Aethersquall Ancient


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Rare

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Aethersquall Ancient

Creature — Leviathan


At the beginning of your upkeep, you get EEE (three energy counters).

Pay EEEEEEEE: Return all other creatures to their owners' hands. Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery.

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Aethersquall Ancient Discussion

Argy on U/G Energy

1 week ago

OK, here we go. I've got a lot of feedback for this deck.

First of all, it's REALLY fun to play.

I've always loved mucking around with

Be aware that this is quite "durdly". Make sure you play it at a reasonable pace: not so slow that you run out of time to complete a match, not so fast that your Opponent doesn't know what is going on.

You would run 20 lands in an EXTREMELY aggressive deck. This is not one of those decks.

I suggest you add 3x Attune with Aether to the mix which sort of acts like a land, colour fixes, and gives you extra

3x Aether Hub would also help this deck with colour fixing. Put them in and remove the Evolving Wilds.

In my opinion Nature's Way would be better than Haze of Pollen. Killing a key Creature will help to stall longer than preventing damage for just one turn.

I would like to see Appetite for the Unnatural in the Sideboard, because it is so versatile. It can get rid of Gearhulks, Liliana's Mastery, etc.

I like Supreme Will better than Metallic Rebuke. Same price for a less conditional card with two modes.

I would rather see Sage of Shaila's Claim than Scythe Leopard. With Evolving Wilds coming out the Leopard won't be as effective, and the Sage fits your theme better.

It also acts a little bit like Haze of Pollen in that you now have a chump blocker that you don't care about losing.

It works really well with Bristling Hydra

Aethersquall Ancient is so good that I would add another. I would take out one Thriving Turtle for it, as that card is a bit hit and miss.

I like the Fabrication Module very much in this deck, but the other modules are a bit meh. You don't want too many Artifacts. I would add a Fabrication Module and take the other ones out.

I would rather see a counter spell than Gift of Tusks. Much better to completely stop a Creature resolving than nerf it for one turn, or boost one of your Creatures. Again, the card is a bit too situational.

Here is a suggested upgrade:

3x Aether Theorist
3x Aethersquall Ancient
3x Bristling Hydra
4x Greenbelt Rampager
4x Longtusk Cub
3x Sage of Shaila's Claim
3x Thriving Turtle

3x Fabrication Module

2x Botanical Sanctum
3x Aether Hub
7x Forest
6x Island
2x Lumbering Falls

4x Blossoming Defense
1x Essence Scatter
2x Disallow OR Cancel
2x Nature's Way
3x Attune with Aether

This deck has a stronger purpose now - get as many as possible and use them to overwhelm the enemy.

I don't like Containment Membrane in the Sideboard. It doesn't tap the Creature, so if it's big enough they can just use it as a blocker.

Against a Control deck running Torrential Gearhulk it is next to useless.


2x Cartouche of Strength
2x Disallow OR Cancel
3x Essence Scatter
2x Negate (brilliant against Planeswalkers)
2x Plummet
2x Supreme Will
2x Appetite for the Unnatural

You'll have to playtest any changes to see how they work.

If you update the deck tag me in these Comments and I'll take another look at it.

HOPMONSTER on Slaying Whales Brah

2 weeks ago

tasuman I'd like to run another Bristling Hydra or two in the sideboard for situations where I need another hexproof beater. But I gotta have my whales so I'm running 3 Long-Finned Skywhales with one more in the sideboard. As far as the HUGE creatures, I really only want to draw one per game as a closer, either the Aethersquall Ancient or the Aetherwind Basker. They cost a lot and I don't want to end up with multiples in hand. I have a second Aethersquall in the sideboard for when going against go-wide/token decks. But essentially these are the finishers that I want to build up to playing and then hopefully win shortly after dropping one. The Aethertide Whale is cool cause he's a flying whale that I can avoid removal by returning to hand, but he really isn't a bomb otherwise, so I do not want to run more than 2 of it.

Another benefit to running all the little dudes with the Aethersquall Ancient is that I can bounce all other creatures and then play them out again next turn to build back energy quickly for another wipe.

If you were going to build this deck, how many of the fatties would you run and why?

Alookeva on Mid-range Sultai Energy

3 weeks ago

CaptainDemetrios It's more of a mid-range type of deck, using the Glint-Sleeve Siphoner to get some early damage in and finish off with Aethersquall Ancient to get in there heavy. Also I just back in Gonti's Machinations to add more damage and energy generation.

BenTheGuyThe on turbomill

1 month ago

4 Minister of Inquiries. If you run attune you need lots more forests. Desert of the Mindful is not worth playing a turn behind for being a sac outlet to Ipnu Rivulet. Either run more counters or run more fogs, not both. You could do fogs in the main and bring counters out from the sideboard against control. Crush of Tentacles is probably better than Aethersquall Ancient. Pieces of the Puzzle probably is better than Glimmer of Genius.

Xynthoros on Skynet

1 month ago

1) Main win condition is getting out all three modules. Even with only one or two, they can make my creatures much bigger fairly quickly, with all three I can create as many tokens as I have mana and rapidly boost my creatures regardless of who they are. Aethersquall Ancient is just for fun, I've gotten him out twice, usually he just gets cycled to the bottom of the deck.

2) The bounce cost of the modules is too expensive, if I am using that feature, I am already in trouble or have basically lost. Also 6 mana to bounce/replay Glint-Nest Crane I feel is more effecient if I bounce at all.

3) This deck is hurt more than others by lands entering tapped, especially within the first 3 mana...

4) This deck ramps energy faster than it seems and can make pretty good use of Dynavolt Towers. It also generates +1/+1 tokens very well, this, I can boost single creatures beyond what they can damage them.

Oloro_Magic on Milled to Pieces Test

1 month ago

So I lost a lot but the deck did what it was supposed to do decently well. Some points to consider I found when playing the deck:

I kept on missing land drops no matter what I played, the deck needs more land so that you can activate abilities and leave up counters which brings me to my next point.

The counters are too expensive, Cancel and Essence Scatter are fine but Insidious Will and Disappearing Act crippled me a lot. Negate is simple and would be practical, Void Shatter is better than most other 3 mana counters. Disallow is the best counter.

I also had a hard time turning on delirium, there simply isn't enough variation so I often had Scribe just sitting out there. The new curse from HOU will fix this, but the deck could use more sorceries and ways to get stuff in your grave because a land is often the difference

Aethersquall Ancient, I never got to play him once and I saw you took out Cryptic Serpent, honestly Cryptic is the better choice as you already lack on mana and it gets cheaper in the deck.

Hope it goes better for you!

Drevin on Talrand, The Master Polymorphist

1 month ago

Fun deck. I'd give Stormtide Leviathan a look though. Arguably the best cheap blue fatty from the sea. Also if looking to spend a bit more, you could roll the queen of the seas herself in Thassa, God of the Sea. Other notable blue fattys include Breaching Leviathan, Aethersquall Ancient, Deep-Sea Kraken, Stormsurge Kraken, and Serpent of the Endless Sea. I'd give some of these a look if you are looking for a bit more hitting power on the cheap as all of them are less that a dollar bit hit super hard. Stormsurge Kraken in particular is great for it's card draw ability and hexproof.

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