Psychic Strike

Psychic Strike

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Counter target spell. Its controller puts the top two cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

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Psychic Strike Discussion

Cyber Locc on Dimir Abomination Black/Blue Deck

17 hours ago

You have stuff too spread out you need to consolidate strengths. So to help with that my suggestions are as follows.

Instants -Remove Cancels and Psychic Strike in favor of 4 Mana Leaks Cancels are good as they are a hard counter but there mana cost is just too high. Cards like Dissolve are better suited for a 3 cost counter.Remove Lost in a Labyrinth Hydrosurge in favor of 2 more Dissolves. While these cards may stop a creature from doing damage the idea behind control is to stop that attack from ever happening to begin with.

Creatures - Again this is all over the place. Control doesnt want this many creatures especially in a delver deck, delver wants spells to flip to a beat stick. So remove Daggerdrome ImpJudge's Familiar (while familar is a good card in a vacuum paying 1 more mana usually isn't hard this is a annoyance more than anything and takes a valuable spot)Shriekgeist doesnt really fit in this is a mill card it wants a mill deck and it just is a bad place for this card. Ludevic's Test Subject  Flip is your bomb so keep him but only run 3, 4 is too many you don't need 4 of him 1 in play is game. This allows 4 open spots they should be filled with Doom Blade this will allow you to remove any creatures that make it through your counters.

Enchantments - your deck focuses flyers and ludvic has trample blocking is not a concern for most macthups this renders Crippling Blight a sideboard card at best. Same goes for Pin to the Earth as I have said previously there shouldn't be a creature to do this too. with those removed you have 5 open card slots of which I would raise Sinister Possession to 4 as this cards makes your opponent pay a big cost for blocking/attacking and raise Viper's Kiss to 2 as this is good against pesky ability stick creatures. That leaves 1 spot open where I would raise Call of the Nightwing to 2.

Let me know what you think or if you need any further help

Epidilius on Mill and Kill

2 days ago

Psychic Strike? It mills AND counters! Also, I agree that one or two Traumatize should be here. Maybe a Trepanation Blade to both mill and hurt? Mind Grind as a late game finisher? Mind Funeral to get them to late game faster?

Increasing Confusion is useful because it can be played twice

Psychic Spiral refreshes your deck while milling

Archive Trap can be a useful sideboard card

Consuming Aberration (especially with an unblockable effect or Phenax, God of Deception) can be a killer

Geth, Lord of the Vault gives you things while milling

Nemesis of Reason is a milling flyer

Oona, Queen of the Fae makes creatures while exile-milling

Dreamborn Muse and Riddlekeeper both just sit there milling

Sewer Nemesis can hurt decks that like to cast a lot of spells (it's still a sideboard card at best) as can Memory Erosion (which is better)

Szadek, Lord of Secrets has potential to mill a lot (but only if he can swing a couple of times, works best if you buff him)

Jace, Memory Adept is a solid mill at least ten

Jace's Erasure is a solid card that sits there (it works best if you have crazy card draw, or if your opponent has draw and you have Notion Thief

Telemin Performance can do some damage in the right situation (again, a sideboard card)

Visions of Beyond can easily be a draw three

Echo Mage (works best with Illusionist's Bracers equipped) can copy your mill spells multiple times (which will almost always win you the game)

Spelltwine can be useful to play a mill spell again, and one of your opponent's spells too

I kind of like mill too

enpc on Damia Morgendorffer

2 days ago

Psychic Strike only costs 1 blue, which makes it a really good bluff hard counter. But yeah, once I can get a Force of Will, well thats just outright better :P

I use Simic Signet because it comes down early and for a completely colourless input can provide both green and blue mana - which is something I've been stuck for in the past. I also like the fact that it only costs 2, meaning that I don't have to wait an extra turn compared to Coalition Relic.

I've thought about Abrupt Decay before, the problem with it is that usually I need my removal to hit big creatures that are wrecking my life total. And the CMC of those is more in the region of 6/7. If I was running a removal heavy not counterspell heavy build I would be running it though.

As for Yisan, the Wanderer Bard he can be a bit hit and miss sometimes, but overall I like him. And on average he usually digs up about 3 creatures before he dies, which makes him value enough. I have set the deck up though so he can chain into a combo. Either at 5/6 or 6/7 he can be a substitue for Tooth and Nail, and if I get Kiora's Follower, I can fetch up to two creatures a turn. On the whole, I do get more value out of him in my Saffi Eriksdotter deck, but he goes ok here.

Chord of Calling is nice, but super expensive to play. And I don't usually have more than 2 creatues on the battlefield to help with convoke. It would either be Chord/Yisan or GSZ in the deck, and out of the three for this build, I prefer Yisan as he's the most versatile. I do sometimes swap in Chord of Calling for Tooth and Nail when TaN is the only banned card in the deck.

Tata on Damia Morgendorffer

2 days ago

Why Psychic Strike? Just a simple 3cmc hard counter? Consider cutting it for Deprive. Also, Simic Signet seems underwhelming. Why not Thran Dynamo or Coalition Relic? Have you considered Abrupt Decay? I don't know why people think this card is bad in EDH - the most broken cards cost less than 3!

How has Yisan held up? I think he's too slow and haven't bothered playing him in my damia build. But I'm interested in hearing your experiences...

No Chord of Calling?

Ghorrhyon on Millk & Cookies

3 days ago

I have a milling deck in which everything mills: Of course, Pilfered Plans to draw, but also the four Psychic Strike to countermill and Grisly Spectacle to removemill XD Of course, Grisly is slow, but it is very fun in case of a big guy adding pressure to your life total.

opencorners on Millk & Cookies

3 days ago

Storm525 - do u think surgical is better than Extirpate? The latter basically can't be countered I think that's why i originally put that in there (1 swamp = 2 life, who cares rite, if we cant afford 1 mana mid to late game we got bigger problems ha)

I put an extra land in there for now............ I like this counter + mill card i dont think i ever saw that before, dam now i think i gotta order it Psychic Strike lol

Storm525 on Millk & Cookies

3 days ago

Phenax, God of Deception can combo with Consuming Aberration pretty nastily. And no offense, but Tome Scour and Mind Sculpt are garbage, they just don't pull their weight as spells, Hedron Crab is actually a damn good creature to get out on the first turn, as it can usually hit for about 9-12 mill while it's on the board, and often times draws out removal spells from your opponent (instead of them killing your aberration). I recommend going up to 22-24 lands, adding in another Extirpate (perhaps switching them out for Surgical Extraction instead, which you can cast without paying mana.) If you decide to use Hedron Crab then also consider Dimir Aqueduct, it's a land that lets you play your other lands twice, getting more mileage from the crab's ability. Pilfered Plans for card draw and a bit of extra mill, and lastly, Psychic Strike,iIt's a hard counter that also mills 2.

MrBrightsideX11 on Oops, your library is gone

6 days ago

Removal definitely helps the mill shell in my opinion. If you're going down that route, Psychic Strike is decent.

Color(s) Black Blue
Cost 1UB
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 5.82
Avg. cube pick 3.21


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common

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