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"W.D. Gaster" deck for 6/06 in the 6th year of Undertale. Schemes included.

*You walk into the man's room. You watch your mind. Spoilers ahead.

*The man tells you about his ideas.













W.D. Gaster was the royal scientist from Undertale, prior to Alphys, and creator of the CORE, the source of energy used in the world the original game takes place in. His experiments harnessing determination somehow led him to falling into his creation, and thus lost his physical body. This has turned him into what most believe is just history, but his second follower points out that he became scattered across time and space itself. With this in mind, we are led to a lot of scrambled memories and a being who speaks to the player through reality-bending secret characters. I used Omniscience to represent it.

The second installment from Toby Fox, Deltarune, makes more references to the mystery man and the doctor's significance in the universes we canonically know, although it has been stated that Undertale and Deltarune are not directly connected. I still believe and currently assume the mystery man is W.D. Gaster until officially proven otherwise, so I have used elements from both games, and a bit of imagination to fill the bucket.

I am not sure if the doctor is the creator force of the Undertale multiverse, or a fool turned into a malevolent force that toys with existence by creating universes, and also enjoys twisting frail minds with revelations of truth. All I can piece together is that coming across him would not end well for anyone's mind, given what we have experienced in both games. Any character that has come across him, or knows about him enough, ends up changed forever.

While I am not sure what the canonical reason behind everything surrounding this character is, I love his concept, the mystery behind it, and what the character could mean to the universe of the series. Additionally, I am intrigued by his involvement with the many possible reasons we have the game the way it is. In the end, we all get to make our own story. I am using all that I can to make something out of what might just be nothing, but I have to admit it has been a fun journey.

**Plan A – Break their Mind**

Cast Gaster, transform him, and rip their decks apart while you fight your way through them with alphabet creatures. What we have here is a base deck with some of the higher-tier black ramp cards like Crypt Ghast and Nirkana Revenant, aiming to have a decent midrange experience with a possible control finish. Do your best to hold your answers and try to lash out with a Torment of Hailfire, or if you want a different finisher, have your opponents lose to Debt to the Deathless.

**Plan B — Break their Will**

The deck itself can be changed or designed to mess with people's decks more, as a bit of an anti-meta strategy. There is the concept of countering a spell, but you could just get rid of it before they can play it. If you go this way, you should be able to slow your strongest enemy to a crawl by disabling them from their best spells, and thus proceed with your plan. In a more heavily themed variant towards this strategy, cards like Sadistic Sacrament can help your cause. Cards like Psychic Surgery can help add to punishment with this in mind, while cancelling out top-deck tutor cards and rigging their decks after fetch searches.

**Plan C – Break their SOUL**

Use your cards to get rid of lands instead, and feed Oblivion Sower. Ideally, this will allow you to fall back into Plan A. The key detail here is remembering that Sower will give you ANY number of lands they own in exile after you've cast it, and you can utilize Phyrexian Reclamation with outlets like Dimir House Guard or Phyrexian Tower and High Market in order to cast Oblivion Sower again. Breaking their decks apart with Oona, Queen of the Fae is also an option, maybe swinging with Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger is also a great way to "ramp" with Oblivion Sower, or just make them unable to fight back, left to accept the truth of defeat.

I designed his card myself, trying to make for as much flavor as possible and filling the rest up with my own ideas. All of this deck's cards are re-skinned, meant to be the original card they proxy at any given point. I have tried my best to avoid inventing new mechanics and cards for this project other than the commander because it even added a bit of challenge to the design stage. Additionally, I believe Magic the Gathering's existing card database is a massive enough bin for virtually any level of deck creativity with what we already have as of now. If you choose not to play with the custom commander, however, treat this like a janky Sen Triplets deck.

The huge maybeboard can be anything you want it to be, from a Mastermind's Acquisition pool to just a bunch of cards you can use to theme the deck less or more accurately or strongly. The setup you see in the main deck is merely my choice of cards for the deck, aimed at staying the most flexible while keeping the themed aspects of the deck. It is also a way to show renders from back when I started this project to now.

Gaster, Royal Scientist's activated ability creates a lore minded character while also mechanically creating a Planeswalker with self-protection. It was a big challenge to make a 4-drop with this much capability, but given everything from cost to time needed to use the final ability, it seemed like a reasonable design.

Keep in mind that Gaster, Royal Scientist's activated ability creates a replacement effect that lasts until end of turn. As long as his ability has resolved on target creature, if that creature would die during the same turn, it is exiled instead, then that creature's controller gets the 0/1 colorless spirit token. Knowing this, you may pay with no mana on at any time to target a creature, and thus get it exiled so long as it dies that same turn. This can be used to allow you to enter your own next turn with a transformed commander if they try to destroy it before it gets to your turn again, and have enough mana to spare.

The Seventeenth Entry's +2 takes up to two other nonland permanents and grants them a round-trip to the void. This is mainly pseudo-removal, meant to get that "obstacle" out of your way when you want to push ahead. In a multiplayer setting, this could be used in your favor depending on turn order, by phasing things out so that the next person can tackle the problem with more ease.

The -1 is a generic but powerful minus ability with drawpower and a negative to your opponents. This can be used in your favor, or to speed things up towards that goal where you're the only one left with a mind to give.

Lastly, his -7, a very nasty variant of Traumatize. It does not immediately end the game, but it puts the most intense pressure on your enemies as their options to defeat you split, and if you want to make sure the experience is less pleasant, you can choose to exile the cards face down, thus the game will not allow them to see what they lost. They won't even know what was lost until the next time they search for a card, which makes it even more painful at a psychological level. If there is anything more stressful than losing a card in your deck, it is not knowing which one it was until the next time you shuffle your library, the latter which could have been the target to one of your tutors.

Accordion Art by BechnoKid

If you had FUN going through this or at least testing it and enjoyed the effort placed, please:

for a very, very interesting project's success.

Yes, this whole thing was assembled by just one dude with too much time and attention to detail. Props also to DemMeowsephs and king-saproling for reviewing and helping with the page's code.

As per the WotC Fan Content policy, note that these renders aren't for sale on any marketplace. This is a fanmade project for fun, and at best it is a themed gallery turned into a deck. Each artist has been linked to their source as best as I could, on their respective alter pages. Artists may also request removal of their art from the gallery at their leisure.

The deck currently has 102 cards because adding multiple commanders with each side of the card and the token were how I made it so they could appear in the playtesting simulator.

I am also aware that a project this big will only spark desire to see more of the game's cast as their own themed decks. I beg you to understand that this deck alone was something I slowly composed over years, and daily pressure will only make it harder for me to get more content done in a way that surpasses expectation, not to mention I have to make sure to use art that can be featured in sites outside their source location while also being able to credit them.

Please, visit DeeLight Proxies for a full high-resolution gallery of all my themed renders, and free PSD templates. You can also find me in DeeLight MTG Proxies and message me to maybe support my hobby and design something new for your favorite cards. Designs are made for free.

Undertale and Deltarune are both © to Toby Fox, and lastly, please don't forget to support TappedOut for being a solid, easy to use platform for all levels of deckbuilding.


Updates Add

Hey everyone; wanted to thank you for the support so far as I get to show this themed deck.

There are many new possible cards that could go in a build like this, and while the primer looks fixed, feel free to suggest things for the maybeboard, and I could probably find a design for them to replace what exists on it.