Dread Cacodemon


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
MTG: Commander Rare

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Dread Cacodemon

Creature — Demon

When Dread Cacodemon enters the battlefield, if you cast it from your hand, destroy all creatures your opponents control, then tap all other creatures you control.

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Dread Cacodemon Discussion

CanEx on Rakdos, Lord of Riots

1 month ago

Some cards you might want to consider:

Mana Rocks: Even in a two color deck, RRBB is hard to get on turn 4. Chromatic Lantern helps with that. Similarly, you might want some cheap mana rocks like Rakdos Signet, Fire Diamond, and Charcoal Diamond.

Early damage: You have some good creatures to make sure Rakdos comes down early, but I might also recommend some noncreature sources of early damage. Things like Seal of Fire and lim-dl's hex so you can still have something if someone drops an early wipe. I don't know how many times you've played Rakdos so far looking at how long this deck has been here, but you're the early threat in most games. Your opponents will try to stop you early.

Both of these, put together work in Cryptolith Fragment  Flip. It's everything you want.

Also, I'd recommend Heartless Hidetsugu. It's nuts in this deck.

Also also, speaking of protection, I'd suggest Lightning Greaves. The more things you have to make sure Rakdos doesn't die, the better. Because nothing sucks more than having him killed at the end of your combat step.

Card draw: Black and Red have some great card draw opportunities. Stuff like Disciple of Bolas and Knollspine Dragon work great in a deck like this. Kozilek, Butcher of Truth is a perfect add as well. Nothing is quite as good as playing Rune-Scarred Demon for Kozilek and then playing Disciple of Bolas to sac Kozi. That's 16 beautiful cards in one turn. Bloodgift Demon would also work well because it's a cheap attacker that either draws cards or guarantees damage.

Colorless creatures: In general I'd try to stay away from anything with more than 2 mana symbols in its cost. There are exceptions like Dread Cacodemon, but Rakdos works best when you can slam down as many creatures as possible.

Some stuff to consider removing:

Prismatic Geoscope: This effect is just too expensive in a 2-color deck. You could just play Gilded Lotus instead.

Elbrus, the Binding Blade  Flip: Again, just really expensive. If Rakdos made it cheaper, that'd be great, but alas, no.

Winter Orb: A fantastic idea, actually, and one I didn't think about previously. But right now since most of your creatures have multiple mana symbols, I think it's hurting you. But bravo for thinking of this. I'm totally going to steal this tech.

Feel free to look at my list for other ideas. It's definitely a "Go Big or Go Home" deck, but I love it.

Good luck!

sonnet666 on Optimized Rakdos, Lord of Riots

4 months ago

Good suggestions, I'm cutting based on mana cost right now, so I'm probably going to cut Sorin, Pestilence & Pyrohemia; Plague Spitter will probably take one of their places.

YawgWill seems very good now that think about it, I was trying to work in more recursion elements, but I couldn't think of any that wouldn't require me to clutter up the deck with discard outlets, YawgWill could be a good way to incorporate that will out devoting too many deck slots.

As for Kaervek and Massacre, I like them in casual Rakdos, but you said it, they're not competitive enough. Kaervek is punishing, but taking damage doesn't actually stop anyone from playing spells, so they're just going to remove him and move on. As for Massacre, I considered it, but I can play Dread Cacodemon here for the same price, so I figured it was better to have a board wipe that dealt with everything instead.

TheWallinator74 on Y's Day

4 months ago

More wipes, you say? In Mono-Black? Here are some of my favorites:


Deadly Tempest

Extinguish All Hope

Life's Finale

Necromantic Selection

Reiver Demon

In Garruk's Wake

Plague Wind

Dread Cacodemon

Nevinyrral's Disk

I also have a mono-black Commander deck of my own that may provide you with some other ideas:


dreamistt on

6 months ago


  • Palace Siege (high cmc)
  • Pestilence and Pyrohemia will easily be removed at the first board wipe, so I believe they aren't as good as you might think
  • Grave Upheaval is outclassed by Torrent of Souls
  • Skull Rend is fun, but I don't know if it's good enough.
  • Urabrask the Hidden is expensive and I don't think you actually need him there
  • Maga, Traitor to Mortals (I don't like it all that much... plus, the triple B cost could be bad)
  • Most of the times, people will choose take damage from Combustible Gearhulk, so that you cannot draw cards. Even with Rakdos on the battlefield, that will probably still be the case, so the gearhulk is more useful if you fill your deck with reanimation options. It's a good card, but I don't know if it's all that useful here.
  • I'm unsure about Lobber Crew too.




  • Staff of Nin is almost auto-include. Even though it costs 6 mana, the tap->damage ability allows rakdos to be recast or, if he's in play, it gives you for your next creature spell.
  • Read the Bones for the scry 2 + draw 2 is actually excellent.


professortim3 on Dark Necessities

7 months ago

Looks sweet as hell, no pun intended. I have played very little commander, but everyone tells me that it's a slower format where you just need to survive to start dropping your haymakers. This deck looks like it's chock full of haymakers, so you've got that box checked. Seriously, if you ever hit me with Rakdos, Lord of Riots and then play Wurmcoil Engine for free I will cry tears of jealous rage.

Let's talk mana. You've got 29 non-basics, 7 basics (I assume, as your list is 93 cards right now), and 5 artifact mana sources. That brings you to 41 mana sources, which is probably about right. It might not hurt to bump up to a few more since you are trying to cast stuff like Dread Cacodemon, and 10 mana is a lot. Also worth noting: You do have a general that reduces the cost of your dudes, but I don't think it's a good idea to rely on him heavily for that, as there are about a million things that kill him.

One thing I would take a look at is what non-basics you have. There are a lot of and and even costs in your cards, and you have a couple lands that only tap for colorless. The Urza-tron lands are sweet, but unless you have all three out they are just Wastes, and are really not going to help you cast your commander. Don't get me wrong, the Urza lands are straight up broken if you can get all 3 out, but with only 1 of each and no way to search them out apart from the tutors, I feel like they're just a liability here, and don't really synergize with your commander. I also don't think you need Reliquary Tower. Maybe I'm missing some crazy combo, but I think you'll rarely ever have more than 7 cards in hand unless you're mana screwed.

Cabal Coffers is also nuts, but you only have a handful of swamps, and you need to have 3 out before it does anything other than cost you mana. If you're really into Cabal Coffers (and honestly, why wouldn't you be) I would recommend cutting some of the other lands for more swamps and a Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth. Urborg makes itself and the Coffers into swamps as well, so if you get the two out I imagine silly things will happen. Here are the lands I would cut for more basics:

Great Furnace: synergizes with Unlicensed Disintegration, but also means someone can Naturalize one of your lands.Reflecting Pool: A dual land in your deck, doesn't seem like you need more of those, but I could be wrong.Reliquary TowerTransguild Promenade: I don't think you need many rainbow lands, you're just a two color deckUrza's Mine, Urza's Power Plant, Urza's TowerVesuva: You have a lot of comes in to play tapped lands already, and this doesn't do enough to make me think it's better than just another swamp/mountain.

I like the removal. I think adding some more burn might synergize a bit better with your commander than something like Clear a Path, which may never have a target. Searing Blood is perfect for this deck, and I would go all in on effects like that. Look at cards like Lash Out and Searing Blaze. Blazing Salvo also seems kind of fun. It's either a Lightning Bolt or a Cabal Ritual for one of your dudes.

Looks awesome man, can't wait to play against it!

Teferi_the_Aeons_Torn on Boardwipe, Boardwipe, & More Boardwipe

9 months ago

Hey I know I'm like 3 years late to the party but I found this deck while looking for dega vampire decks (dunno why you came up lol), and as an avid fan of boardwipes, I thought I'd lend a hand. I had an Oloro, Ageless Ascetic deck that basically ran 20 counterspells, 20 boardwipes, and a bunch of "ping each player at the end of your turn" cards. It was so fun to watch them squirm as they slowly but surely lost a couple life each turn and couldn't do anything about it, so here's a few suggestions to make that dream come true. A few solid boardwipes that i don't see mentioned are Damnation, Rout, Decree of Pain, End Hostilities, Elspeth, Sun's Champion (technically a planeswalker but she can totally just be a versatile boardwipe), Life's Finale, and Winds of Rath. And just in case your opponent's try to find some pesky way around your unique brand of justice (like regeneration or shudder indestructible), here's some special tools: Final Judgement, Black Sun's Zenith, Terminus, False Prophet, and Descend upon the Sinful. And if you're truly dedicated, there are so many more boardwipes that I don't really think are worth the mana cost (Fated Retribution, Dread Cacodemon, etc) but that could really spice up boardwipe tribal!

Zimmers_0 on When The Dust Settles

9 months ago

Duhphlates I actually used to have both of them in this deck. but had to make cuts for rocks and switched out Plague Wind for Dread Cacodemon because why not add a body to the mix? Great ideas though!

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