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Psychic Strike


Counter target spell. Its controller puts the top two cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

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Psychic Strike Discussion

Squisherton on Enchantress Maze's End

2 hours ago

I like the concept of the deck but do realize that mill is a relevant concept in the meta and so is Sylvan Primordial and Pithing Needle . Both of which shut this deck down. If there aren't going to be fogs in the deck then think about your win cons. Maze's End is it. A Kiora, the Crashing Wave could be useful for the explore. And just to remind you about Mill in the current meta consuming abberation Traumatize Phenax, God of Deception Tome Scour Psychic Strike Psychic Spiral Codex Shredder

glauber94 on Your Turn... Just Kidding, it is my turn again

8 hours ago

Yes, Diabolic Tutor is needed to find a missing piece for the combo, sometimes you have 2 of them and no way to get the third one except hoping to draw it.

Psychic Strike is not worth it, the 2 cards my opponents is going to mill are not going to make me win, I prefer to use Dissolve to scry and find the combo, once I have infinite turns 2 cards milled won't make difference.

M1kee on Mill tho (needs more playtesting)

9 hours ago

alrighty..i'm assuming you're wanting to use your walls along with Phenax, God of Deception as your main milling mechanism..which means that at best (aside from Pilfered Plans ), you're milling for 7 cards on turn why not run 4-ofs Breaking and start your milling at turn 2 for 8?

next, don't run guildgates unless you're going Maze's End ..they're too slow & it's better to just run normal lands (unless you wanna spring for Watery Grave or more Temple of Deceit )

aaaannd i almost forgot you asked for sideboard! Doom Blade yes; Crypt Incursion yes; Pithing Needle yes definitely..not sure what to do with that Lazav, Dimir Mastermind ..i'd either run both or sideboard both..if sideboard both, the i'd play a set of Dimir Charm (or splash red with some Chromatic Lantern and run Dreadbore ..)

your toughest opponents are going to be aggro tribals and RDW/burn, so definitely think creature removal and counterspells.. (i'd try to work out a way to get some Psychic Strike or Thassa's Rebuff in there as well..)

here's my three modern-legal mill decks..might give you some ideas..

Ashiok, Mill Weaver

Massive Dimir Mill

U/B Library Shredder

asmellyvagabond on Your Turn... Just Kidding, it is my turn again

15 hours ago

How about Psychic Strike instead of Dissolve ? Your wincons are milling, so this fits in nicely, also the 1UB cost is easier to manage than 1UU.

wolfsokol on Grixis God Control

2 days ago

You really dont need chromatic lantern replacing with more counters would be good such as Counterflux or Psychic Strike I would also drp 1 mogis for 1 aetherling as an alternate win con.

This deck seems very similar to mine let me know what you think Athreos and Friends

wolfsokol on Grixis whoop whoop

2 days ago

Drop your Master of Cruelties and Spellheart Chimera for 1 more keranaos 2 Mogis, God of Slaughter and 1 AEtherling I would also reccomend more counters with Psychic Strike and Counterflux

This is my take on Grixis Grixis control

phaze08 on Cruel Grixis

2 days ago

Might want to remove Counterflux for Psychic Strike ...Its much easier on the mana.

Also I'd cut Syncopate its just not reliable in my experience especially in late game. If you rely on Master of Cruelties you should add more burn such as Lightning Strike or Shock , Rakdos's Return is also great for scaling damage to face and hand destruction.

TexasDice on Drown in Sorrow vs Anger ...

3 days ago

If you're in Grixis colors, of course you play Drown in Sorrow , I totally overflew that detail.

It's indeed WAY easier to curve into, because sabotaging double blue is bad. Hell, I'd even argue about throwing out Dissolve for Psychic Strike

But in Izzet and Rakdos Control, there is no reason to downgrade your deck, because Master of Waves is the only relevant thing Anger does nothing against, for the upside of having a near unbeatable card against G/W, Humans and the ability to sweep Nightveil Specter . Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.04 $0.19 $0.67 $0.9
Color(s) B, U
Cost 1UB
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 6.34
Avg. cube pick 3.17


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common