Format Legality
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Rare

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Gain control of target spell. You may choose new targets for it. (If that spell becomes a permanent, it enters the battlefield under your control.)

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Aethersnatch Discussion

Nagoto on khayoz

1 week ago

"Hey! I found your Mizzix list and really liked it, trying to build my own and will definitely take some inspiration from yours! I was wondering how it performs? Fun? Does it win? Does it run into issues of Mizzix keeps getting killed? Thanks!"

khayoz I'm glad you enjoy the best guild. All hail Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius.

Some things to keep in mind about my list:

  • My group is about "Casual fun". Meaning I've avoided things like combos that take 15min during my turn. Extra turns. Ect.

  • We try to keep our powerlevel/budget similar.

  • A lot of the deck is focused more on Flavor / doing cool, but not necessarily good things. Saheeli Rai and Chandra, Torch of Defiance are in the list just because I pulled them and went "These planeswalkers have red in them. -GASSSSppp-". Whiles sometimes I get really hilarious things like copying an Aetherflux Reservoir with Saheeli and then deathstaring my friends. Most of my wins are political.

  • "I was wondering how it performs?" / "Does it win?" - My playgroup loves creatures. Elf tribal. Big eldrazi ramp decks. Those sort of things, so most of me staying alive is political or me getting chump blockers from my token generators (or an early propaganda). My deck use to be a very ghetto storm-ish combo that ended with me taking 25+min and grapeshotting everyone for twice their health. But that wasn't very fun for anyone.

Now the deck is pretty much: Control the board. Be political (always keep some blue untapped). The amount of times I've had my friends go "Dude if you don't counter this, I won't attack you next turn". When I haven't drawn a counterspell all game is getting pretty high. Other than that it's just protecting mizzixs so your control/card draw racks up more experience counters. Then it's a matter of, do I have enough to burn someone with with a "X" spell like Banefire. I don't know if i'd call it competitive in the slightest.

  • "Fun?" - I love it. Red/Blue was the first color combination outside of mono-red I really wanted to build. I started the deck off with the pre-build mizzixs. Actually switched to Jori En, Ruin Diver as commander for a while (lower threat, less focus on me). Then I sort of figured out the reason I got focused a lot was because of how long my turns took. I play this deck along side my goblin tribal, so when I have days where I want to be the reactive player I play this. Sit back and watch how things play out and just when your opponent thinks they are about to win, Aethersnatch their 40/40 Lifeblood Hydra, use it to discourage being attacked then kill everyone in one turn with fire.

  • "Does it run into issues of Mizzix keeps getting killed?" - YES! Mizzixs in my group is almost never directly killed. Usually it's some board wipe. Make it clear that if they mess with Mizzixs you're going to spend the rest of the game ruining them. Counter everything they play. Bounce/wipe their board. Light their commander on fire for 30 damage just to send a message. If Mizzixs isn't able to stay out, or you're unable to rack up experience counters with her, you're just a control/political deck that hopes you're left alone till you can steal something important or do something crazy without Mizzixs.

Some fun combos:

  • Mizzix's Mastery + Metallurgic Summonings.

  • Any big burn spell + Metallurgic Summonings, Then you Saheeli Rai -2 to copy the construct and give it haste. When you cast an X spell the CMC is what you declare as it's cast. So burning someone for 20 damage, then hitting them with a 20/20 construct with haste is always fun.

  • Rite of Replication + a lot of things.. Guttersnipe is a personal favorite. Every spell you cast burns everyone not you for 12 damage. It's flexible too though, depending on what your opponents have.

  • Radiate is an older card but VERY fun! When you use it on an "X" spell, the copies have the same "X" value. In addition you choose when each copies resolves. So you can Radiate an X spell, target yourself, copy it targeting each other player. Meaning the damage dealt to you resolves last (if it's lethal you win). Also things like Radiate + Rapid Hybridization turns every creature on the board into lizards. Also if you're just straight screweeedd... You can Radiate + Scour from Existence exiling literally everything on the board. Radiate + Chaos Warp is just fun but takes a long time and might piss your group off.

Things I'm planning on doing to the deck in the future:

  • Adding As Foretold, one of my friends in our playgroup sent me a copy he traded for. Very excited to try it out!

  • Possibly changing the win condition. My groups slowly increasing it's power level so I maybe be able to change the win condition to something more consistent than "X" spells.

Thank you for your kind words! I've had a not so stellar past couple of weeks and it made me smile. Enjoyed having some coffee and babbling about magic. =) Have a wonderful day.

Argy on Good pillowfort cards for superfriends ...

2 months ago

I like to use cards that can wreck my Opponent's attacking field, like AEtherize, AEtherspouts, Evacuation, Illusionist's Gambit, and even Aethersnatch to take away a last minute pump.

You can play a bit of a political game and warn them, "If you attack my Planeswalkers I will weaken your board state."

Don't bluff and make sure you follow through on your threat.

Daedalus19876 on The Imposter is YOU

3 months ago

Ooh, interesting! :) I tried to build something like this once, though it never fully came together.

My first thoughts for additions would be Braids, Conjurer Adept, Thada Adel, Acquisitor, Gather Specimens, Cultural Exchange, Reins of Power, Propaganda, Control Magic, Knowledge Pool, Hive Mind, and Eye of the Storm (if you really hate other people).

In terms of 1-to-1 card swaps, I'd normally prefer to play Aethersnatch or Commandeer over Desertion :)

I generally don't like Frost Titan as a finisher. Your finishers are stolen from your opponents anyway.

Rings of Brighthearth seems weird here. Is there a combo (beyond Basalt Monolith) that I'm unaware of?

And finally, I'm hesitant to give advice like this, but I might try running Braids, Conjurer Adept as your commander instead. It'll give you more reliable targets for your copy effects :)

Can I tag you for some help on a new deck I'm trying out? :)

JaysomeDecks on Thrasios & Kydele, Infinite Partners

4 months ago

Emzed, I've never actually considered cutting Solem or the Hart before. I just consider them part of a core ramp package that goes into all of my EDH decks. You may be right, they really aren't that needed in green. It's funny how some things just become habit and you don't look at them twice until it's pointed out.

I figured some of the counter spells may have to take the hit. I originally had Time Stop and Aethersnatch as well, as I really liked the idea of having this massive counter package. Those two would probably work better being swapped out for removal, I think.

Awakening is risky, so I'll keep in on the cutting block. I wanna try it with thrasios ability though. I'm always in 4 person groups minimum, so even with only 4 lands, the value there could be huge. If not, it'll be swapped out pretty quickly.

Walking Ballista may have to go in alongside the Cannon as redundancy. Otherwise I'd likely never field it for its utility. I'd consider it too much of a risk. I do like the card though.

That's actually a big help, thanks. One last question: what's your opinion on me running all of the Howling Mine effects? It makes it easier to get kydele off, but I'm not sure if it's worth it to let my opponents have all those cards. Sure, it also helps me dig through to find my combo pieces, but maybe I'd be better off just running a couple more Brainstorm effects. Thoughts?

Skamakka1 on Mizzix Storm....

5 months ago

Hey man, as I'm sure you know the goal of a storm deck is to win by casting a large volume of spells to win the game and then either casting a 'Storm' spell or having a permanent in play that wins the game on all the spell-cast triggers. To that affect you have some great cards in here but some not so great ones, so here's my thoughts:


Guttersnipe = One of the best cards in the deck.Talrand, Sky Summoner is IMO too slow. I don't like him but I know people who love him to death. Cut the rest. Either Talrand should become Young Pyromancer or you should run both. Then add in Goblin Electromancer + Curious Homunculus  Flip, having repeats of Mizzix is a God-send because Mizzix is hard to keep on the table. If you want to win with combat damage, Wee Dragonauts + Spellheart Chimera are two of the best options because they have flying. People almost always have a grounded blocker or two and in a storm-type deck which is very all or nothing you can't afford to get blocked or hope to have a way to punch through the damage.


First things first... Run Sphinx-Bone Wand. 7 mana might seem like a lot, but it wins games, plus if needed it can be tutored up with Fabricate

Second, Drop Worn Powerstone as it only produces generic mana and doesn't help you get Mizzix out any faster. In Mizzix you want you mana rocks to either ramp mizzix out faster or produce colored mana, preferably both. Some good options are Chromatic Lantern, Coalition Relic, Darksteel Ingot, Commander's Sphere, and Gilded Lotus


Cut Mystic Remora. The Cumulative Upkeep makes it too much of a burden and storm decks already draw cards like theres no tomorrow. If you want to run some enchantments. Some really good options are: Jace's Sanctum and Metallurgic Summonings

Instants and Sorceries

I see youre running Reiterate which is great but you are missing some cards that can really make it hum. If you are not against infinite combos (which is fine), run both Turnabout and Reality Spasm as you can create infinite mana with these, as well as generating an infinite storm count, but that can feel a little cheesy and if you want to go for a more natural storm win thats fine too. The spells you run is really up to personal preference and how many of each type of effect you want, but I think you have too many board wipes You have 8ish, when you really only need 4 or 5, while having only 2 targeted removal, which you should have 3-4 of.

Lastly Im gunna point out some card swaps that I think will make it run smoother without me taking away your own deck building style:

Meteor Blast > Curse of the Swine,

Mizzium Mortars > Blasphemous Act,

Magmaquake > Chaos Warp,

Aethersnatch > Counterspell,

Counterflux > Overwhelming Denial,

Echoing Truth > Snap,

Repeal > Capsize,

Good cards that youre missing and should look at:

Scour from Existence, Mystical Tutor, Steady Progress, Dig Through Time, Uncovered Clues and Ignite Memories

mlequesne on Talrand and His Minions of Flying Doom

5 months ago

Nice deck dude. Since you're playing mono blue, you should try Spelljack its an insane card, much better than Aethersnatch, playing both should be fun (just for you) :D

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