Axis of Mortality


Not legal in any format

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Axis of Mortality


At the beginning of your upkeep, you may have two target players exchange life totals.

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Axis of Mortality Discussion

mathemagic314 on Does exchanging life totals count ...

2 weeks ago

I'm specifically curious about the interaction with Tainted Remedy and Axis of Mortality. Say I'm at 20 life and my opponent is at 10. When we exchange totals, mine will become 10, does my opponent drop to 0 or switch to 20?

Khunjund on B/W Life for Death (needs help)

4 weeks ago

Axis of Mortality, Magus of the Mirror, and Soul Conduit have the type of interaction you might be looking for. And you propably want an Idyllic Tutor.

Kizder on [EDH - Zedruu] Which cards are mine ?

1 month ago

@Nibster11 Thanks for the suggestion. I like Soul Conduit because it's instant speed. But Axis of Mortality seems stronger and fit also very well. I will switch them.

Color_pie14 on Advertise your COMMANDER deck!

1 month ago

Hi luffington have you tried Axis of Mortality? If you dont end up going off this can discourage people from attacking you, as you can use it to keep yourself from getting low on life. On the flip side, you can use it to do someone else a favor, then gain as much life as possible.My deck is Grenzo, Sliver Warden, and I need help with politics. In my experience, slivers are hated out early, so I need some good politics cards in there. It currently works by getting the slivers to the bottom of my deck, then bringing them out with grenzo. This works because the slivers I use are usually low powered, usually 1-2, at least until they hit the field.

jkempic on Angel

1 month ago

Playing mostly angels is fine, if that's what you're interested in, but you should put a few dragons and demons. There're some very powerful ones you could use to pump up the power of your deck. I wouldn't recommend Elesh Norn. She works best in a go-wide deck, you're a go-tall deck that's trying to cheat in big stuff. A 7 cmc you can't cheat on and that is only a 4/7 isn't great. You'd be better off running the new angel lord from dominaria. Axis of Mortality.... Eh. I don't like it. It works best with a deck that can manipulate it's life total, here it's just a fairly bad way to gain life.

mrfab13 on Upkeep you lose

1 month ago

butters84 you need your life to equal or less than 0 and then Axis of Mortality for the win, it doesnt matter if you exile your entire board as long as you have Axis of Mortality and Lich's Mastery you win the game

nutrun on Upkeep you lose

2 months ago

mrfab13 there is Hour of Revelation for remove lich. Maybe you can consider a splash of blue for some counters or play Axis of Mortality when you have 8 manas and play it with Sphinx’s Decree

Gleeock on Many Sisay Such Legendary (Dom Updated)

2 months ago

The ultimate in passive-aggressive technology is this: heavy mana production... ie Multani, Maro-Sorcerer + Selvala, Heart of the Wilds THEN activate Planar Bridge to play Seedborn Muse first.... Continue to activate PB during ALL players untap steps and build the most untouchable wall ever.

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