Emrakul's Evangel


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon (EMN) Rare

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Emrakul's Evangel

Creature — Human Horror

, Sacrifice Emrakul's Evangel and any number of other non-Eldrazi creatures: Put a 3/2 colorless Eldrazi Horror creature token onto the battlefield for each creature sacrificed this way.

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Emrakul's Evangel Discussion

DrkNinja on Saproling madness

1 day ago

Cut deathreap ritual it's not a guaranteed draw, Phyrexian Arena is just better. Cut Chromatic lantern, its only good in 3 color+ decks; in this deck it's a wasted card slot.

Cut Primal Vigor, and just add Doubling Season as it doubles the amount of spore counters put on your fungus every turn.

Cut Greener Pastures, it just helps your opponents as much as you.

Cut Strength In Numbers, in this deck you are either going to combo out or swing wide with a bunch of dudes.

Cut Bile Blight and run either Black Sun's Zenith or Toxic Deluge I prefer the latter but it's on you.

Cut Evolutionary Leap, you don't have many creatures you make tokens.

Cut Life And Limb, because its gonna feel real bad when Lindsy WOGs your lands away.

Cut Costly Plunder

Cut Sprout Swarm, your commander does that for 1 mana less

Cut a tutor, I don't care which one and replace it with Natural Order to tutor up a Craterhoof Behemoth(yes you need one of these) for game.

Cards you NEED to add:

Here are some cards worth looking at, not nessecarily SHOULD go in:

Blood Funnel, Bontu the Glorified, Catacomb Sifter, Champion of Stray Souls**, and Pawn of Ulamog

DrukenReaps on Working on a Jund Control ...

1 month ago

Sek'kuar is pretty cool, I was starting to throw this together around a week or two ago The Advantages Of Dying just to see what could be. Obviously not complete but there are a lot of really neat things going on in it. Emrakul's Evangel with a Grave Pact is totally nuts and really harsh. The colors just do such a good job working with death. The amount of synergy available could leave you tinkering with it for a long time to come.

Perhaps a bit slower but Shattergang Brothers is worth looking at too. He basically goes into the same deck but wants more variety with the inclusion of say Tamiyo's Journal. Very controlling once he is online but pretty slow to set up. At a certain point you just tell people what to sacrifice to your ability because you have so much more than they do you can keep activating him until what you want gone is gone. Allows some interesting politics to keep the game going too.

StumpyIB on Tokens Galore

2 months ago

I like this build! I have a token Modern deck and have played with the idea of making it into a Commander deck. Definitely going to consider a ton of the cards in this deck. +1 from me!

A few cards that you might consider for even more token fun: Emrakul's Evangel, Akroan Horse, Rampaging Baloths, Captain's Claws, Increasing Devotion, and Beacon of Creation. For some Anointed Procession trigger happiness, Panharmonicon. For making your tokens ridiculously great blockers, Hold the Line.

darmpark on Horde Plunderer

4 months ago

Dictate of Erebos might be good here. Also, in my opinion, you need more token generation unless you intend to sac your other actual creatures. Things like Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder or Fungal Sprouting. If you do want to sacrifice your other actual creatures, Caller of the Claw or Fresh Meat might be a good pick. Emrakul's Evangel may also be something that interests you. If you have enough mana ramp, you could attempt putting in something like Ezuri's Predation or Death Mutation. You may also like Feed the Pack.

snydepels2 on Who Needs $150+ Decks???

6 months ago

KingMathorothen what about Emrakul's Evangel being able to give you lots of experience counters?

Blo on Do I get more tokens ...

6 months ago

The second option.
Fresh Meat looks at the whole turn, and will see that 3 creatures have been put into your graveyard thanks to you activating Emrakul's Evangel and also sees the 3 3/2 horror creatures that died as result of the Wrath of God.

Penguno on Do I get more tokens ...

6 months ago

Here is the Hypothetical Situation:

I have Emrakul's Evangel and 2 other token creatures on the field. An opponent casts a boardwipe like Wrath of God. I respond by using Emrakul's Evangel's effect and sacrifice him and the other 2 tokens. Now I have 3 Eldrazi tokens on the field before Wrath resolves.

After the Wrath resolves, I cast Fresh Meat to replaced my destroyed token creatures. Which outcome is correct:

  1. Fresh Meat only counts the 3 Eldrazi tokens destroyed by Wrath of God, therefore only 3 beast tokens would be produced.

  2. Fresh Meat counts all the dead creatures, including Emrakul's Evangel, the 2 earlier token creatures, and the 3 Eldrazi tokens, therefore 6 beast tokens would be produced.

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