Cage of Hands

Cage of Hands

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature can't attack or block.

: Return Cage of Hands to its owner's hand.

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Cage of Hands Discussion

Polaris on Stolen creatures and equipments - …

6 months ago

Yeah, while an Equipment doesn't fall off if the creature changes controllers, they took control of the creature, not the Equipment. It'll only stay on that creature until you move it somewhere. For the same reason, if the Equipment were Shadowspear or some other Equipment that had activated abilities of its own, your opponent wouldn't be able to use any of them because they don't control the Equipment. They only get to use abilities your Equipment grants to the equipped creature.

To answer your follow-up question, the Equipment never leaves your battlefield. It's attached to a creature you don't control, but it's always on "your" battlefield. You can use any of its abilities (again, see Shadowspear example) and if the equipped creature leaves play it will be on your side of the battlefield. Controlling it and having it be on your side of the battlefield are synonymous.

In a similar way, an Aura like Cage of Hands is on your side and you can activate its return ability (your opponent can't) even though you'll typically be attaching it to one of their creatures.

Polaris on Vampirism on an opponent's creature

7 months ago

It doesn't matter what the enchantment is attached to; you cast it, so you are the controller. "You" always refers to the controller of the effect, not the controller of the enchanted creature. Since you cast Vampirism , it will give the opponent's creature +1/+1 for each creature you control, and give each of your creatures -1/-1.

Also compare Cage of Hands , which uses this rule to let you pick it back up and recast it to lock down a different creature, Inevitable End , which gets around this by giving the ability to the creature (making your opponent the controller of the effect that's making them sacrifice things), and Captive Audience , which shows how an enchantment would have the caster not be the controller.

Orange+ on Johan and Friends

1 year ago


I wanted to add more "creature prisons" with return to hand effects. Sadly I could only find one I thought was passable (Cessation and Forced Worship seems a bit too weak to play). While looking at removal cards I also restumbled upon Chaos Warp which suddenly seemed very fun.

OUT: Condemn, Journey to Nowhere

IN: Cage of Hands, Chaos Warp

Orange+ on Johan and Friends

1 year ago

Considering using more adaptive removal such as Cage of Hands. Such cards can also function as mana outlets as I might have too much mana late game.

Considering using creature cards to fetch lands, such as Farhaven Elf instead of spells such as Sylvan Scrying. This is because I need the creatures for my buffs, and although they are more expensive to cast, I don't mind the deck being a bit slower.

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