Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 (C15) Rare

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Gain control of target spell. You may choose new targets for it. (If that spell becomes a permanent, it enters the battlefield under your control.)

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Aethersnatch Discussion

griffstick on Command Zone Flickering?

1 week ago

It's not an odd question, if your CMDR were to change zones, and go to your hand, library, graveyard, or exile, you may instead put it back into the command zone. The CMDR rule doesn't state that if your CMDR were to change zones and go to the battlefield too.. You may instead put it in the command zone.

Now it's not a stupid question because if you were to cast your CMDR from the command zone and an opponent cast Aethersnatch, at this moment you think. (Since the rules say "if your CMDR were to change zones") but you can't put your CMDR back into the command zone from casting it. The CMDR rule only cares if it were to go anywhere but the battlefield for the rule to apply.

So for instance. You could put your CMDR back into the command zone from the graveyard if it were to be put back into your hand. Or if your CMDR were to be put into the graveyard from your hand you may instead put it into the command zone. This works because it's changing zones. This will always apply if your CMDR is going to any other zone except the battlefield. Any combination of the following zones, exile, hand, graveyard, library. And remember it's a may ability.

Dandaman83 on A Man of Many Faces

3 weeks ago

Aethersnatch as a possibility? Not a clone effect, but there's no better clone than stealing someone's commander, right?

CommanderClinic on #YouMakeTheDeck

1 month ago

Okay, let's get some Jedi Caves and Murky monsters in here. Jorubai Murk Lurkers are definitely in the swamps of Dagobah, and though it's cold, I'm pretty sure the Ice Cave is a great place to send a training Jedi to face their fears. Rhystic Cave can help with of color sources on a budget and can put a crimp in the plans of someone who tapped out to play a spell to end the game when you have the Ice Cave out.

I am still confused as to how Steal/Clone has anything to do with the swamp planet of Dagobah, but let's look at some sweet cloning cards. Altered Ego, Stunt Double, Clever Impersonator, Mirror Match, Mirror Mockery, Spitting Image, and Stolen Identity all come to mind for varying degrees of cloning. I really like the Mirror cards because they directly oppose your opponents in an interesting fashion, discourage attacking you, and might let you actually use your opponent's ETB triggers if they're not careful.

For stealing, we've got Aethersnatch for spells, Chamber of Manipulation, Dominate, Domineering Will, Helm of Possession, Overtaker, Rags / Riches, Reins of Power. Thalakos Deceiver, Tolarian Entrancer, Treacherous Urge, Willbreaker, and Soul Seizer  Flip to get at their creatures.

For the list now, I'd actually just purge everything over $5 to get a better sense of what you actually want in the deck, drop most of the reanimation right now since you're focusing more on cloning and stealing rather than reanimating, you can see about stealing creatures out of graveyards later. Deadeye Navigator just needs to go as well, since that card is just too good and will probably get you killed with little to no actual benefit.

If you still want to run Villainous Wealth get some of the best, cheapest ramp G and B have to offer like Zendikar Resurgent, Myriad Landscape, Blighted Woodland, and the ilk since that won't break your budget like some of the alternatives. Skirge Familiar can turn excess cards into mana, which can make your Tasigur cheaper too, and there are always the U free spells which you can bounce if you put bouncers in the deck) without having to fork out the cash for Palinchron

Another cool way to trim down your budget is to just not run some of the typical staples. Like, completely forget about Sol Ring and Lightning Greaves they're just not going to be worth the effort like Fellwar Stone, Corrupted Grafstone, or even, as much as I dislike them personally, Signets in the colors you need most.

Also, do be careful with Notion Thief, and this goes with other player's stolen creatures too, you'll need to make sure to have some sac outlets. Evolutionary Leap, High Market, any number of black creatures that have that as a cost, would be worth it if they have an effect that you can leverage into usability.

So...all in all, I know that's a lot, but hope it helps even a little bit.

Rednad on Talrand EDH

3 months ago

Hab vorhin mal das folgende Video hier mehr oder weniger durchgeschaut und mir da noch ein paar Inspirationen geholt:

Propaganda, Thought Vessel und Baral, Chief of Compliance habe ich auf deine Empfehlung mal dem Maindeck hinzugefgt, ebenso wie Stasis, Overburden und Kill Switch.

Commandeer vs. Aethersnatch: Ich mag die alternativen Kosten bei Commandeer, deshalb bleibt die Karte drin.

Power Sink und Countervailing Winds gefallen mir beide ganz gut. Dafr mssen dann am Ende zwei andere Counterspells rausfliegen - vielleicht Miscalculation? Sonst noch eine Idee?:)

Mit Spell Swindle knnte ich ja ganz gut die Manabase fixen. Wieder ein Counterspell mehr, der am Ende rausfliegen muss... Hmm...

Time Warp und Konsorten wren natrlich ultimativ auch echt gut in dem Deck, allerdings blhen die das Budget natrlich auch gleich ziemlich auf. Das ist dann aber auch gleichzeitig der einzige deiner Wackelkandidaten, der mir zusagt.

TheRedGoat on Too Bad, its Mine Now

5 months ago

So if overall you're leaning more towards Slave of Bolas effects over permanently stealing cards, why not run Marchesa, the Black Rose as the commander? Or are you specifically not wanting to build your deck around her? If you don't know why I'm offering her as a suggestion, then imagine using Mark of Mutiny on on someone's beater while you have that Goblin Bombardment and Marchesa out.

If you're not caring about explicitly stealing, I would say check out some of what EDHrec has on the cards you're already using in your build and see if you want to try some of them out. You seem pretty balanced between creatures and spells for your reanimation, but are you only wanting to reanimate creatures? What about stealing spells with Aethersnatch or Spelltwine?

Let me know if if you're wanting to focus on a particular route or are very "middle of the road" for now.

TuckerMTG on Lightning Is Prohibited (Izzet)

6 months ago

Gigantoplasm, Control Magic, Aethersnatch, and Stroke of Genius are not legal in modern. I would replace them with more copies of Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker and Elixir of Immortality.

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