Temple of Abandon


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros Rare

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Temple of Abandon


Temple of Abandon enters the battlefield tapped.

When Temple of Abandon enters the battlefield, scry 1. (Look at the top card of your library. You may put that card on the bottom of your library.)

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Temple of Abandon Discussion

Rusty_Shackleford on My first build open to advice

1 month ago

Not knowing what you're able to afford/ willing to spend I'll make both budget and non-budget recommendations; if anything you'll have something to aspire to, right?

I'll start where I typically do on here, and that's with the mana base. I can't stress this enough--with 3 colors you just can't run a bunch of basics; you need to be able to reliably access all three colors early and often. I'd shoot for 36-38 lands with no more than 12-15 basic lands between all three if your colors.

Budget (~$2.50 or less each):

Ravnica block "karoo" lands: Boros Garrison, Gruul Turf, Selesnya Sanctuary

Battle for Zendikar "battle lands": Cinder Glade, Canopy Vista

Theros block temples: Temple of Abandon, Temple of Triumph, Temple of Plenty

Budget "fetchlands": Mountain Valley, Grasslands, Evolving Wilds, Terramorphic Expanse, Krosan Verge

Core set "checklands": Sunpetal Grove, Rootbound Crag (The third card in this cycle, Clifftop Retreat, from Innistrad, runs about $3.50-$4.00)

ragnil on Red/Green Agro with Burn package.

1 month ago

Hey there! I like your deck. I saw your description and figured you were looking for critique/advice on the deck, so I compiled some recommendations I would make to ensure your deck is more consistent:

I think instants are what you want to focus on for the majority of your burn spells, so I would recommend getting rid of Lava Spike and Rift Bolt in order to have (3) copies of Atarka's Command. I feel like Atarka's Command is already doing what the other two cards can, plus it has further utility.

You really want Kessig Wolf Run in this deck. It'll give your creatures that extra penetration and punching power, and if your opponent can't do much against them already then this just quickens the process. I would take out (2) Temple of Abandon for the former.

Also I would look at replacing Smash to Smithereens with Destructive Revelry. Sure, it has a more stringent mana-cost than the former, but it gives you the option of either artifacts or enchantments and still provides the extra burn I think you were looking for in that deck.

The only other big thing I would suggest is to refine your creatures, and give Ghor-Clan Rampager (4) copies instead of two, as it seems that's kind of what this deck is trying to do. If you do so, then I would also look at putting in more copies of Den Protector, as she'll recur the Rampagers so you can get multiple uses out of them.

All in all, I really like the deck man, and if you want to see the full changes I went ahead and took off with your idea and made my own version, which I'll link here: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/ghor-clan-aggro/

Wizno on AR AR AROOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

1 month ago

This deck looks a solid starting point for a werewolf tribal deck. I run one as well and have a few suggestions for you based on my own play-testing experience. I'm not sure what your budget constraints may be so please feel free to only focus on the cards that fit your budget.

Okay, so starting with your creatures, I think you're running too many at this moment. If you had Ruric Thar, the Unbowed as your commander it would work better but if you still with Ulrich, then I would cut some out. Think about which wolves/werewolves you would be happy top-decking and which ones you would not. That's how I made my early cuts. Basically if a werewolf doesn't have an effect on the back, I would cut it. Most of the recent wolves printed aren't going to scale with other decks for long so I would look at only the top tier wolves.

Some creatures that are worth a look may be:

Xenagos, God of Revels
Nylea, God of the Hunt
Yisan, the Wanderer Bard
Yeva, Nature's Herald

The latter two are especially good because they can help your werewolves flip more consistently. You can also replace some of the more vanilla werewolves with the Eldrazi werewolves from Eldritch Moon. They are great mana sinks later in a game.

Many of your instants aren't going to be great in a multiplayer format beyond those which support werewolves. I would add Waxing Moon in for sure. Chaos Warp is also a form of removal. Hunter's Insight is quite nice and helps gain you card advantage which is something Gruul deck have a hard time with. Other solid card draw sources are Harmonize, Shamanic Revelation, Sylvan Library. Red offers up Wheel effects but a cheap one is Magus of the Wheel.

Smoothing out flips is probably the biggest challenge in multiplayer EDH so that should be a big focus of your deck. It's a two-fold approach: controlling when you play cards and de-incentivizing other players from casting cards.

To help you get flips easier you can play the following:

Winding Canyons
Belbe's Portal
Cryptic Gateway
Quicksilver Amulet
Selvala's Stampede
Lurking Predators
Descendants' Path
Hibernation's End
Vedalken Orrery
Yisan, the Wanderer Bard
Yeva, Nature's Herald

Cards to punish opponents playing spells:

Price of Glory
Dosan the Falling Leaf
Ruric Thar, the Unbowed
Dragonlair Spider
Lurking Predators

Despite all of this, your werewolves are going to be on their human side more often than not so consider some ways to boost your team when they're weaker.

Shared Animosity
Door of Destinies
Obelisk of Urd
Coat of Arms
Boartusk Liege
Adaptive Automaton

Lastly, your manabase will need some improving over time. It'll help speed you up and make your games more consistent. I would look at the following lands:

Cinder Glade
Oran-Rief, the Vastwood
Temple of Abandon
Karplusan Forest
Raging Ravine
Fire-Lit Thicket
Mossfire Valley
Gruul Turf

Also, 30 lands is way too low for EDH. You should be running 37-40 lands. In this case, 37-38 is probably fine. Some mana rocks wouldn't be bad either. Cards like Sol Ring, Gruul Signet, etc.

Lastly, Domri Rade and Xenagos, the Reveler wouldn't be bad additions either.

Best of luck to you!

DaringApprentice on Hope You Didn't Want That

2 months ago

Sweet deck! I didn't realize how interesting Yasova was to me until I started thinking of ways to use her ability better.

I see you have Willbreaker, letting you keep the creatures you temporarily steal. Some other options for keeping these creatures past the end of the turn could be Conjurer's Closet, Deadeye Navigator, Synod Sanctum, Cold Storage, Nephalia Smuggler, and Ghostly Flicker, which all return creatures back under your control without you having to return them to their owners.

You could also use Hellkite Charger, Breath of Fury, or World at War to trigger Yasova's ability multiple times per turn.

With Glaring Spotlight, you can steal your opponents' creatures that have hexproof. To steal your opponents' noncreature artifacts, try turning them into creatures with options like Toymaker and Titania's Song, and to steal your opponents' noncreature lands, try turning them into creatures with Lifespark Spellbomb or Quirion Druid.

Land suggestions include Command Tower, Frontier Bivouac, Rootbound Crag, Opal Palace, Lumbering Falls, Temple of Abandon, Temple of Mystery, Vivid Crag, Vivid Creek, and Vivid Grove.

If you don't want to give the creatures back after you've stolen them, you can use sacrifice effect cards to get rid of them for profit. Some powerful sacrifice engines include Ashnod's Altar, Culling Dais, Barrin, Master Wizard, Bloodshot Cyclops, Jalira, Master Polymorphist, Profaner of the Dead, Scourge of Skola Vale, Evolutionary Leap, Goblin Bombardment, Perilous Forays, Shivan Harvest, Momentous Fall, High Market, Life's Legacy, and Primal Growth.

To make your opponents' creatures easier to steal, you can use power-reduction cards such as Cumber Stone, Schismotivate, Downsize, Dampening Pulse, or Agoraphobia.

You can also make opponents' creatures easier to steal by increasing Yasova's power, with any of these or other boosting cards: Kessig Wolf Run, Ceta Disciple, Llanowar Augur, Moonveil Dragon, Ursapine, Wolfir Silverheart, Bonesplitter, Hero's Blade, O-Naginata, Ring of Kalonia, Sai of the Shinobi, Shuko, Sigil of Distinction, Silver-Inlaid Dagger, Sword of the Chosen, Boar Umbra, Briar Shield, Elephant Guide, Exoskeletal Armor, Forced Adaptation, Giant Spectacle, Goblin War Paint, Inferno Fist, Madcap Skills, Moldervine Cloak, Mythic Proportions, Quest for the Gemblades, Rancor, Seal of Strength, Shape of the Wiitigo, Spectral Flight, Spider Umbra, Taste for Mayhem, Volcanic Strength, Wurmweaver Coil, Blossoming Defense, Brute Force, Giant Growth, Groundswell, Invigorate, Might of Oaks, Mutagenic Growth, Prey's Vengeance, Strength of the Tajuru, Wax/Wane, Blessings of Nature, Elven Rite, Give / Take, Increasing Savagery, Phytoburst, Reckless Charge, and Soul's Might

Wizno on Endless Waves of Werewolves. Werewolves EDH

2 months ago

I love that werewolves have a proper commander now as they're probably my favorite tribe! I've also been running a werewolf EDH deck and I do have a few suggestions based on my own experience. I'm not sure what your budget is either so I'll give you a range of options (price-wise)!

Okay so let's start with the mana-base. Budget pending, incorporating more dual lands will help smooth out your turns:

Cinder Glade
Stomping Ground
Temple of Abandon Raging Ravine
Fire-Lit Thicket
Mossfire Valley
Mountain Valley
Game Trail
Wooded Foothills

Again, which ones you choose are up to your budget and preference but adding more of these will help out a lot. I would also recommend a few additional utility lands like:

Oran-Rief, the Vastwood
Hanweir Battlements
Winding Canyons

These will help pump your wolves, give them haste, or cheat them on to the battlefield so they can flip easier.

My next round of recommendations is related to your creatures. I originally tossed in all of the werewolves into my deck because I was so hyped but learned very quickly that may not be ideal. You can likely cut some of the more vanilla werewolves because they aren't really contributing much else beyond a creature type. I would often ask myself, "if I top decked this card, would I be happy?", and that's how I approached those cuts.

I would suggest adding in some creatures that will support your werewolves indirectly:

Ruric Thar, the Unbowed
Xenagos, God of Revels
Dragonlair Spider
Fang of the Pack

The next line of support is cheating in cards so you can get more flips. I would suggest some of the following:

Winding Canyons
Yisan, the Wanderer Bard
Yeva, Nature's Herald
Vedalken Orrery
Lurking Predators
Hibernation's End
Selvala's Stampede
Wild Pair

My last round of suggestions would be related to card advantage. Gruul decks have a notoriously hard time keeping up with other colors in terms of card power so trying to gain advantage any way you can is crucial.

Cards like the following can help:

Magus of the Wheel
Wheel of Fate
Hunter's Insight
Shamanic Revelation
Grenzo, Havoc Raiser

I know this is a lot of info. and I hope some of it helps! Good luck with your were-pups!

P.S. I would add in a Sol Ring.

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