Elsha of the Jeskai

Welcome to the OG Elsha of the Infinite Storm Primer

Elsha does EVERYTHING we want her to do. From Storm, to Control, to drawing cards, to sneaking out combos. With that said...

So lets play a game of storm. Our goal does not really require Aetherflux Reservoir to win either. As Elsha allows us to cast noncreature nonland cards from the top of our deck, we can manipulate the deck and the game to our advantage.

Elsha of



Step into Infinity with me...

We found that Elsha could be just as good as Narset, Enlightened Master . Abusing her ability to play from the top of our deck, we are able to get around combos such as Teferi, Mage of Zhafir + Knowledge Pool among other ridiculous lock out combos. With her prowess ability, it also makes for a great One punch commander if we need to go that route. (If our Aetherflux Reservoir has been stopped or a change of plans comes up.)

There has been some debate in the community about Kykar, Wind's Fury being better than Elsha. I tend to disagree. Kykar builds dudes to sacrifice to storm. You really want to play mono red storm guys? Didn't think so. Elsha gives us the top card information, gives us the ability to cast the top card, gives us the ability to cast it at instant speed. She understands the way of the Jeskai, and what the Jeskai truly want. She understands that she is the ultimate Jeskai Storm commander.

Elsha wants to be able to manipulate her deck as much as humanly possible. Cards like Scroll Rack can manipulate the cards in our hand, and on the top of our deck to be better than we they already are. (This is why you see the extra turn cards in the sideboard of the deck. We may eventually be adding cards like Temporal Mastery into the deck. We will discuss this in the "Alternate Strategy" section)

Our Strategies include:

  1. Infinite Combat via Elsha
  2. Infinite Storm via Aetherflux Reservoir
  3. Narset's Turns (See "Alternate Strategy)
  4. Narset Combats via Aggravated Assault and FoF (See "Alternate Strategy")

Using Elsha of the Infinite we are able to abuse Sensei's Divining Top to the fullest with cards like Etherium Sculptor (Oh boy, who didn't see that coming?) to where we draw our deck out. By this time, we should have most every mana rock in our deck on the field to flash in Jace, Wielder of Mysteries (Because Elsha makes him have flash.) and bring in Teferi, Time Raveler to make sure no one interrupts us from just winning.

Our other method abuses her prowess ability to where cards like Rogue's Passage become viable for the turn and we punch into oblivion.

  1. Due to being Jeskai, we lack the black that we would need for various other tutors, along with cards like Cabal Ritual or Dark Ritual for the extra acceleration. What we gain however are enchantments that bolster our commander, along with spot removal like Path to Exile and Swords to Plowshares What we lose in tutors, we make up for in removal.
  2. I've also noticed in play testing, it is slightly slower than the typical storm deck that takes off turn 3 or 4. We may need to adjust some cards to be able to race the other decks, and reliably be able to get to where we can out pace them. However, more testing does need to be done with this deck.

The Narset Route

As always, this deck DOES have an alternate strategy to get what it wants done. It requires shifting cards around from our sideboard. (This is where the Deck becomes Narset.) We shift gears to Extra turns spells, and working on getting Elsha of the Infinite or Narset, Enlightened Master into play. In this particular set up, Narset becomes an Engine for our Commander. As we can respond to Narsets combat tricks, Elsha can pull some last minute tricks out to get an extra few cards out of our deck to manipulate the stack. While we'd rather just cast them for free, if someone wants to stop us from doing our combat tricks, Elsha is here to deal with problems with her flash enabling ways from the top. Narset does not become the commander in this deck at this point in time. She becomes the Sudo commander. We progress using Taigam, Ojutai Master to ensure our instants and Sorceries do not get countered. It also sets up for win condition C of turns and enables our way towards Echo of Aeons to rinse and repeat the cycle.

For more information on this route please see the update " 8/25/2019 " as it has everything you need for "Route C"

Sir_Flash did an amazing job on this cEDH primer! [cEDH Primer] To Infinity & Beyond

ShaperSavant has a really good Elsha cEDH list that I enjoy. Elsha Top

There are many different cards in the sideboard/Maybe board that are not talked about. Why?

I leave cards in the SB/MB that aren't mentioned because I want to eventually test them in the deck. Cards like Past in Flames and Narset Transcendent are cards that I intend on testing at some point in time. If you look at see cards like Armageddon and Ravages of War , these make it to the list with Smothering Tithe also on there list to blow out the game. Sunder only adds to the ability to win the game much faster. Expansion / Explosion is in there because we run Ral, Storm Conduit and I have not decided whether or not to run it. I won't be mentioning every card that is in the SB/MB in this FAQ, but this is just what I have currently growing here.

Other Decks run Proteus Staff why isn't yours?

I wanted to run something different than the typical Proteus Staff list. The creatureless deck is GREAT. Don't get me wrong. But Elsha has so much more potential instead of doing what Fblthp, the Lost does to win. While we CAN go that route, you'll see that Staff isn't even in any part of my lists. It may eventually go into my sideboard or Maybeboard but for now, we will not have it anywhere in the deck, as this includes Sevinne's Reclamation and Intuition in the deck. Since we removed Intuition when we started drafting this deck, we felt that it was best to remove the Proteus Staff route from the deck and play the Storm deck.

The Budget list is a "Traditional Storm" list. Why is it that much different?

The budget list is designed for players that want to play Elsha Storm to be able to play on just that, a budget. We cut the fetch lands and added the slow fetches in order for them to be able to play the game at a budget level. Essentially, we made it basically modern storm in Jeskai. Brain Freeze and Grapeshot are in that list to make it have the "Storm" feel to it. While we cut off the moniker "Competitive" the rest of the monikers still remain the same. However, I have my doubts on that list currently, and will be adjusting it to my liking within the next week or two. For the fans of this deck and my budget list, there will be modifications made to the budget Elsha list, I promise you. I just don't know what the changes will be until I make them.

Zombies-bruh has helped cut cards from this deck when I really couldn't find anything in order to optimize and bring this deck to all of you at a 100 card list. So thank you my friend.

Sir_Flash The original cEDH Elsha deck. While I was brewing Elsha cEDH, this guy build the deck before me in his own style. So shout out to you Flash!

ShaperSavant for the crucial edits that you helped with building this deck

Also special thanks to the Facebook group chat that I'm a part of that started this deck out with me!

Thanks to everyone that is supporting this build and spreading the word of Elsha the Unrelenting Force [cEDH-Primer] It means a lot.

If there are any questions about this deck, feel free to leave a comment and I will reply back when possible.


Updates Add

Today we look to remove Teferi, Time Raveler Dispel Dovin's Veto Counterbalance

We look at all of these cards alone, they are strong. Teferi in multiplayer leaves us to be the one that does all the control/stopping players. Instead we added Grand Abolisher

Dispel was found to be the weakest of all the counterspells and we brought in By Force for additional removal.

Speaking of removal Counterbalance came out of the deck for Generous Gift . The bump up in the mana cost doesn't phase us, but it does remove pesky cards that are a problem for us. Counterbalance was found to be too cute for the deck. Sure, with Sensei's we can keep a lock if we have Elsha out. But what are the chances of having both out at the same time? I would rather just tutor for combo pieces to end the game out.

Lastly we go to Dovin's Veto... The card is sooo good, but we cut it out of the deck for extra draw power. Opt seemed to be the good play. Since we can hold priority, we are able to cast Opt, cast the cards after Opt until we hit a land. Resolve the stack, scry the creature or land. Draw a card. #value.



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