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Viashino Sandscout

Creature — Viashino Scout

Haste (This creature can attack and Tap as soon as it comes under your control.)

At end of turn, return Viashino Sandscout to its owner's hand. (Return it only if it's in play.)

Acquire Viashino Sandscout


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Viashino Sandscout Discussion

Decay57 on R U Jelly? [comments appreciated]

1 month ago

Unfortunately the idea of using bouncing creatures to avoid giving your opponents stuff with Confusion in the Ranks doesn't work how you think it does. If you check the rulings for Confusion in the Ranks on Gatherer, one of them says "The permanents are exchanged only if they're both on the battlefield when the ability resolves", which means nothing gets exchanged if you bounce your stuff prior to the trigger such as the Man-o'-War example you gave in the description. I found this out the hard way with my Confusion in the Ranks deck, lol.

However, return to hand at EOT effects like Mark of Fury work great with Confusion in the Ranks so I'd suggest replacing Man-o'-War with creatures such as Viashino Sandscout or Glitterfang and you'll get the same effect.

I'd also suggest throwing in some Great Furnace s or Seat of the Synod s to steal your opponents artifacts.

BenWin on Madcap skills

3 months ago

Possible creature ideas: Hellspark Elemental , Ball Lightning , Legion Loyalist , Lightning Serpent , Viashino Sandscout , Viashino Sandstalker , Ash Zealot . I'd stick to most of what you already have, but there's always more room for ideas.

Blakkhand on The Forge God's Loyal Army

6 months ago

You might be interested in Glitterfang , Viashino Sandscout , and Viashino Sandstalker .

warper on Norin the Wary Commander

1 year ago

+1 For Norin!!!

I don't suppose you'd look at my deck? I Grow Wary of You

anyways, Archwing Dragon , Viashino Sandscout

Genesis Chamber is amazing with Norin, trust me.

I see Blood Moon but I don't see Ruination Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.03 $0.15 $0.49 $0.28
Power / Toughness 2/1
Color(s) R
Cost 1R
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 10.77
Avg. cube pick 3.32


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Tenth Edition Common
Urza's Legacy Common