Sadistic Sacrament

Sadistic Sacrament


Kicker {{7}} (You may pay an additional {{7}} as you cast this spell.)

Search target player's library for up to three cards, exile them, then that player shuffles his or her library. If Sadistic Sacrament was kicked, instead search that player's library for up to fifteen cards, exile them, then that player shuffles his or her library.

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Legacy Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Highlander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Custom Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Casual Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Unformat Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal

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Sadistic Sacrament Discussion

Reznorboy on Why Does Mono-Black Have So …

4 weeks ago

Black does have some cards that exile specific cards from the opponent's library though, which is theoretically better.

Bitter Ordeal

Sadistic Sacrament

Surgical Extraction


inker6405 on Mindwrack harpy's wrath

1 month ago

TLDR at bottom

Consumingkeribo sorry it took so long was looking for cards that you suggested and taking in what you said. this deck was based on the cards in the Theros: Beyond Death Ashiok, Sculptor of Fears plansewalker deck so my main goal in this deck is to make them lose thru mill hence why it's named after Mindwrack Harpy and to change that strategy would mean I would have to scrap the whole deck so even though you don't recommend it that's the win condition I'm going for

I like your idea of Sadistic Sacrament or Unmoored Ego but I don't think that cards like Curiosity or Rogue's Gloves will help with the mill strategy unless I put in more cards that allow me to "bring back the dead"

In the end thanks for the recommendations and advice I'm thankful that even thou I'm new you were willing to help and if you have anymore you like to share I'm always here.


deck focus/win condition: mill

liked ideas:Sadistic Sacrament, Unmoored Ego

thanks for the recommendations and advice and if you have anymore you like to share I'm always checking in

ConsumingKiribo on Mindwrack harpy's wrath

1 month ago

A bit wordy. tl;dr on the bottom.

First, change the format to modern, vintage, or legacy. Specifically vintage as you're using a Sol Ring.

Next, I recommend you swap out Sol Ring for something like Dimir Signet. Sol Ring isn't modern legal, banned in legacy, and restricted in vintage, so it's not a good idea to put it in a deck that isn't commander.

Next, the deck doesn't seem to have a win-con. It seems that the deck focuses on playing creatures that are unblockable, so I'd recommend cards that punish your opponent for letting through creatures. Curiosity or Rogue's Gloves would allow you to replace one of your cards that let you draw extra cards, as it would allow you to keep drawing cards at least once per turn for the rest of the game. However, there are more cards capable of doing this, so I'd recommend going on somewhere similar to the gatherer on WotC's website or somewhere else like scryfall.

Sadly, this also seems like a mill deck or a deck that focuses on getting your opponent to lose by discarding their deck. I wouldn't really recommend multiple strategies in a single non-100 card singleton deck, where games tend to go on for longer than 6 or 7 turns and there's only 1 copy of a card per deck, with probably the only exception being Relentless Rats or Rat Colony. I'd recommend not doing mill if you actually want your deck to be good and not roll the dice to kill off their win-con. If you do want to kill off their win-con, I'd recommend something like Sadistic Sacrament or Unmoored Ego. However, milling your opponent for the sake of milling won't have much value unless you want to win through milling. In fact, some would argue it just helps your opponent. So, remove Towering-Wave Mystic, Swimmer in Nightmares, etc.

If you DO want to go the mill route, I'd suggest something like Ruin Crab. If you still want to go both unblockable AND mill, I'd recommend putting in more rogues and Changeling Outcast and make a deck revolve around Anowon, the Ruin Theif as it helps you mill more and more. With this tactic, you're going for both their life AND their deck, which will give more possibilities for you to win.

In the end, I don't know what the deck wants to do. It doesn't really have too much focus. In the end, however, it's still your first deck, and that's ok. Everyone's first deck is going to suck. Even my first deck SUCKED. Even the one I first made on this site SUCKED. The last advice I'm going to give you on this deck is: find a way to win. You'd be surprised how many forget that.

tl;dr: find a win condition with this deck and focus on how you're going to achieve that win condition.

Rainbowjuice77 on We're all mad here

1 month ago

@MrKillStar I like the Idea of taking the Wincon of my friends so we can have fun a little longer! I wish there was a version of these type of cards that hit multible players not just one. I will test out the Sadistic Sacrament I find it most appealing!

Maybe the new Opposition Agent can fulfill a similar function. I can even make my opponets Search with Scheming Symmetry and Wishclaw Talisman, so it is worth a thought. (and maybe even the money)

MrKillStar on Grab your shovel and dig

1 month ago

Sanglier: I somehow got Thornbite Staff from someone's entire collection before it jumped to like 6-7 dollars :D
To mess with my others, I like Life's Finale; Sadistic Sacrament and Bitter Ordeal to cripple their cards or entire libraries with some infinite die triggers for Bitter Ordeal (I use Desecrated Tomb + Phyrexian Altar + Tortured Existence for that), but thats a bit more evil than just a discard spell... :D More cards I know about like that are Nightmare Incursion and Praetor's Grasp, all those cards could work really well together in some library-hate themed deck I guess.

Anyway, Thornbite Staff could be really sweet here with Gisa, even with only a 2/2 zombie token on board, which would basically be: ": sacrifice a 2/2 token to make two 2/2 tokens." whiiiiiiich, just looking at my collection again, could go infinite with Carnival of Souls and something that gives you 1 or more life upon a creature etb, like Ayara, First of Locthwain. Just not every playgroup is OK with infinite combos.. just some ideas here :D

MrKillStar on We're all mad here

2 months ago

Mad....MMMAAAADDD?? Sounds like your friends might use some...l-l-l-lobotomy Sadistic Sacrament; Nightmare Incursion; Bitter Ordeal; Praetor's Grasp and Surgical Extraction to make sure that your... friends... will never draw anything they want...

MrKillStar on all your deck are belong to us (Gonti EDH)

2 months ago

Really nice deck idea :D I like the idea of copying Gonti's etb ability with Strionic Resonator, so maybe something like Lithoform Engine could also be pretty good here :)

Also something like Scheming Symmetry could be useful, if your opponent forgets what Gonti does :D Maybe even Oblivion Sower to take exiled lands from opponent's exile under your control, ramping you and in case you hit 4 lands with Gonti.

Sadistic Sacrament - not really a steal card, but it could exile up to 3 or up to 15 card from target opponent's library, when you dont get a chance to do much with Gonti.. You wont be able to cast any of them with Gonti, but exiling 15 important cards from a deck can be fatal. Or just exile 15 lands, then cast Oblivion Sower and ramp 15 lands in one turn :D

Badass art card like Bitter Ordeal, just like Sadistic Sacrament, exiling any card in any player's library and goes absolutely crazy with some infinite die triggers (I use it in my Syr Konrad's For the Void with Tortured Existence+Desecrated Tomb+Phyrexian Altar and its great).

MrKillStar on K'rrik, sun of a beach!

2 months ago

Temporal Extortion could be pretty nice with K'rrik, you either reduce someones health by half, take an extra turn or with Vilis on board, you can pay half your life and draw that many cards. It gets even crazier if your playgroup allows you Panoptic Mirror.
Beacon of Unrest - to get your citadel/sensei/reservoir combo piece back into play.
Sadistic Sacrament - probably one of my most favorite black cards. Exiling up to 15 cards from target opponent's deck can be really huge or game winning. Especially since you would pay only for kicker cost and with K'rrik.
Priest of Gix - maybe not as good as Overeager Apprentice, but could work aswell.
Emergence Zone - is a great utility land to combo out at the end of your opponent's end step.
Malakir Rebirth  Flip - to protect K'rrik or Vilis, which would also draw 2 cards or just use it as an extra land if needed. For only and isntant speed spell, its really nice card to have. Erebos's Intervention - could help with removing some annoying indestructible creature, gain some life back and help agaisnt some graveyard focused decks. Also similar to Suffer the Past.

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