Greetings! I am DemMeowsephs, but you can call me Dem, and I am an EDH player through and through! I started playing magic around the Amonkhet block, which is honestly fairly recent, and yet since then I have spent way too much time and money on magic! Hooray!

Like many others on this site, I love brewing decks, finding my own synergies, and just having fun with my cards! Most of all though, I love lands and ramp, and it is by far my favorite part of magic, and it is where my expertise lays! If anybody needs help on any of their decks, have any questions, especially if it regards lands and mana, I'm most likely your guy! Feel free to post any requests on my wall or on my decks, I'd LOVE to help anyone out! My favorite colors are Simic or possibly Sultai, and some of my top fav cards are probably Sylvan Library, Necropotence, Mystic Remora and many more! My favorite set is probably Modern Horizons, though I do enjoy the masters sets greatly, and as to favorite art I don't think I can really choose there's just so many! I am a relatively big collector and trader, so check out my inventory, minus commons and uncommons of course! I even have 6 foil cards signed by Chase stone! gasps. Sorry I brag too much! Feel free to check out my decks, three of which are primers, and the others are quite close! Also on a side note, my top tapped out rank is #11 and my top helper rank is #1 though I don't know how I earned that. Anyways though, thanks for reading, have a great day, and happy tapping! Peace ✌

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_I do want to thank king-saproling and Oloro_Magic for their help in designing my decks, CSS and HTML wise! Check out their stuff!

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Said on Lord of the …...


Sol Ring? It fits the theme

January 8, 2021 3:47 p.m.

Said on Shaman Mana Ramp...


Hey there! I have a few suggestions you might just like!

  • Fauna Shaman: It's a shaman, it's a great tutor, and it's cheap in mana. Seems like it would fit in great!
  • Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx: Fits in great with any mono-colored deck!
  • Strip Mine: Great in any deck, especially in mono-colored ones where you almost always have the colors you need available anyway
  • Ancient Tomb: Could easily be that two mana in your commander's mana cost, and is great EDH staple.
  • Lignify, Song of the Dryads, Kenrith's Transformation: A great form of creature hate in mono-green. This can be horrible on someone's commander especially if they have no means of removing it. The same goes for a combo piece or just any great creature.
  • Heroic Intervention: A great way of protecting your pieces, since it would seriously suck if all the shamans got wiped out
  • Collective Unconscious: Another form of shamanic revelation, both of which are reasons to include Reliquary Tower
  • Triumph of the Hordes: Could be an entire other wincon if you have a bunch of shamans out
  • Wild Growth/Utopia Sprawl: Great ways to ramp in small amounts before you put your commander out
  • Sol Ring: It's not a shaman, but still one of the most powerful cards in edh. Definitely add it.
  • Three Visits/Nature's Lore: Just like the previous two, these are great ways to ramp before you put out shamans, speeding up your game by a ton
  • Jeweled Lotus: I hate that they made this card, but it could basically let you play your commander turn 1. Definitely add it if you have the budget.
  • Extraplanar Lens: Kill a forest, and double THEM ALL. You have a lot of basic forests, and I think this card could work very well for you because of that.
  • Nissa, Who Shakes the World: This one is much more debatable, but the regular ability is great for ramping and the final ability is just wonderful for you because of all of the forests you have.
  • Helix Pinnacle: You have so much ramp and Nissa as previously mentioned would be insane. This guy could be a great win con and act as something to pool all your mana into.
  • Nyxbloom Ancient: All your shamans tap for 6?!?!?! Seems great- especially since you can ramp to put it out and fit with the decks theme.
  • Caged Sun: Great in a mono-colored deck, buffs all the shamans, and gives you more mana. Could be a great option if you like these sort of doubling and tripling cards.
  • Wolf-Skull Shaman: You run a LOT of shamans, and this guy lets you take that fact and benefit it, giving you a ton of tokens over time.
  • Birds of Paradise: A great way of building the ramp base from early on, and works as a great blocker if you need to block something big over time since it has flying.
  • Burgeoning/Exploration: If you keep the amount of lands you have at the moment, using these guys could make you go crazy and have a bunch of lands. In a four player game, Burgeoning could give you 5 mana turn 2.
  • Arcane Signet: Another great way of supporting the mana base early on

I'm afraid that's all I have, just keep in mind, I recommended a lot of stuff that helps you PRE shaman ramp, and if you include too much of that you start drifting away from the shaman theme- don't do that. However just including a few of the better ones might help a ton. And so, good luck on your deck my friend it seems super cool, consider checking out some of my decks, hope this helps, and have a wonderful day. Happy tapping!

January 6, 2021 3:42 p.m.


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