Shattering Pulse


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Exodus (EXO) Common

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Shattering Pulse


Buyback (3) (You may pay an additional (3) as you play this spell. If you do, put this card into your hand as it resolves.)

Destroy target artifact.

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Shattering Pulse Discussion

goblinguiderevealpls on Malevolent Mizzix

3 months ago

Hey there,

I have a mizzix of my own and a friend who plays a tuned version of him, here is my list

Its been retired for a while but i did a quick update, its not exactly budget but it works pretty well and is really explosive

You're missing a lot of two really powerful effects in this deck that usually win you the game, buyback and storm

Notable cards of those types id recommend



Shattering Pulse

Whispers of the Muse

Empty the Warrens

Mind's Desire

Brain Freeze



High Tide

Aetherflux Reservoir

You can also run like 15-20 islands to get good usage out of High Tide as well as making Blood Moon super powerful disruption that you ignore from all the islands

Hope my deck and those suggestions help!

wisegreenbean on Neheb wants the world to burn

5 months ago

Burnished Hart cuz you need some mana and your commander is a 5 drop.

Sandstone Oracle is good when you've blown through your hand, which can either mean you're doing well or doing badly. So nice versatility and a strong effect. And atm, I only see 4 pieces of real card advantage, plus a few wheels. Good, but you can stand to pack more.

Browbeat feels dodgy. I wasn't afraid of 5 damage, and I'm not afraid of netting you 2 mana.

Never underestimate Volcanic Offering.

You can afford to diversify your landbase, I'd suggest Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle, High Market for what few steal effects you have + Feldon and Daretti, Scavenger Grounds, at least.

I see chaos warp as the only enchantment answer. Bare minimum you can afford to pack a Scour from Existence, you have the mana. That makes Spine of Ish Sah decent too. Artifact destruction also fairly light, I only count three and I'd at least suggest Vandalblast or Shattering Spree, or maybe with your mana, Shattering Pulse.

Stuffy Doll

Perpetual on Do you Miz me? 2.0

6 months ago

For Mizzix, Shattering Pulse beats Shattering Spree.

Honden of Seeing Winds draws cards for free once out, but is slow, inefficient, and does not interact with Mizzix. Consider something like Whispers of the Muse, Mind Spring, or Ugin's Insight instead.

I didn't look too hard, but it appears as if the only things Inexorable Tide affects are your experience counter and planeswalkers. The problem with that is that neither your planeswalkers nor the Tide interact with Mizzix, making them inefficient for what you have them for (Jace for draw, Ral for turns, Tide for counters, Karn for removal). There are also no creatures to protect your planeswalkers. You might consider the previously mentioned Whispers of the Muse or Mind Spring, Beacon of Tomorrows or Time Warp, and All Is Dust in those four slots.

As someone else pointed out, I would dial back on your non-basic lands. You have a two color mana base, color fixing is not going to be your issue. Plus it makes the inclusion of Ruination, which was also mentioned by someone else, even easier.

Finally, and this is probably just me, but the lack of creatures could get you in trouble. At the very least I would look into creatures that synergize with Mizzix like Guttersnipe, Charmbreaker Devils, Talrand, Sky Summoner, Young Pyromancer, and/or Archaeomancer.

[email protected]_only on You know what that also is?... An artifact!

7 months ago

good call on the Thran Forge - it gives you a mana sink for artifacts. Some suggestions for the deck - Artifact Mutation gives you saprolings in addition to destruction for 2, Seal of Primordium acts as a premptive removal spell, just letting it sit on the board as a threat. Ingot Chewer can evoke for R, but can be hardcast mid-late game as another body. Shattering Pulse can be used late game as a continuous removal spell thanks to buyback. Smash to Smithereens doesn't hit artifacts like Destructive Revelry, but it does deal 1 more damage for the same cost. Tel-Jilad Justice allows some deck manipulation with scry 2. Finally Tin Street Hooligan would work as a cheap enter play removal with legs.

KJLaBrone on A Little Asian Cuisine

10 months ago

Thank you UnleashedHAvok,

I truly appreciate the thoughts, and I'll head over and check out your deck as soon as I can. You've made quite a few very strong suggestions for the deck, and I have to say that some of them like Shimmering Wings will be added to the deck immediately.

When I went to build this deck, I had one purpose in mind, and that was to build something that was fun for me to use at the kitchen table as I teach my 13 year old how to play the game. That being said, I don't want to make this so competitive that he never wins a game, but I also want to make sure he learns to play the right way. So it's important that I stay completely on theme here, and as much as I love the interaction between Shu Yun and the Mirrorwing Dragon, I just can't escape that nagging feeling that the Mirrorwing doesn't completely exude that Asian vibe the dragons of the Orient have. I do have Yosei, the Morning Star and Tatsumasa, the Dragon's Fang for that dragon flavor I wanted, and I thought about Keiga for a bit, but felt he didn't fit the overall strategy of the deck.

Let me get to your questions: Homura, Human Ascendant / Homura's Essence doesn't flip all that often, but what he does is he delivers 4 or more to the face or kills blockers as people tend to either let him through or chump block to prevent him from dying. When he does flip, it's game over, but if he doesn't, he's still delivering beats. Shattering Pulse is amazing. Early game it does it's thing. Late game (it can be recurred with Mystic Retrieval) is give you repeatable end of your opponents turn artifact hate. I swear by the card. It's one of the first red cards I pull when I build in these colors.

The question you pose about threat removal is actually something I've been working on. I have mass removal in the deck, but I don't have a lot of options with singular creature kill. Umezawa's Jitte, Kusari-Gama, and Swift Kick (not the strongest removal spell, but incredibly on theme) are the only true forms of removal in the deck. I've pondered adding Path to Exile and a few other on-theme kill spells for a while now, and you've just convinced me to make those changes. Again, the goal here isn't to win every game, but to make a fun deck that can actually teach someone the interactions of cards and beat face when need be.

You've really given me some great ideas here and I'll be making changes to the shell of the deck today. Thank you so much.

UnleashedHavok on A Little Asian Cuisine

10 months ago

I really love the overall theme that you have gone for with this deck! And your description is quite lovely. I have a budget Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest that I just put together Beware The Monk!. I currently have him built in what feels like a glass cannon kind of way. It is currently meant to get Shu out as quickly as possible and win through commander damage. There are a few creatures in the build, but if Shu is removed, that is basically game ending for me. I was perusing deck builds, landed on yours and thought to myself, "Here is the answer to (some of) my problems!"

I do have a few suggestions that I think may help to streamline the deck while still staying on flavor. For non-creature shenanigans, I have four; I think Artful Maneuver would be a better option over Swift Kick, and I am a huge fan of Rebound with Shu. I just don't know if you are married to the idea of forcing a creature to fight something specific. I also think that with your darker shadow flavor with Sakashima, Shadow Rift would be a nice add. I'm not sure if this one stays on flavor per say, but the I think the art does, Leap. Another fun card that allows continued use of Shu's non-creature spell ability is Shimmering Wings, I REALLY like this card. With these cards, you can retain the card draw and be a little more aggressive I think.

For creatures I think that your list is pretty compact, but I would like to offer up a few suggestions for consideration/feedback. I see that you have tap abilities and unblockable. I am looking at Elusive Spellfist for a nice early game unblockable creature, but still trying to figure out how I feel about him. Another card that I think could be really nice is Abbot of Keral Keep. And third, you mention dragons in your description but I feel they are somewhat lacking. May I present Mirrorwing Dragon. I feel like he is sooooo useful with Shu. The ability to target him with an instant and have that instant target each of your creatures is great.

I also have a few questions. Chief among them being, how often do you actually get to transform Homura, Human Ascendant / Homura's Essence? It seems to me like people might be hesitant to block and kill him. Does he wind up being an almost soft lock? I also really like Hinder for flavor, it's great. I am curious how well this deck does so far as removing threats, it doesn't seem as though you have a lot of options. Also, how well does Shattering Pulse work? I like the Buyback cards, it just seems like a fairly heft mana investment.

Anyways, +1 from me sir! Sorry about the novel, I just really love the Fate Reforged Legendary humans and Shu is my latest build. He is quickly becoming my favorite, and I really want to build a deck that does him justice / I enjoy playing. I hope to hear back from you soon!

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