Temple of Abandon

Temple of Abandon


Temple of Abandon enters the battlefield tapped.

When Temple of Abandon enters the battlefield, scry 1. (Look at the top card of your library. You may put that card on the bottom of your library.)

T: Add R or G to your mana pool.

Acquire Temple of Abandon


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Temple of Abandon Discussion

Milester856 on WUBRG...

9 hours ago

hey WUBRG... what about a trade like this

My:1x Temple of Malady 1x Temple of Abandon and 1x Temple of Malice

For your: 1x Stomping Ground 3x Experiment One and 2x Loxodon Smiter

Just let me know what you think either on TO or email me @ miles_522@yahoo.com

w00tthehuk182 on Naya Midrange

12 hours ago

You don't want Temple of Triumph . Try to get more green mana sources, or split for one Temple of Abandon and one Temple of Plenty

w00tthehuk182 on Naya Midrange

12 hours ago

You don't want Temple of Silence . Try to get more green mana sources, or split for one Temple of Abandon and one Temple of Plenty

cxseals1337 on Naya mid-range

1 day ago

Your very right about the mana base it's not right however I think going to 3-4 Temple of Abandon with 1-2 Mana Confluence or Battlefield Forge would be my first path. Stoke was certainly heavily considered but was deemed unecissary as it may hit a wider swath of creatures it's cost is hard to justify where early game I can do light spot removal on Goblin Rabblemaster and mana dorks. I have quite frequently used elspeth to clear out the board late game when they drop things like dragons and hydras. 24 lands is to many trust me I know they made me play with an extra basic land at the iq today over my xenagos; and finally the creator class may become a 4th xenagos that's what seems to be the waay for me.

Spootyone on Some Temur Thoughts

1 day ago

capriom85: First off, I encourage you to take a look at my following deck, as I'll be using it to explain a few things.

Enlightenment of the Dragonclaw | Temur Control Playtest

Standard* Spootyone

SCORE: 120 | 22 COMMENTS | 14024 VIEWS

I currently have decided to play zero copies of Elvish Mystic . Why is that? It's simply due to the fact that my T1 play is usually that of a tapped land. I have 4x Temple of Mystery , 3x Temple of Abandon and 1x Temple of Epiphany . When you add to that the fact that I'm testing the viability of running a Frontier Bivouac or even the new lifelands to avoid taking as much damage from painlands, I'm sure you can understand why ever seeing an elvish mystic in my opening hand would feel janky.

Secondly, Keranos. I currently run 1 Keranos, God of Storms in my mainboard and 1 in my sideboard. He has proven to be an absolute powerhouse when I can get him onto the field. He provides consistent advantage either through burn to the face, removal for creatures or card advantage, and this is even more potent against the other midrange decks in the format. If they don't have an answer for him, it's almost assured to be a game win for me. As you predicted, Courser of Kruphix combos incredibly well with him as I can predict what I will be doing as my draws are coming up. Additionally, I can use fetchlands to shuffle that top card to essentially choose what I will be doing with Keranos. And I can also set up the top card even moreso the turn before with Chandra and/or Kiora. AND I can set it up even MORESO with my Prognostic Sphinx . Basically, He is an engine that I can utilize almost fully without him even becoming a creature.

And that's what I want to bring up: Keranos never becomes a creature in my deck. Does this bother me? Not one bit. I've tried out Savage Knuckleblade and other cards heavy in devotion to him and they just ended up getting in the way. In Temur, I've found that it's best to focus on a green mana core (caryatid/courser), add to that a red burn core (lightning strike, stoke, magma jet, magma spray, anger, arc lightning, etc), provide the top end of G/R monsters or control (stormbreath, sphinx, Keranos) and then to hold it all together with some control elements in the form of utility walkers (Kiora, Chandra, Sarkhan) and utility spells (Dig through time, Dissolve, etc).

Hopefully this helps you out as you desired. I'll be continuing to test this archetype I've been working on in the newly created metagame. Who knows? Maybe I have enough to handle an influx or Jeskai Tempo and Mardu Midrange and G devotion. Or perhaps I have to adjust further.

RealityShock on Liquidation Sales

1 day ago

Hey guys and gals, I opened a really really bad box of Khans and it reminded me why I consistenly drop MTG.
I don't live close enough to a card store to make regular visits and when I drop 110 on a box and get total value around 90 including all bulk and uncommons, it tends to be pretty discouraging. So. I am selling off all of my cards with any value and to make it easy, I'll be listing the price I'm looking to get them for. I am an avid eBayer but prefer to offer to the community first.
I prefer that if there is any interest that orders exceed or meet $20 as I will be shipping USPS first class in a bubble-wrap envelope. Thanks!
All cards are in NM/Mint condition unless otherwise noted.

SP Mox Opal $37.50
M14 Mutavault $13
End Hostilities $2
Mantis Rider $2
Hooded Hydra $2
Narset, Enlightened Master $3
Ashcloud Phoenix $3.5
Rattleclaw Mystic $5
3x Goblin Rabblemaster $10ea.
Temporal Mastery $5
2x Avacyn Terminus $2.50ea.
Bonfire of the Damned $4
DD Life from the Loam $2
4x Chasm Skulker $3ea.
Thassa, God of the Sea $5.50
Stormbreath Dragon $15
Mana Confluence $12.50
Temple of Abandon $2.50
M15 Yavimaya Coast $3.50
M15 Llanowar Wastes $4.50
F M15 Llanowar Wastes $10
Goblin Guide $17
Voice of Resurgence $12.50
2x SP Serum Visions $4.50ea
2x Spell Snare $2.50ea
3x Inkmoth Nexus $7ea
FTV Grove of the Burnwillows $30
Harmonic Sliver $3
4x Spell Pierce $1.75ea or 4 for $6
Commander Oblivion Stone $7.50
SP Eye of Ugin $6
4x Mirrodin Sylvan Scrying $2ea or 4 for $7
2x Torpor Orb $2ea
4x Fifth Dawn Cranial Plating $1.75ea or 4 for $6
M11 Steel Overseer $7.50
F Deadeye Navigator $9
M15 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth $4
Exquisite Blood $4
Thorn of Amethyst $2
Xenagos, God of Revels $3
M12 Gideon Jura $3.50
Conspiracy Mirari's Wake $5
M10 Darksteel Colossus $4.50
M15 Chord of Calling $6
Genesis Hydra $2
Hero's Downfall $6
Council's Judgment $6
2x Erebos, God of the Dead 4ea.
Sliver Hive $2.50

Rob_who_breaks_the_game on This is my GUR Face!

3 days ago

Hey! Here's your land base before my day starts.

If you can switch the numbers of Temple of Epiphany and Temple of Abandon . I would drop one polukranos and add one Wooded Foothills . Drop Frontier Bivouac to add one Forest, one Mountain, and one Temple of Mystery . That should balance out your curve a bit!

And as always these are just suggestions! But hey, you should take what you have to FNM anyway! It let's you playtest your deck, and if you do well then your winnings can be used in the deck or as trades to up your deck. Being young is no excuse, you can still go and clean house.

Tilwin on Xenagos, God of Revels

4 days ago

Consider more color fixing in your deck. Stomping Ground , Karplusan Forest , Grove of the Burnwillows , Fire-Lit Thicket , Temple of Abandon , Gruul Turf , Copperline Gorge all come to mind.
Sylvan Caryatid might help improve both your ramp as well as give some early defense against any eager opponents.
Inferno Titan and Primeval Titan might also help get the upper hand, as they are both formidable once they hit the battlefield.
The new Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker might also be an interesting addition. His ultimate is just nuts, and bringing another possible indestructible creature is nothing to scoff at.

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$2.0 $2.94 $10.0 $6.99
Color(s) Red Green
Cost None
Converted cost 0
Avg. draft pick 3.23
Avg. cube pick 1.91


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros Rare


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