Mirrorwing Dragon

Mirrorwing Dragon

Creature — Dragon


Whenever a player casts an instant or sorcery spell that targets only Mirrorwing Dragon, that player copies that spell for each other creature he or she controls that the spell could target. Each copy targets a different one of those creatures.

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon (EMN) Mythic Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Mirrorwing Dragon occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%

Mirrorwing Dragon Discussion

Darkewarrior on Pioneering the Mirrorwing [PRIMER]

3 weeks ago

I tried out your deck this last week at my LGS, and there are two glaring problems with it. First, this deck is trying to hard to be competitive in a meta where it just isn’t viable, like at all... the only games I won were when my opponent kept a bad starting hand and either got flooded or mana screwed. all of the other games Reckless Rage was completely useless, by the time your opponent has a creature on board that’s worth hitting with Reckless Rage the creatures you have on board either die immediately to it or get knocked to 1 toughness. When I did get a good starting hand, it felt slow, you do nothing until turn 3 in most games; By then almost any other deck in the meta has a half ways decent board state! With that being said, by the time you actually get enough creatures on the board to at least match your opponents you’re already losing and you have nothing to push through with to deal damage! I got Mirrorwing Dragon out once during the entire tournament and then they boardwiped. Season of Growth was an awesome card when it stayed on the board and it definitely kept my hand full, but I ended up cutting it down to 3 of and dropping Mirrorwing in favor of 2 Collision / Colossus after the tournament and played some matches and felt no difference in my chance to draw season of growth and play it, and was able to push through with trample to beat a deck that ran me over during the tournament. My second problem with the deck was that I had zero fun playing it, it felt like it wanted to do too many things at once and ended up only doing 1 or 2 of those things in each game. It’s trying hard to be competitive and failing miserably.

jakeyuki12 on Feather 75%

1 month ago


I've seen a lot of decks built around Feather, the Redeemed and I've been playing Boros in EDH for a long time, so hopefully I can give some helpful advice.

The first thing I noticed- you only have 6 ways to ramp in your deck. Feather decks tend to be very mana-hungry, wanting to always have mana to cast your spells and also have enough open to protect Feather. I find for a Feather deck mana-rocks that cost two mana are ideal. They let you cast a mana-rock turn two, play Feather turn three with one mana held up for a protection spell. You already have some signets, which is good. Other good ones are Talisman of Conviction, Marble Diamond, Star Compass, Coldsteel Heart, etc.

Another thing I noticed is that you're playing both Mirrorwing Dragon and Zada, Hedron Grinder but only have one creature that can generate tokens (that being Monastery Mentor) and no way to tutor said creature. If you're going to be running those bigger creatures that multiply your effects across all your creatures, you're going to want to run more token makers. Some decent ones include Young Pyromancer, Akroan Crusader, and Vanguard of Brimaz.

Finally, I advise upping your land count to 38. Like I said, Feather is a mana-hungry deck, so you want to consistently make your land drop every turn of the game. Having 38 lands as opposed to 36 helps with that.

Also though, how has Underworld Breach been performing in your deck? At first glance it doesn't look like the best card for a Feather deck since you're not exactly filling up your graveyard, but I can definitely be wrong.

SirFowler on Birds of a Feather Storm Together

1 month ago

I have a few you cards you might consider.

Dawn Charm gives so much versatility depending on the situation. If someone destroys a creature, you can just regenerate it and you get the card back. They have a lethal swing? Just prevent it and make a retaliation attack. Get hit with a Traumatize, counter that bad boy. It's just a nice utility card.

Mirrorwing Dragon is nice because it radiates all your instant and sorceries to your creatures, but it's also a great defensive card if some casts Path to Exile. That way it also board wipes their entire board as well.

Akroan Conscriptor can steal your opponents creatures at instant speed. It's especially nice if you have Cloudshift so you can steal them forever. And you can can do this on every turn so long as you have enough mana which is nice.

Chandra's Ignition can be a nice board wipe while also taking the opponents life at the same time. And you can do this on multiple occasions. It is sorcery spee, but it can be speed the game up a little bit.

And lastly, this one isn't really necessary, but it's pretty funny. I know you took out cards that give indestructibility, but if you have a card that gives your creature indestructible like Sheltering Light, then cast Arcbond and Martyrdom, you can just insta-kill everyone if your creature ever takes damage. So it can come out of nowhere and that's pretty hilarious to me.

I've never been great when trying to take cards out to add new ones, but these are just a few cards that I thought would be cool. I have them in my Feather deck and they work out pretty well. Feather's definitely one of my favorite decks I have and it's a lot of fun. +1

Darkewarrior on Pioneering the Mirrorwing [PRIMER]

1 month ago

I would drop 2 Season of Growth and add 2 Song of Freyalise it could help you get Zada, Hedron Grinder and Mirrorwing Dragon out faster, the problem I’ve had and see with season of growth is you draw out too fast. I would also drop Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin entirely and replace him with Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip

Darkewarrior on Gruul Pump

1 month ago

Swap out Grand Warlord Radha and Mirrorwing Dragon for X2 Dreadhorde Arcanist.

Reduce the land base to 20 and drop anything except basics, Game Trail, Rootbound Crag, and Stomping Ground.

With dreadhorde in the deck you could easily run duplicates of Instants’ and sorcerys instead of playsets. you definitely want Expedite since you’re running Enter the Unknown.

If you want any ideas for sideboard or mainboard instant/sorcery you can go to my profile and look at my “Zada/Silverfur Combo” deck.

BMHKain on The Gauntlet is set: Which ...

1 month ago

(cEDH) #PartnersInCrimeDeclareMultiversalWar

Commander / EDH* BMHKain



It's been decided: Akiri, & Bruse Tarl Collab one last time in the true last attempt at cEDH Boros.

Obviously, suggestions are welcome, & while both have some degree of Stax/Prison in them as an idea, I also wanted a secondary theme in mind. But the following card types ruin these decks:

Torpor Orb Effects

Rest in Peace Effects

Not having asymmetrical effects.

(I could make a whole list in this case, but I have to commit to something...)

One Decklist has Mirrorwing Dragon, Zada, Hedron Grinder, & Feather, the Redeemed all at the same time. Are any truly needed? Well, we can say the Dragon is dead, so that leaves us w/ Zada & Feather. (sigh...) I'd rather put Feather, the Redeemed in the 99 in that case, or I could also keep Zada as well.

But IF I did, I'd have to center the deck on both. So, nope. Not adding either (Too Late; A Goblin Ally, & an Angel already snuck in...).

But if we're going for Tier 3: High Power; which is still a hopeless case for so many running , but what is required for this feat w/ the worst colors? & no, Ol' Feather doesn't count. That said, I'll have to lower my Expectations for now. But what stratagems to use? We've Stax, but what about a secondary decktype? Value Engine? That's what I'm thinking of right now, though I'd rather suggestions than opposition of as a result. If this deck can't truly be made well in such fashion (Tier 3 has some great non-Boros CMDRs in their colors so, who knows?), I'm putting my money where my mouth is, & give up the whole campaign of cEDH Boros for good, but only if we did a good enough effort to warrant this possibility. Though I still will plot to make a Haktos the Unscarred Exalted Deck even if this is successful. As of now, I need 91 DAMN cuts. Any ideas for those 91 cuts?

All right. I said enough. I just hope one wants to help as THE GAUNTLET IS THROWN.

good luck...

Mr_Manuelgb on G/R Dragons (Final)

2 months ago

have you considered Glorybringer instead of Mirrorwing Dragon? I feel like it is a stronger card and can act somewhat as removal aswell

HyperViper191 on Feather's Boatload of CMDR Damage

2 months ago

Mirrorwing Dragon has won the game with seize the day many a time. At first, it seems that your board is very small, but the effect is so powerful that it's worth it with 3 creatures. Also, they get board wiped if they try to remove it with spot removal, which most opponents don't notice the first time.

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