Mostly bird-themed Bant tokens and double strikers, with Dovescape abuse as plan B.

Derevi Empyrial Tactician Sleeve by DeeLight You can get this commander art as a sleeve!

This themed deck aims to make the most out Derevi in a midrange shell, a focus on birds for theme, and a way to play with getting the most out of Dovescape. With this enchantment out, you can make some of your spells even stronger, and X costed spells will give you more birds based on the mana you spend. You can also abuse Delve or Retrace for extra birds.

The description is quite bland now since the deck is constantly adapting to improvement, and am considering a build more dedicated to putting a Dovescape on the board, but I also wouldn't want to find myself in a situation where the whole deck scoops to Gaddock Teeg.

Here's to a peckin' good play.


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