Plague Belcher


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Rare

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Plague Belcher

Creature — Zombie Beast


When Plague Belcher enters the battlefield, put two -1/-1 counters on target creature you control.

Whenever another Zombie you control dies, each opponent loses 1 life.

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Plague Belcher Discussion

Morthius on Zombie affliction

2 hours ago

Nice idea, but you can use a lot of nice zombies too. For example: Dread Wanderer , Plague Belcher or Doomed Dissenter. You can use Gate to the Afterlife + God-Pharaoh's Gift for even more tokens.

dlaxw7 on The Scarab's Legion

1 day ago


Phyrexian Altar combos with Gravecrawler to allow you to cast the crawler from your yard an infinite number of times in a turn. He also combos with Rooftop Storm and any other sac outlet to achieve the same effect.

Likewise, Rooftop Storm combos with Sedraxis Alchemist by playing him for free. When he hits the battlefield his ability triggers and you can target him, returning him to your hand to be cast again.

Additionally, Relentless Dead can achieve the same result provided you have both Rooftop Storm and Phyrexian Altar: Sac him to the altar to make , which you then use to return the Dead to your hand. Cast him for free and rinse and repeat.

All of these allow you to cast an absurdly large number of spells in a turn, creating an opportunity for EtB effects, creature dying effects, or cast effects. Noxious Ghoul, Diregraf Captain, Diregraf Colossus, Plague Belcher, and Brain Freeze can all capitalize on this type of thing. Additionally, throwing in extra value stuff can give you extra bonuses. Mikaeus, the Unhallowed comes to mind, as he doubles the value you get off of sacrifice effects, sometimes letting you go infinite when you otherwise wouldn't, or generating absurdly large amounts of mana.

TheBonk on EDH Zambies

1 week ago

These are all fairly inexpensive zombies-matter cards: Zombie Trailblazer, Cemetery Reaper, Plague Belcher, Noxious Ghoul, Gravespawn Sovereign, Gempalm Polluter, Corpse Harvester, Diregraf Colossus

Undead Warchief and Relentless Dead are also bueno, but they're both about $5-6

Nert23 on B/U Zambies

1 week ago

There is some definite synergy here, especially with Relentless Dead and Plague Belcher or Lord of the Accursed.

I used to run Diregraf Colossus and Relentless Dead. That was a great way to make some zombies. Though recently, I have found Liliana's Mastery to be worth its weight in gold.

I'm not sure how fast the standard game is now but this looks really solid.

TheRedGoat on The Best Tymaret Deck You'll Ever See

2 weeks ago

So the deck plays out as "obvious combo is obvious", but it isn't taken as anything more threatening than any other deck already at the table because of it. At most it is merely assumed that you will not be the one reacting to stop someone else unless that would outright stop you, especially in regards to specific card removal as none of them help you win just because the opponent doesn't have their own combo piece. You'll only remove what is in your way not someone else's.

Even so you still need answers to the cards that would stop your own combo shenanigans, of which all are likely known to your opponents, but your colors actively prevent you from dealing with the most effective "silver bullets" to your own build. That all-in-all sounds like a perfect argument to have more combo plays around other cards than just running the reanimation ones you've got right now.

Your worldgorger combo for instance is ultimately unable to work with other combos, or at least half of your pieces for it are as such. The altar combo however is more versatile, with each piece having at least mild synergy with non-combo cards, even if it is still ruined by the grave hate. To me, the best course for finding any upgrades to the deck is to go entirely further into the worldgorger 2-card combos that go off in a surprise, or else ditch such plays and essentially allow yourself the glaring weakness to grave hate while bolstering how abusable the combo pieces are before fully assembled.

For example: If you wanted to lessen the predictability of your deck and how others know you play the Worldgorger Dragon + Animate Dead combo, then you could either remove it for a different 2-card combo (I recommend Dualcaster Mage + Twinflame personally), or else find something that is sorta like that and find space for it in the deck, so that it might throw someone off on what you're doing. Alternatively the focus could be eased up on getting the combo at hand, and instead ensuring the combo goes off by adding in cards that are silver bullets the opponents that you seem to know just as well as your own deck (Ie the stuff that doesn't help you win, but neither will anyone else while you have it out). This may sacrifice precious card advantage to do so, but that is the one thing your current build seems to be able to spare, and it can help keep the deck in a more powerful position if behind or just outpaced.

As far as the other option goes, I can only try throwing out ideas for cards that also could do the job of cards already in your build, like Pawn of Ulamog for Diregraf Colossus or Hissing Iguanar for Plague Belcher and so on. Those don't seem like what you're looking for though, if you're even needing to look for anything.

hullos on Scabby, God of Zombos

2 weeks ago

some cards like Gonti, Lord of Luxury and Gifted Aetherborndon't fit in the deck too well. to replace them you could use Dread Wanderer this is just a great turn one play and can easily come back. also Plague Belcher this card allows you to start draining there life even faster along with The Scarab God . you could even put in Ammit Eternal for some real pressure to your opponent on turn 3, pretty much forcing them to block.

TheVectornaut on beginner deck tips appreciatedb

3 weeks ago

You have a pretty good curve and some nice bombs, but like many new decks, the biggest problems are lack of consistency and lack of a unifying theme. I'd choose your favorite finisher and try to build the rest of the deck with that card in mind. Then, you just want to acquire duplicates of the best cards in that strategy so they can replace the less useful cards. If it was me, I'd focus on The Scorpion God and build around -1/-1 counters. Add green for Channeler Initiate, Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons, Obelisk Spider, etc. I'd also consider more Banewhip Punisher, Festering Mummy, Nest of Scarabs, Plague Belcher, and maybe Soul-Scar Mage with enough burn spells. Finally, I'd look at Torment of Hailfire as another win condition.

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