Temple of Abandon

Temple of Abandon


Temple of Abandon enters the battlefield tapped.

When Temple of Abandon enters the battlefield, scry 1. (Look at the top card of your library. You may put that card on the bottom of your library.)

T: Add R or G to your mana pool.

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Temple of Abandon Discussion

Darkmoor on A Storm of Scales

2 days ago

Thanks AngelOfDivinity for the tip! To be honest I hadn't even realized that was a legendary lol. If I take two out do you think Temple of Abandon would be appropriate or just a Mountain and Forest bc they enter untapped? I haven't played at any local stores but I buy cards/ supplies from them and I am in the process of buying all the cards for this deck online. Right now I just play with friends who have thousands of cards so we kinda play anything usually. I am trying to keep it close to standard so that if I take this deck to FNM I only have to make minimal changes.

Darkmoor on A Storm of Scales

4 days ago

Thanks Sweepea38! Unfortunately my meta is full of angels and dragons so just flying over the top doesn't usually happen. I get what your saying about the mountains and I wish I could validate paying $15-30 for dual fetch lands or something, but I can't for the marginal advantage it gives. I mostly hate Evolving Wilds in my other dual/ mono colored decks, but when running Courser of Kruphix it gives double life gain. I considered adding Temple of Abandon as well but I'm afraid it will slow the deck down too much. Savage Ventmaw can also assist with fixing red if I need it :) thanks again for the feedback!

bellz76 on Willbreaker, Willshaper

4 days ago

Hmm.... that's an interesting combo you got there.... I think I've seen it somewhere before.... :-)

I'm not sure the deck needs any green... and if you do want to keep the green, you don't need the Winds- there are certainly better cards to play then that. I was thinking Icy Blast, Send to Sleep, and what alex said in Arc Lightning. You do need some card drawing too... Jace's Ingenuity, Divination... anything really...

Probably want a couple Mage-Ring Network to help with the Clash of Wills, Mindswipe, and Crater's Claws.

And the mana does need some work- I'd consider some of the temples Temple of Mystery, Temple of Abandon, and Temple of Epiphany, and def the Frontier Bivouac.

atsarge787 on Drag[on] Queens

5 days ago

Understandable. Possibly you can get some trades or eventually work up to those cards. Still get rid of the Enchantment-Auras. My experience in commander games, unless the deck or cards benefit from enchantments being played, they arn't all too useful. If you are worried about not getting the certain color in a 2 color deck, there are cheap R/G lands out there. Temple of Abandon, Rugged Highlands, Gruul Guildgate are a few that come to mind. Gruul Keyrune and Gruul Signet Gruul Cluestone are other mana producers that can help out in the early game.

Bigode00 on Standard Atarka Goblins

6 days ago

Not sure if you are planing to play this only post rotation.

If not I dont see why not to play Temple of Abandon instead of Rugged Highlands. And I think that Foundry Street Denizen is still the best 1 drop you can get before rotation.

Also I would play Fiery Conclusion on the Sideboard because it only hit creatures and you want to hit faces sometimes; and Stoke the Flames instead of Exquisite Firecraft.

I wouldn't play 4 Goblin Heelcutter and I would go for some Goblin Rabblemaster's as another 3 drop.

Since Fiery Impulse also only hit cretures I would use Wild Slash instead. almost all creatures that can be killed with one can be killed with the other.

But the mana base for the green splash is great and I really like the single Become Immense

Antonius_Cleus on 2015-07-30 update of Temur Dargons!

1 week ago

again, I don't know what you mean when you say you needed to mulligan multiple times for a good hand.

first playtest on the website and I got a beautiful hand:

1Rattleclaw Mystic 2Elvish Mystic 3Treasure Cruise 4Haven of the Spirit Dragon 5Courser of Kruphix 6Wooded Foothills 7Mountain

second was sketchy and would have swamped me (scry lands almost made it keepable):

1Wooded Foothills 2Mountain 3Temple of Abandon 4Island 5Rattleclaw Mystic 6Temple of Mystery 7Draconic Roar

Third one I had to mulligan once and got a workable hand (the 7 hand hand all my High CMC cost stuff, nothing I could do):

1Forest 2Frontier Bivouac 3Rattleclaw Mystic 4Treasure Cruise 5Draconic Roar 6Dragonlord Dromoka

The_Flying_Hydras on Hail Hydra!

1 week ago

You don't have enough artifact/enchantment hate imo; consider Reclamation Sage. Man-o'-War is classic in Animar decks for it's ability to say: U: Put a counter on Animar; Buyback 0. Don't run the lifegain lands; instead consider the check lands (like Rootbound Crag, or a set of shocks and fetches (i.e., Stomping grounds and Wooded Foothills. It's important that in a more aggressive deck such as animar we're able to get off to as efficient a start as possible. If you insist on running tapped lands, the temples- Temple of Abandon, for example- are superior to the life gain lands. And if you really want lifegain lands, at least run Kazandu Refuge for swag. The only tapped lands you should consider running are Frontier Bivouac and utility lands such as Soaring Seacliff or Halimar Depths or something. Also Raging Ravine; seems good here with Hardened Scales and stuff. Oran-Rief, the Vastwood and Kessig Wolf Run seem pretty good as utility lands go. (Also possibly Alchemist's Refuge).

With the risk of Vastwood Hydra and Lifeblood Hydra being on the wrong end of an exile effect, consider a sack outlet; the best choice would probably be Ashnod's Altar to power up your hydras some more, and Evolutionary Leap to get those hydras into your hand. Also Genesis Hydra nets you a free card, so that's worth considering; Gen Hydra into Temur Ascendancy or Curse of Predation seems good.

Birds of Paradise > Sylvan Caryatid for ramping into Animar on turn 2. I also slightly prefer Bonfire of the Damned > Anger of the Gods in the sideboard.

Anywho, good luck and go hydras!

Color(s) Red Green
Cost None
Converted cost 0


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros Rare

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