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As a City Upon a Hill

Commander / EDH*



There are two primary infinite combos in this build - they are the primary win conditions.

  1. Brago, King Eternal + Strionic Resonator + any combination mana rocks that produce 2+ mana + another target. Attack with Brago, triggering his attack trigger. (The targets are irrelevant, as ideally this trigger wil never resolve.) With the trigger on the stack, activate Strionic Resonator to copy it, using the mana rocks to pay for the ability. The copied trigger should target Resonator, the mana rocks, and any other permanents you want to flicker. When the trigger resolves, your targets will return untapped, at which point you activate Resonator to copy the original trigger again. This results in infinite flickering of any number of nonland permanents you control.

  2. Naru Meha, Master Wizard + Ghostly Flicker + a target. Cast Flicker, choosing any targets. (Again, they are irrelevant as this spell should never need to resolve.) With it on the stack, cast Naru Meha. When she enters the battlefield, copy Flicker with the ETB trigger, and choose Naru Meha and whatever you want to flicker as your targets for the copy. When the copy resolves, Naru Meha and the other target will return to the battlefield, triggering her ETB ability again. This results in infinite flickering of a single permanent you control.

How do we win with this?

  • Infinite life loss. Hierophant's Chalice is one of only three possible in this color combination that can cause life loss on ETB (the others being Inquisitor Exarch and Pierce Strider); and it's arguably the best, as it can help ramp you and play into the Brago combo. Protecting this innocuous common thus is important.

  • Infinite card draw. Flickering any permanent that draws us a card on ETB (ex. Mulldrifter) lets us draw our deck. From there, we can cast Raff Capashen, Ship's Mage at instant speed, then cast Chalice with flash. If the combo is still on the stack, we can then continue to flicker the Chalice and win.

  • Infinite mana. Flickering a mana rock with either of the above combos grants us infinite mana. We can then turn this into infinite flickers with Eldrazi Displacer et al; exile our opponents' libraries with Dimensional Infiltrator; or create an army of tokens with one of Entreat the Angels or Mobilization.

05/30/18: - Urza's Ruinous Blast, + Sphere of Safety; - Mulldrifter, + Cloudblazer
  • Misread completely the legendary sorcery clause - I thought having Ephara out would always let me cast it, but you need to have her devoted first. Sphere will be helpful in protecting my planeswalkers.

  • I also never really want to evoke Mulldrifter, so Cloudblazer is in most cases better. (Though ideally I run both...)

06/25/18: - Karn's Temporal Sundering, + Sun Titan; - Arcane Denial, + Familiar's Ruse


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