Temple of Abandon

Temple of Abandon


Temple of Abandon enters the battlefield tapped.

When Temple of Abandon enters the battlefield, scry 1. (Look at the top card of your library. You may put that card on the bottom of your library.)

T: Add R or G to your mana pool.

Acquire Temple of Abandon


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Temple of Abandon Discussion

mathimus55 on capriom85

2 hours ago

Hey guy, sorry for the delay in getting back to you, had tickets to the world series game yesterday.

Anyway, I want to hold on to 1 of my Fleecemane Lion 's, and I don't really need the Temple of Abandon 's anymore, would you be cool with that trade only dropping the temple's on your end, a lion on mine and you adding a Misdirection and a Command Tower instead? that would pretty much even out the price depending on the version of the tower

Spootyone on I look into your future and all I see is Sultai!

14 hours ago

Spooty wins the flip

Spooty keeps an opening hand of Temple of Mystery , mountain, forest, Dissolve , Yavimaya Coast , Frontier Bivouac and Magma Jet . Seems like a decent hand, but hopefully I don't get too flooded.

I have you mulligan a hand of 4 lands (no GG), 2 coursers, and a Dig Through Time . It seems far too risky. I have you keep the next hand of Hero's Downfall , Temple of Deceit , Villainous Wealth , Prognostic Sphinx , Kiora, the Crashing Wave and Yavimaya Coast . I little land light, but you are on the draw after all.

In this game, you got stuck on 3 lands with no double green. This allowed me to get in some early burn when you weren't aggressive and set up some of my draw with Magma Jet and a Dissolve , not to mention my own scrylands. I then got out a Perilous Vault , which exiled your Sylvan Caryatid you ended up finally getting out. I drew into a Bow of Nylea , along with a number of lands and counters, while you managed to get a courser (and later another courser) along with a morphed Sagu Mauler . However, you had to tap out and this allowed me to resolve a Dig Through Time to fetch a Savage Knuckleblade and a Magma Jet to kill the mauler before he unmorphed. I got you to 1 that turn, and even though you were gaining some life with the coursers, it wasn't enough to live past a Stoke the Flames with Negate backup. I won game 1.

You are on the play.

Spooty keeps a hand of Yavimaya Coast , Shivan Reef , Frontier Bivouac , Temple of Mystery , Temple of Abandon , Stoke the Flames and Dissolve . This hand looks much like my first one, but with a slower burn spell that doesn't set up my draws. The hand isn't great, but since I know now that I'm playing against a slow deck, I choose to keep it.

I have you keep an opening hand of Thoughtseize , Kiora, the Crashing Wave , Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth , Temple of Malady , Courser of Kruphix , Sylvan Caryatid , and Bile Blight . Still a little land light, but you should get out of it with caryatid-courser.

This game went to turn 20. Crazy, I agree. You got off to a fantastic start with caryatid, courser, and a second courser. You were able to churn through your top deck and had a land drop + life gain basically every turn until the last 5. I was forced to use my counters as I could, and drew into a Perilous Vault and 2 additional Stoke the Flames , all of which had to be used to push through counters to kill your two coursers. Once here, I was able to stick a Bow of Nylea , which allowed me to get back from 3 life up to 12, where I then chained a Steam Augury into a Dig Through Time into a Savage Knuckleblade . You could not come up with enough ways to kill knuckles, especially since I was able to just respond by placing him back into my hand every time. A few turns later, and a few counters from the bow, and I was able to kill you. You almost got out an Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver , but my that point I just had all the counters I needed to stay ahead on board. I won game 2.

After these first 2 games, I went to the sideboards.

From my sideboard, I brought in my playset of Goblin Rabblemaster , a single Clever Impersonator and a single Steam Augury . Going up against a slower caryatid/courser control/superfriends deck typically means I can benefit from being a bit quicker on the threats to strain their resources a bit. Furthermore, decks like this typically board out things like Bile Blight and (if they have it) Drown in Sorrow since all the creatures they see have toughness 4 or greater. Clever Impersonator is sort of a swiss army knife against superfriends-esque decks. And I always bring in more card draw against control decks. I took out the lightning strikes, a Bow of Nylea and 2 Magma Jet for these cards.

For you, (since I'm playing this is unbiased and accurate as I can) I chose to take out the 3 Bile Blight (for now). I also took out the Villainous Wealth (very few targets) and the Silence the Believers . I brought in the copies of Stain the Mind , the copies of Liliana Vess and a single Unravel the Aether . Onto the games!

I choose to have you mulligan a hand of 5 lands, a caryatid and a Stain the Mind . I don't see that being a smart keep -- even against control. I know lands are important, but so are relevant spells. I have you keep this hand: Sylvan Caryatid , Temple of Malady , Yavimaya Coast , Prognostic Sphinx , Stain the Mind and Unravel the Aether . Hopefully this goes well for you.

I keep an opening hand of Dissolve , Negate , Goblin Rabblemaster , Temple of Epiphany , Frontier Bivouac , Steam Augury , and Dig Through Time . I need lands, but I'm on the draw and have a scryland. Here's hoping the game isn't botched due to screw for either of us.

Game three resulted in both of us trying to get the extra lands we needed. I was able to get to my lands pretty easily after scrying for the first one and then getting subsequent lands thereafter, followed by tons of card draw. You were able to get to your third land quickly and even got your Sylvan Caryatid out, but simply could. not. get to that fourth land to cast the Prognostic Sphinx and Stain the Mind in your hand. You drew into a bunch of removal to use on me to slow me down, and also a Thoughtseize to remove a Goblin Rabblemaster from my hand, but I was able to chain Steam Augury s into Dig Through Time s on turns that you needed to tap out for Hero's Downfall , and I was able to continue drawing threats throughout the game. This unfortunately meant that you lost the game pretty handily. Let's hope game 4 for goes better for you on the land front.

I keep sideboards the same for the fourth game.

You are on the play.

I mulligan a no-land hand. I keep a hand of Dissolve , Steam Augury , Temple of Mystery , Negate , Perilous Vault , and forest. It's not fantastic, but I'm not going to mulligan again.

I have you keep an opening hand of 2x Yavimaya Coast , Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver , Kiora, the Crashing Wave , 2x Hero's Downfall , and Polluted Delta . These lands will deal you a lot of damage, and you don't have double-black, but you have mana for Ashiok and can get to Kiora mana soon (hopefully). I think this is an okay hand to keep.

This game saw you getting me as close to death as ever. You thoughtseized me early on to take the Negate out of my hand allowing you to secure an Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver on T3. This led to you immediately finding a Goblin Rabblemaster , and then playing that rabblemaster on the following turn. My burn was very much nonexistent, but I was able to score a Perilous Vault since you had no counterspells. I had to take an absolute scary amount of damage from the rabblemaster before getting the vault to go off two turns after getting it onto the field. After this, I got my own rabblemaster onto the field, and 2 Hero's Downfall were enough for you to get it killed. I then got a Savage Knuckleblade onto the field, and your only out was to use Liliana Vess to tutor yourself into a Sagu Mauler just so that you could trade with it. You did so, and then I managed to get a Prognostic Sphinx onto the field to swing and kill you along with a Stoke the Flames . I just drew to many threats all at once when you were scrambling, I'm afraid.

Time for the last game. In this one, I'll keep in my sideboard as is, but I'll see what things would be like if you'd called me on having the Goblin Rabblemaster s and therefore kept in the removal for them. I take out the Stain the Mind s and a Sylvan Caryatid for 3x Bile Blight . I also think I should have tried bringing in the Dissolve s as well, before. I don't know why I didn't, actually. I remove a single Liliana and a Kiora for those two copies.

You are on the play.

I keep an opening hand of Stoke the Flames , Frontier Bivouac , Bow of Nylea , Wooded Foothills , Disdainful Stroke , Magma Jet and Perilous Vault . The hand could be better, but I at least have 2 spells to play. And I'm still on the draw soo...yeah.

You get a very iffy opening hand. It contains 2x Bile Blight , Hero's Downfall , Sultai Charm , Temple of Deceit , Polluted Delta , and Dig Through Time . I...don't know that this is a keeper. But I'm going to keep it since most of the cards in the hand can be played now or soon. Hoping it goes well for you.

You managed to find your lands 3 and 4 easily. I also manage to find my 3rd and 4th land. At this point though, we both go a few turns without lands and things go a bit weird. Unfortunately for me, you manage to get your fifth land and then get to play caryatid and courser with counter and downfall backup. I am able to get a Perilous Vault out onto the field, but you dig for a land and Sultai Charm to kill it, and dig again the following turn for a Sagu Mauler to race my Prognostic Sphinx . You win the race by getting a Liliana Vess out and tutoring for a Hero's Downfall to kill my sphinx after making me discard with lily on the next turn. You win that one!

Overall the record was 4-1 in my favor. You seemed to have a bit of a rocky time finding lands, or at least moreso than I. You may consider going to a 26th land, though with caryatid and courser you might not need it. I may have just gotten unlucky. I do think that it would be reasonable to adjust the green mana in the deck to be a bit higher, since getting green for caryatid/courser is vital to the early game when you're trying to stabilize from aggro decks or set up your mana against slow decks. I also think I'd go down to 3 Negate for a 3rd Dig Through Time since the card is so great for control decks. I hope you enjoyed!

capriom85 on mathimus55

21 hours ago

Hey, listen, I have the Grove, other trade fell through. I looked t your binder and I came up with a counter offer based on my priorities and what you wanted. How does this sound?

Me: Lightning Greaves 5.50, Into the Wilds .35, Flooded Grove 24.16, Edric, Spymaster of Trest 1.39, Wooded Foothills 13.50, and (2)Temple of Abandon 3.98(x2 7.96) = 52.86

You: Siege Rhino 8.99, (4)Fleecemane Lion 3.99(x4 15.96, (2)Anafenza, the Foremost 6.19(x2 12.38, and Windswept Heath 16.19 = $53.52

It is really close and you are grabbing mostly eternal value there ( your binder said you prefer that ). Also, if you want me to add a little more value I can seeing as it's <$1 in my favor. Also, if I can add a second Foothills for a second Heath, I'd be a happy dude (and I would make up the $1 value + as well). Please let me know....These are all some key pieces I need to finish a deck in time for about 2 weeks from now. Thanks either way :-)

wasterbaster on This is my GUR Face!

1 day ago

also, i think that if you took out one Temple of Mystery for another Temple of Abandon , it would basically perfect you mana base

miracleHat on Trading away Standard stuff (i ...

1 day ago

I have some standard stuff that i don't want and won't use.
This includes:
Chandra, Pyromaster
Boon Satyr
2 Fleecemane Lion
Temple of Mystery /Temple of Malice /Temple of Abandon !
Please check out my binder! I am looking for stuff on my want list, priorities are
Abyssal Persecutor
and Stillmoon Cavalier

aenema1123 on Rabble Rumble

1 day ago

+1 Mana Confluence -1 Temple of Abandon Throw that maybeboard out haha

capriom85 on mathimus55

1 day ago

I am interested in your Siege Rhino , Anafenza, the Foremost , and Fleecemane Lion . I have 2Temple of Abandon . Would you like to check my binder to see if you want anything and maybe we can make a deal?

capriom85 on McSleuthburger

1 day ago

Can I interest you in (2)Polukranos, World Eater and Temple of Abandon for your Thoughtseize and Hero's Downfall ?

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Color(s) Red Green
Cost None
Converted cost 0
Avg. draft pick 2.62
Avg. cube pick 2.09


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Theros Rare


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