Wild-Field Scarecrow


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad Uncommon

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Wild-Field Scarecrow

Artifact Creature — Scarecrow


, Sacrifice Wild-Field Scarecrow: Search your library for up to two basic land cards, reveal them, and put them into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

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Wild-Field Scarecrow Discussion

JararoNatsu on Need Help with a Wizard ...

1 month ago

Unfortunately there isn't much of an option for the ruby slippers (anything involving the name "ruby" is Red).

I kinda looked around and thought of stuff that MIGHT work (obviously there aren't any green wicked witches and flying monkeys) but I hope these give you an idea of what you can do:

Bitterheart Witch, Tree Monkey, Wild-Field Scarecrow, City of Brass, Scarwood Treefolk, Bog Imp, Emerald Medallion, Fork in the Road, Brass Man if you don't mind older cards, also maybe Treasure Keeper?

That's what I was able to come with in like... 15 minutes? If you were to expand your colors you may find more options (I could not find a Wizard of Oz and other staple characters in Green/Black).

I hope this helps. I don't know what kind of deck you could build that would fit within the theme and function well, but I wish you luck. Please keep me updated on this. I'm interested in seeing how well this goes.

BOUFFO98 on Is it truly alive?

2 months ago

Wouldn't Burnished Hart be better than Wild-Field Scarecrow? I love your description too, A+ writing

DiggleMcGee on Artifacts

2 months ago

I also recommend checking out Ichor Wellspring, Mind's Eye, Wild-Field Scarecrow, Dreamstone Hedron, a Sin Prodder for a win-win, an annoying card but not useless Urza's Blueprints, an Illuminated Folio combined with winding clock is good, Im unsure how much colorless mana you have access to but Endbringer, and Mycosynth Wellspring for land and card advantage.

As for other things that could help out Blinkmoth Urn for some sick manas. Arcbound Crusher can help with closing a game out by getting real swole creature. Shimmer Myr useful myr if you wanna move to towards myr tribal. A Workshop Assistant makes a great thing to pitch to your commanders negative. A Contagion Engine gives you your commanders negative ability every turn you pay for it. a Rings of Brighthearth can give you double effects on abilites bit pricy though.

Udinaas on Sultai Delirium

4 months ago

I'll just list some of the cards I personaly like for delirium (budget):

first Wild-Field Scarecrow. It fixes color, which is especialy useful in three-color deck, and adds two types to delirium. Also you can actively get it into your graveyard (unlike your other artifact creatures). Speaking of color-fixing, Fork in the Road helps with that and puts a land into your graveyard for delirium, which is usualy not the easiest card type to get there. Third Fortune's Favor is realy interesting and funny card, in my opinion. And in delirium deck, you can decide based not by what you need in your hand, but what you need in your graveyard.

Now for cards, that reward delirium, I would again point out three. My favourite of these, Kindly Stranger  Flip. Although 2/3 for 3 is not so amazing, 4/3 that also kills something for 6 sounds good. Moldgraf Scavenger is a nice one. Attacking with a 3/4 by turn three is not a bad deal (and is very doable). Finaly, the delirium star Gnarlwood Dryad. What's not to like about this one? 1/1 deadtouch for G? sure. 3/3 deadtouch for G later? definitely.

Hope some of this helps.

Ryjo on

4 months ago

I don't see Heroic Intervention in your deck.

A four color manabase is going to be tough to accomplish. White and Blue sources should make up the bulk of your manabase, as most of your cards are in those colors. Right now, you have way too many red sources and too few green. And that double on Eldritch Evolution is going to be very hard to cast.

You may want to consider Fevered Visions for more drawing power, or some combination of Pilgrim's Eye and Wild-Field Scarecrow for mana fixing/deck thinning.

TheBuj on Zero-Rack

5 months ago

I really want to play Noxious Gearhulk as a finisher, but I'm concerned that the I won't get to 6 mana in time. I'm toying with the idea of running Pilgrim's Eye and Wild-Field Scarecrow in order to reliably have 6 lands by turn 6, ready to fire off a Gearhulk.

ThatGuy4242 on Graveyard Smash

5 months ago

I absolutely love the deck. After seeing this I am now determined to make my own variation including some of the following suggestions. Btw this is so long because its also a note to myself.

Adamaro on Karn, Silver Golem EDH

6 months ago

I completely agree with n0bunga. The basic wastes would be incredible with Burnished Hart, Myriad Landscape, Wayfarer's Bauble, and the Wild-Field Scarecrow.

I would also like to suggest Metalwork Colossus. Casting him for free and a built in recursion engine seems pretty good!

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