Merfolk Trickster


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dominaria (DOM) Uncommon

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Merfolk Trickster

Creature — Merfolk Wizard


When Merfolk Trickster enters the battlefield, tap target creature an opponent controls. It loses all abilities until end of turn.

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Merfolk Trickster Discussion

edengstrom1 on Atlantean Assault

1 week ago

Merfolk was my first competitive deck as well! Very fun way to start playing.

Some suggestions I would have are Harbinger of the Tides and Merfolk Trickster to disrupt your opponents game plan while still playing creatures.

Harbinger of the Tides works great with Merrow Reejerey since the Reejerey can tap a creature when Harbinger is cast and then be returned to their hand.

Trickster is just a fantastic card that can be flashed in on your opponents turn that I would recommend for any Merfolk deck.

Hope that helps!! Have fun and welcome to Magic!!!

APPLE01DOJ on U/R Wizards

3 weeks ago

Merfolk Trickster

Vendilion Clique

Nimble Obstructionist

Creatures with flash allows you to hold open mana for controlling elements.

PeterB6729 on The Tyrant's Vanguard

4 weeks ago

Do you find you have the double blue often enough to cast Merfolk Trickster reliably? I build a heavy blue skewed version of merfolk (17 blue sources) but I was scared to add double green to mine for that reason.

chosenone124 on Characteristic modifers vs loss of ...

1 month ago

I have March of the Machines and Azor's Gateway  Flip (4 different costs under.

  1. In response to Azor's Gateway  Flip's ability, opponent uses Ovinize on it.

  2. In response to the ability, opponent uses Merfolk Trickster on it.

What are the characteristics of the Sanctum of the Sun that results?

Spathinator on Merfolk

1 month ago

I have toyed with using Harbinger of the Tides but prefer the Merrow Reejerey and tapping down my opponents creatures and swinging in for Islandwalk. At this stage i'm just teching in Merfolk Trickster in the sideboard as it is a good Tarmogoyf killer.

I might consider x3 Mistcaller as a tech option with all those meta decks that cheat their creatures in.

edengstrom1 on Merfolk

1 month ago

Have you thought of putting Merfolk Trickster in the Mainboard? It's a great way to slow your opponent down and put a body on the board. I'm also a fan of Harbinger of the Tides as a way to set your opponent back as well.

Nice deck! Merfolk are really fun! Good Luck!!

Ratgut on UG planesblink

1 month ago

Thanks a lot for replying! I get how Vorel of the Hull Clade is useless. I totally misread the card. Thanks for pointing that out. As for Gilder Bairn, do you mean it's useless because of it being hard to tap (as you might not want to attack with that? If so, my original plan was tapping it with Merfolk Trickster (and then blinking both cards over and over), but as it happens, I misread the trickster as well. I'm planning of replacing that card with an alternative that does not descriminate between alliance.

As for playong around with +1/+1 counters, that thought did pass trough my head, but I decided against it as it brings the deck to a direction where it's no longer so much about ulting the planeswalkers. However, you strike a good point in naming there are only 4 of them, so I might add some more or at least a few tutor options as the card draw from Coiling Oracle might be too little to rely on. Even when i can boost it by flickering.

I's also considering some scrying options as a scry 3-4 in combination with Coiling Oracle give an amount of controle over my draw/mana that's pretty sweet. It will also help delving up a planeswalker or two if they decide to have a party on the bottom of my deck.

Animation Module would actually be a great addition to the deck. I'm surprised I've never even heard of the card tbh. Thanks a lot. Also, having some extra chums never hurt :D

I'll update the deck in a day or two, but I feel it already got a big boost due to your advice. Thanks!

multimedia on Izzet tempo/burn

1 month ago

Hey, have you consider mono blue instead of Izzet?

With only one color (blue) then the manabase can be much better, all Islands. With Izzet you really want 4x Sulfur Falls and 4x Steam Vents to consistently be able to play both red and blue cards especially Niv-Mizzet. Currently it looks like this is not reasonable to expect being able to get these dual lands with rare slots on Arena. If this is the case then my advice is if you want to play tempo then cut red and play only blue.

The nice thing about mono blue is other than Tempest Djinn (who's a rare) the deck can be made with all uncommons and commons. Are you only allowed to play 10x uncommon cards in a Standard deck in Arena?

Here's a mono blue tempo example:

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