Psychic Strike


Counter target spell. Its controller puts the top two cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

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Psychic Strike Discussion

CharlesMandore on Dimir Mill

3 days ago

Psychic Strike , Tome Scour , Thought Scour , Pilfered Plans . I have these all in a dimir mill. Definitely pilfered plans to keep the milling rolling.

dottsie on Help with my casual U/B/W ...

1 week ago

Hi all! I have a mill deck that I play casual with friends and it used to work great but now I think I've messed it up and no matter what I change it doesn't seem to work very well anymore. So I'm looking for help :)Here is the deck and a few cards I have in the sideboard but if you think something would work well that you don't see here let me know.Thanks guys:)

Planeswalkers(2)Liliana Vess Sorin, Solemn Visitor

Creatures(19)3x Hedron Crab 4x Jace's Phantasm 4x Wight of Precinct Six 1x Evil Twin 2xMirko Vosk, Mind Drinker 2xConsuming Aberration 2x Belltower Sphinx 1x Chancellor of the Spires

Spells(15)3xMind Sculpt 3xPilfered Plans 2xPsychic Strike 1xMurder 1xMurderous Cut 2xTraumatize 2xExtract from Darkness 1xCurse of the Swine

Sideboard1xAshiok, Nightmare Weaver 1xJace, the Living Guildpact 1xJace, Architect of Thought 1xParallel Thoughts 1xConsuming Aberration 1xSleep 1xFated Infatuation 3xMind Grind 1xAltar of Dementia 3xMindcrank 4xEssence Harvest 1xMimeofacture

Javaz on Ashiok, Nightmare Miller

1 week ago

thanks for the suggestions! I'll replace Countermand with Psychic Strike . I also want to replace Geralf's Mindcrusher , and Consuming Aberration seems to be a good substitute, but I also found out that Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker and Lazav, Dimir Mastermind can really be good adds. Which one do you think is the better? :)

Azakar on 2014-09-29 update of zombies edh ...

1 week ago

I have put a TON work into my EDH Grimgrin zombie tribal deck.

It wrecks 1 v 1 matches, so consider these cards.Tried to keep to the zombies but, I have put in a few skeletons. They combo with Grimgrin such as Mortus Strider , Tenacious Dead , and Reassembling Skeleton provide a renewable food source for him. Combined with Death Baron they can even become nice renewable chump blockers.

As for zombies, Cemetery Reaper can stop someone's graveyard shenanigans and give you food for Grimgrin at the same time. Zombie Master is totally worth it even just for what it does for Grimgrin. Your entire army now has B: regenerate this creature. (AND consider the power of: Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth + Zombie Master )

Cackling Counterpart -ing an undead war chief is huge. Those big guys that buff your zombies are always nicer in pairs. Evil Twin does that too, as well as being able to copy, then kill an opponents creature.

Lich Lord of Unx can create food for Grimgrin, and his other ability combos well with Army of The Dammed or perhaps Endless Ranks of the Dead as well.

Mikaeus, the Unhallowed means you can sac any creature to grimgrin and it pops right back for free.

Havengul Lich is amazing. (Did you catch that? ANY graveyard... Muhahahahaha!!!!)

My deck has way more blue control in it as well as black removal than this one. Basic blue counterspells mean I can protect my hard built army, and prevent that huge enchantment, creature, or boardwipe, that's gunna hit the board late game. Countersquall , Psychic Strike , and Soul Manipulation are a few of the harder to find blue and black control cards. Black kill cards and tutors are pretty commonly known.. I have a few in my deck. Oh! Diabolic Vision has saved my bacon more than once.

And then, to terrify you opponent, Dralnu, Lich Lord makes it all haunt em again. (Do not play him if your opponent is running red burn spells. Otherwise, he kicks some serious a**)

Fatestitcher combos so well with Grimgrin, or, can make that indestructible blocker your opponent has worthless.

Nightscape Familiar is in my deck simply so that all my blue control becomes ridiculously cheap, and rooftop storm can be kicked out earlier.

Skinrender is worth a look.

And since you are planning on sacrificing a lot of critters. (I see grave pact and dictate of erebos there) why not draw a card while yur at it!? Dark Prophecy let's ya do that, and the life loss in edh is negligible.

An finally, Lim-Dul the Necromancer lets you take that fattie you killed when Grimgrin attacked, put it under your control, AND turn it into a zombie! (Which, hopefully by now is a VERY GOOD thing in your army) (I might also go with Grave Betrayal rather than zombie apocalypse... Nice thing is: like lim dul, it changes the creature type to avoid conflict with Call to the Grave . Just sayin)

Then to get my deck all you'd have to do is add in that blue control, black removal and tutors, Sorin Markov , Liliana Vess , and some board sweepers.

Hope I gave you some ideas! Peace bro!

lipiosians on Ashiok, Nightmare Miller

1 week ago

i'd suggest Psychic Strike over Countermand since it's not very easy to leave 4 mana open for Countermand on your opponent's turn. Consuming Aberration is a very good miller/killer (especially with all the flashbacks provided by drainu) so if you could fit that in there, i think he would do well.

BrandonJamesCAC on Aberrational Mill

1 week ago

Psychic Strike is fun.

Love this version

BrandonJamesCAC on Blue/Black AEtherling Control Deck

1 week ago

I agree with the above poster on Cheaper creatures. I would go as far to say you are running a bit over on land and control spells. 24 is high for a deck that is going to contain 4-8x draw options.

But I just got through with U/B budget infect control deck. All still fresh in my mind.

So here goes: all just friendly opinion

Card draw: Think Twice is just bad. Two cards for 5 mana is inefficient. I used to swear by it but realize now it's not good.

Maybe run a combination of 6 Peek and Thought Scour

11 Islands is high. You can cut one for sure.


4x Mana Leak I would replace for 4x Rune Snag - you are running other counters and Mana Leak becomes worthless really quick. While Rune Snag gets better.

4x Dissolve is a lot of Double blue and missing even one spell is going to kill you.

I like to run 3 of the big spells.

1-2x Dissolve and 1-2x Psychic Strike as it's more forgiving mana wise.

Dispel is great - keep them.

Creature removal:

Just going to make one suggestion.

Sideboard Doom Blade run Go for the Throat as there is so much Black running around right now.

And if you run into Stupid Tron decks. It's not going to help you get rid of their broken creatures anyway.

Devour Flesh is a good budget option to get rid of Bogles, Scouts, Pro black and Stalker.

Creatures - my favorite is Vampire Nighthawk

Delver of Secrets  Flip good but boring

Tidehollow Strix is cool.

Or the infect route with Runechanter's Pike or even Bonesplitter as suggested above with Phyrexian Crusader Blighted Agent Plague Stinger Phyrexian Vatmother

Dimir Charm if used situational is actually really good to. Just with some trickery around your draw or whatever.

Good luck!

jandrobard on Budget Dimir Infect and Control

1 week ago

Perplex and Psychic Strike are less strong. A good replacement for 2 of each (all the Perplex es) might be Rune Snag Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.04 $0.18 $0.78 $0.99
Color(s) Black Blue
Cost 1UB
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 6.34
Avg. cube pick 3.18


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common


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