Dream Halls


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Tempest Remastered Mythic Rare
Stronghold Rare

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Dream Halls


Rather than pay the mana cost for a spell, its controller may discard a card that shares a color with that spell.

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Dream Halls Discussion

msk150 on Taigam Hightide/Turns

3 days ago

Florg Dizzy Spell would definitely be useful as another way to tutor for high tide. Especially since I only have two tutors for it right now, which isnt enough for such a key part of my deck. My main concern is that it is useless by itself, and figuring out what to cut for it.

I really like Reality Spasm, I thought my high tide package was a little lean so I am psyched to add that in.

The Isochron Scepter and Dramatic Reversal combo was something that I seriously considered putting it. I decided against it for two reasons, I wanted to keep the power level tuned a little bit lower and it doesnt seem that fun to me. If I realize that I need to increase the power level I will for sure add that combo in. I think I might add Isochron Scepter in anyways because I have a lot of power in the 1/2 drop instants and pairing it with high tide itself would be bomb.

Mind's Desire was one of the last things I cut. I am still very much debating it. Thought it might be too expensive, and since I exile them they wont get the rebound trigger. I think I might be being too critical and I should do some testing on it.

I am hopping i have enough card draw that I won't needEnter the Infinite, and it is so expensive that by the time I can catch I think I should already be able to win.

I love me some Recurring Insight. Great card that draws tons of cards. I dont think it is the greatest fit for this deck because rebound does not stack. So I should be able to get more value for cheaper on other draw spells due to Taigams rebound.

I also added Dream Halls to the deck. Time to figure out what to cut!


F3A5t on Attack of the Locusts

4 days ago

you need that iguana that makes it you don't have to draw if you don't want to. It will stop you from decking yourself without lab man out.

Doubling the draws gets pretty gross in a wheel deck.

Dream Halls is a great card to include. Mindmoil is cool as well

goblinguiderevealpls on Deckusar, the Handrazer

2 weeks ago

Those are the priciest in the deck, though, most of the wheels and non foil cards were budget friendly.. yea i was restricted by budget for the first 3 years, but i built it more Fork / Dark Ritual + wheels, i find the upkeep draws like Howling Mine give your opponents too much card advantage/answers without Notion Thief and is just pure card advantage to opponents without nekusar or Underworld Dreams effects.

Some budget options

Cephalid Coliseum

Fevered Visions

Memory Jar

Toxic Deluge

High Tide

Notion Thief

Bubbling Muck

Seething Song


Cyclonic Rift

Blasphemous Act


Magus of the Wheel

Words of Waste

Magus of the Will

Deadly Tempest

Breathstealer's Crypt

Magus of the Jar

Trinket Mage

Winds of Change


Dualcaster Mage

Riptide Laboratory

Past in Flames

Mizzix's Mastery

Phyrexian Arena

Psychosis Crawler

Day's Undoing

Time Reversal

Winds of Change

Whispering Madness

Phyrexian Tyranny

Underworld Dreams

Fate Unraveler

Increasing Vengeance



Cabal Ritual

Decree of Pain

Sire Of Insanity

Dream Halls

Archfiend of Ifnir

Runehorn Hellkite

Anvil of Bogardan

.. i could go on, i wasn't speaking purely of the budget cards i was just pointing out ive put 6 years and a lot of money into building mine so there are some budget ideas in that list

Force_of_Willb on Oona, Queen of the Exiled

2 weeks ago

Thanks for the up votes ChaosJester and Domzig138

I have actually been working on updates to lower the Avg CMC and will have to update the deck list soon.

As far as Underworld Dreams, I do like the card and use it in an unlisted Nekusar Deck which uses more wheel effects (10+) + Dream Halls and tries to Jankly combo out, but the main goal for Oona is to Mill or Bust. I never try to win through damage even if I have an insanely large Consuming Aberration. Its also why I don't include good mill cards like Mindcrank+Duskmantle Guildmage though maybe I should if I wish to be more competitive in multiplayer format....

Ender666666 on Livin' La Vida Locust!

3 weeks ago

True, Dream Halls could work, but I'm not a real fan of it tbh

NobleGhost117 on Livin' La Vida Locust!

3 weeks ago

With all that draw power, you may be able to abuse Dream Halls

pauldiamond64 on The Ten Plagues: Locust God EDH | *PRIMER*

3 weeks ago

Ok in edh you cant rely on one card like that. its like my friend said he did not care that i was gaining life cause he had Master of Cruelties in his deck. but that was one card and he never drew it so i won cause i gained life.

Memory Jar is too good to take out just cause of one card. also even if you have Dream Halls you can still play it for its normal mana cost which is not much.

Daedalus19876 on The Ten Plagues: Locust God EDH | *PRIMER*

3 weeks ago

pauldiamond64: It is in the maybeboard because I can't cast it off of Dream Halls, unlike my other wheels. And I don't currently have a method to recur it (if I added Academy Ruins it might be a different story).

And Command Beacon is a great way to get my Commander back if they're exiled, or if I have a lot of mana but I can't wait for him to return to my hand "naturally".

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