Temple of Abandon

Temple of Abandon

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Temple of Abandon enters the battlefield tapped.

When Temple of Abandon enters the battlefield, scry 1. (Look at the top card of your library. You may put that card on the bottom of your library.)

T: Add R or G to your mana pool.

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Temple of Abandon Discussion

IzuKorasu on You came to the wrong neighborhood brah.

1 day ago


Dromoka's Command is superior to Atarka's Command and doesn't stretch your carytid into 4 colors. (and can drop the Temple of Abandon, if you had goblin tokens it would be one thing, also you red allows you to run Crackling Doom a strong mardu spell)

Foul-Tongue Shriek is a win-more card, either it helps you win while when your already going to win, or it will help you lose. Harsh Sustenance also assumes you have consistently have atleast 3 creatures on the battlefield to make it worth playing ....

Hornet Nest, Launch the Fleet ,Sorin, Solemn Visitor and Wingmate Roc all help, also due to the color scheme ... Siege Rhino is just to strong to pass up.

so how do you plan on dealing with Bile Blight Virulent Plague Drown in Sorrow Anger of the Gods Scouring Sands Circle of Flame?

Dictate of Heliod is atleast a sideboard card, there is alot of warrior buffs/support but its not effective in this mixed of a deck.

Scorprix on Die Hard, Die Fast...

5 days ago

Maybe 4 Wooded Foothills, 4 Mana Confluence, 1 Forest and maybe 1 or 2 Temple of Abandon(s)?

Exquisite Firecraft seems super cool! I'm not sure if it's too slow though. It does seems cool against control though, so maybe a possibility over Rending Volley in the SB.

Also, With Goblin Piledriver, Goblin Rabblemaster and Command, 4 Dragon Fodder nad 4 Hordeling Outburst wouldn't be so bad..

Neko069 on Temur Midrange

6 days ago

This deck is amazing, but it needs to change land cards. Include more Temple of Abandon, Temple of Mystery, Shivan Reef, Yavimaya Coast or something like that. Remove lifelands and Evolving Wilds and be prepared to win

ChiefBell on power of the dragonflame (need advise)

1 week ago

Ok a few points:

1) 24 lands. If you cant afford Wooded Foothills or Stomping Ground then go for Temple of Abandon.

2). Mana dorks. Birds of Paradise and Arbor Elf. Run 4 of each. Also run 4 Dragonlord's Servant to help you out.

3). Removal. Run 4 Lightning Bolt and maybe a copy or two of Roast.

4) Threats. Cut all your 6 and 7 drops. Max out on 4 and 5 drops. 4 Thunderbreak Regent. 4 Thundermaw Hellkite, and/or 4 Stormbreath Dragon.

Overall deck structure:

24 lands.

8 mana dorks (Arbor Elf and Birds of Paradise).

4 enablers (Dragonlord's Servant)

8 removal spells (Lightning Bolt, Roast)

12 threats (Thunderbreak Regent, Thundermaw Hellkite, Stormbreath Dragon).

4 other slots (Dragon Tempest, Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker).

I don't think Crucible of Fire and Asceticism will do enough here.

You don't need Fog or Browbeat.

mis4tune on A semi-budget competitive DARGASON deck

2 weeks ago

So, this is just thoughts to help improve the deck overall. I'll get to some buget options after. First thing I'd look at is changing you're mana. I would add some Temple of Abandon for the scry as they are still fairly cheap compared to the other scry lands in theros. Next would to be to look at Wooded Foothills and Mana Confluence, however both are pretty expensive. I would also drop the Thornwood Falls if you plan to continue to run Sarkhan Unbroken just because the frontier give you all the blue you'll need. Your sorcery and instants are spot on, but consider adding an outpost siege. With your planeswalkers. I would run a third Xenagos if you can and drop both Sarkhans or side board them if you want. Also in planeswalkers having a Nissa, Worldwaker in your side board would be good too. For creatures I would run just the two dragonlord atarka if at all possible if not that's fine. Also look at Ashcloud Phoenix for a $1.25ish rare. I have to suggest Stormbreath Dragon but you're on a buget so that's fairly unrealistic, but if you want them get four. Also have to suggest Courser of Kruphix and Sylvan Caryatid for more help with mana ramping. Now for buget solutions. I would still invest in the mana because having the right other cards isn't very helpful if you're not pulling the right mana. As such, I find its easier to be cheap in creature and what not. If Ashcloud doesn't work Flamewake Phoenix would be fine too. Courser and Sylvan are hard to replace so I would stick with what you have mostly. And a solution for Storm break replacement would be a few of the green hydras that were released in theros Polukranos, World Eater being my top pick. I hope this helps

ojmandias on Hardcore budget werewolves

2 weeks ago

you have a pretty low cmc, so you could go down to 22-23 lands.

Other than that, if you can fit Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip into your budget, then go for it.

Gruul Turf is worse than having basics. It ruins your tempo so much. I would recommend Temple of Abandon (they are going to drop heavily in October when they rotate out of standard) or the Khans Rugged HighlandsYou can also add 2 or 3 Evolving Wilds or Terramorphic Expanse for color fixing.

PayOneLife on BAM! Dragons!

2 weeks ago

Fatal Frenzy or even better Rush of Blood = instant commander damage win. Same with Gratuitous Violence, which doesn't have the surprise factor but is seriously bad news if you have a few dragons out. Aggravated Assault goes infinite with Savage Ventmaw. Kessig Wolf Run is super crazy in here, again commander damage becomes a reality with it in play, and it's considerably better than Skarrg, The Rage Pits. I reckon you need to sort out your lands. Rootbound Crag, Forbidden Orchard, Reflecting Pool, City of Brass, Grove of the Burnwillows, Kazandu Refuge, Rugged Highlands, Karplusan Forest, Temple of Abandon and Fire-Lit Thicket are all so much better than your Rupture Spires and Naya Panoramas.

Color(s) Red Green
Cost None
Converted cost 0
Avg. draft pick 2.62
Avg. cube pick 2.47


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros Rare

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