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Temple of Abandon

Temple of Abandon


Temple of Abandon enters the battlefield tapped.

When Temple of Abandon enters the battlefield, scry 1. (Look at the top card of your library. You may put that card on the bottom of your library.)

T: Add R or G to your mana pool.

Acquire Temple of Abandon


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Temple of Abandon Discussion

perrin515 on Should I pull the trigger ...

3 days ago

Have an offer to purchase oll of the below for $225.

4x Mana Confluence

4x Hallowed Fountain

2x Mutavault

4x Stomping Ground

2x Blood Crypt

1x Temple of Malice foil

4x Temple of Deceit

4x Temple of Enlightenment

4x Temple of Abandon

4x Temple of Triumph

2x Watery Grave

4x Steam Vents

3x Sacred Foundry

1x Maze's End

I think I should, I see a lot of value here. Thoughts?

TheSilverBlade on Gruul National Park

3 days ago

I don't know what your budget is like, or how casual this deck is supposed to be, but I can give some baseline advice.

  • Garruk's Horde and Gruul Guildgate will be rotating out of standard in less than a month; I'd look for suitable replacements for them from M15, Theros Block, or Khans (Once the appropriate cards are spoiled).
  • Temple of Abandon is pretty standard tech for gruul monsters; Evolving Wilds is ridiculously cheap and thins out your deck, but it only gets you one color at a time. Khans of Tarkir will also be bringing in an uncommon tapland that can produce red, green, or blue.
  • Might Makes Right is a bit of a weird card in here; it's designed more to be in Commander decks. Granted, if you have a beater on the board, then it would almost certainly be the biggest, but wouldn't it just be better to own another large creature in the first place? Attacking with a Terra Stomper is going to hurt much more than swinging in with a 2/2.
  • Rollick of Abandon is just kind of awkward. Yes, you do get to deal an extra 2 damage per creature, but your own stuff is weakened. I'd still say that +2/+0 isn't quite worth the 5 mana. If you're really set on a pump spell for five mana, then I would highly recommend Hunter's Prowess , which, though it only targets a single creature, grants trample AND draws you cards.
  • I'd add some stuff to the lower end of the curve. Generally speaking, 5 mana in standard decks tends to be the top of the curve, while in your case, it's the minimum casting cost of your fatties. Going up to 6 to cast Terra Stomper or Hydra Broodmaster would make sense, but lowering your curve would significantly speed up your deck and increase its consistency. Fanatic of Xenagos and Flame-Wreathed Phoenix are semi-cheap, yet still quite good in my opinion.
  • Dictate of Karametra and Nissa's Expedition seem redundant. By the time you have five mana, you're not going to be needing much more, why not just cast another creature at this point? However, you could benefit from more mana on the lower end of the curve, so I'd recommend Voyaging Satyr and/or Sylvan Caryatid due to how they will provide mana in the early game when you need it. Khans of Tarkir will also be bringing in Loudclaw Mystic, which essentially acts as a more delicate Sylvan Caryatid .
  • Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx : I can understand why you wouldn't want to shell out ten bucks for a couple of copies, but I had to say it recommend it anyways. Combos well with Voyaging Satyr .
  • Look into Khans of Tarkir cards as they start being spoiled. Wizards is currently claiming that the Temur clan will have plenty of juicy fatties to play.

  • hateindigital on MOURNINGSTAR

    4 days ago

    I would love to find a cheap or moderately strong sac engine in standard but the pickins be slim. I have made a few sacrifices on the altar of rotation and am awaiting what KHANS will bring. Until it comes I think Tymaret, the Murder King can stay I may drop Battlefield Forge adding Temple of Abandon scry synergy with Courser of Kruphix being amazing. I'm working on one more card that makes sense in the deck Silent Sentinel will be finding a place for whip but I'm not sure about how many. I'll run Elvish Mystic ramp to 2ND turn boon or courser also it's an awesome target for early removal against a zealous wasteful opponent.

    scopesightzx on Mono-Green Ramp

    1 week ago

    Courser isn't all that expensive now, since it is in the clash pack (around 9-10 dollars from tcg average, I just checked myself). If you wanted to get them, I'd get multiple copies of the clash pack, as some of the alternate arts could be valuable in the future.

    For sideboard, I'd recommend Soul of New Phyrexia , it's especially useful in the control matchup, as you get at least one activation, unless they run Dissipate . Is your local metagame running a lot of constellation decks? If so, you can keep some of the Back to Nature , but four is excessive. I'd recommend running 1-2 Reclamation Sage , as they provide devotion, can target anything you need it to, and they can be hit off of Genesis Hydra . Four of the archetype is really excessive, I would only run one at the most. If you have problems with planeswalkers, I"d recommend Pithing Needle . If you have trouble with fliers, I think Plummet is okay, but Arbor Colossus can handle fliers just fine. Maybe Restock so you can get some things back in longer games?

    Splashing for red isn't extremely difficult land wise, as Temple of Abandon is relatively cheap now, as is the Xenagod.

    SevynnthDimension on

    1 week ago

    Hello! First off, I think you should add more dual lands like Temple of Abandon or maybe even some Fungal Reaches ? Those are good for mana fixing and ramp.

    Second, I think you should remove the following2x Disciple of the Old Ways 1x Duskdale Wurm 2x Lava Axe 2x Verdant Haven 2x Feral Animist 2x Ruination Wurm 2x Act of Treason 2x Volcanic Geyser

    And one more thing, definitely add some Mistcutter Hydra

    PianoManJSB on Monster Mash

    2 weeks ago

    I know you said you like your main deck, but I have a suggestion that might help. Your deck would really like to have 4x Elvish Mystic . I run the playset in my RUG build because it ramps insanely when you draw right. Watch this:

    Turn 1: Forest, Elvish Mystic Turn 2: Temple of Abandon , scry, Sylvan Caryatid Turn 3: Shivan Reef , pay one life, Stormbreath Dragon . Beats.

    As far as sideboard goes I'd probably do something like this:

    4x Lightning Strike (for match ups against 3-toughness things. Deals with Fleecemane Lion beautifully!), 2x Back to Nature (against the enchantment-heavy decks, i.e. Constellation), 2x Reclamation Sage (great against lighter enchantment decks, gives you a body), 2x Phyrexian Revoker (Planeswalker decks can't touch you!), 4x Mizzium Mortars OR Anger of the Gods (Arguably the best red removal in standard right now), 1x Eidolon of the Great Revel (This can be a helpful little draw against burn decks and decks that really want to race your life total early game. Price

    Low Avg High Foil
    $2.0 $2.94 $10.0 $6.99
    Color(s) R, G
    Cost None
    Converted cost 0
    Avg. draft pick 3.23
    Avg. cube pick 1.91


    Format Legality
    Standard Legal
    Legacy Legal
    Vintage Legal
    Commander / EDH Legal
    Modern Legal

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    Set Rarity
    Theros Rare