it will rearrange your entire deck to cast every single turn, combat phase and aura/equipment because there are no more creature in it, only Narset. The bad thing, if you have a really big Narset, you can't use the Staff to not lose the auras, but I think is a minor trouble here. But the fun thing is that when I cast the Staff and I explain what will happen, everybody scoops up. Added also Omniscience and Dream Halls (this last one only to test it).

I play with some proxies (buuu xD ) so that's the reason to play Capture of Jingzhou, and the original dual lands. Capture is nice with Mizzix's Mastery. Every turn and combat phase you may cast from your graveyard is gas to continue attacking. But if you prefer to use cheaper cards, you can play painlands and Savor the Moment or Karn's Temporal Sundering, but Savor is... meh, because you don't untap Narset.

Gaelan_Ainsworth on Muldrotha the Enchantress EDH

3 weeks ago

Looks pretty cool! Have you considered Dream Halls?

otters on Structured Chaos

4 weeks ago

Dream Halls is always fun and can let you win with enough draw spells

rockleemyhero on Selling some stuff for below ...

1 month ago

Selling some stuff out of my collection, everything should be marked below TCG low as of today. Shipping is $0.50 in PWE at buyer's risk or $3 for tracking and insurance. If you are interested in multiple cards, if it's over $50 I will give a discount. Thanks for looking!

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