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Get the Baron out and count from 5 as fast as possible while protecting him.

Main combos:

  • Strionic Resonator can do 2 things. It can either kill 2 people when procing Baron Von Count from "1" to "0". Or it can make the Baron count faster if the single card played has the next 2 numerals on the card. (for example if I played Nirkana Cutthroat with the Baron at #5 & activated the Resonator, since Nirkana has 5 and 4 on the card it would put the Baron's count at #3.)
  • Sunbird's Invocation allows for 2 cards to be cast for the price of one.
  • Cards with Buyback & Dash allow for them to be cast multiple times (for example Screamreach Brawler gives 1,2,3 for multiple turns. Or Shattering Pulse allows for multiple artifact destruction for 1,3).
  • There are 2 cards that have specific printings so that they have more numerals on them: Greed from 4th Edition and Sol Ring from Commander 2015 or before. (I did not look at Japanese cards, but they typically replace spelled out numbers like "one" or "two" with their numeral counterparts "1", or "2" which opens up a lot more cards that are useful to the Baron).
  • Scrying is very useful to try and get the next numeral as well as multiple draws. Phyrexian Arena would be a good card even through it only has 1 numeral, but I feel like the 3 different Greeds in the deck make up for it.
  • The betting is still out to see if Mizzix's Mastery is any good... It's only got 3,4 on it & there are not a lot of instant or sorcery cards in the deck. But it can still be 2 cards for the cost of 1 which is nice. So instead I've switched it out for Doomsday for flavor win.

The breakdown of the cards counting can be found here:

1s: 52

2s: 47

3s: 48

4s: 41

5s: 37

Here's the formula I used for to find numerals in the casting cost, power, toughness, rules text, and flavor text. (slightly alter it to find other combinations).

((m:{5} and -m:{6}) or pow=5 or tou=5 or o:5 or ft:5) and ((m:{4} and -m:{5}) or pow=4 or tou=4 or o:4 or ft:4) and ((m:{3} and -m:{4}) or pow=3 or tou=3 or o:3 or ft:3) and ((m:{2} and -m:{3}) or pow=2 or tou=2 or o:2 or ft:2) and ((m:{1} and -m:{2}) or pow=1 or tou=1 or o:1 or ft:1) and ci:rb and cmc>0 and order:released


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