Stonehorn Dignitary


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
2012 Core Set (M12) Common

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Stonehorn Dignitary

Creature — Rhino Soldier

When Stonehorn Dignitary enters the battlefield, target opponent skips his or her next combat phase.

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Stonehorn Dignitary Discussion

matkomtg on Help me make this better

2 days ago

You want to add some, let's say, theme to your deck; you're running some aura tutors, but just a few of aura's to tutor. Also the curve on this list huge and the thing that are expensive aren't doing that much as they should.There are really cheap and really fun cards that like to be abused by that blink effects such as: Mulldrifter, Cloudblazer, Stonehorn Dignitary, Solemn Simulacrum, Man-o'-War, etc. (Hope you get the idea). Brago is an excellent general for Panharmonicon aswell, as it can double the triggers of your ETB effects. I would also include some more counter spells and removal aswell!

Icbrgr on How can I enjoy modern ...

1 week ago

Bant blink/flicker control... built around Glittering Wish and Venser, the Sojourner.... Stonehorn Dignitary with ramp from Coiling Oracle can lockout combat T3... Cloudshift to protect it from spot removal...Reality Acid is epic removal with venser....and insert whatever win con you want whether it's infinite turns with Time Warp and Eternal Witness or fitting bant fatty..... Tons of troll capabilities with Meddling Mage and both Angels and Voidslime

Disciple_of_Doran on

2 weeks ago

Just some quick suggestions off of the top of my head...

Tempest Caller lets you tap down all creatures one opponent controls every turn before your turn, getting you free beats on anyone you want or just opening the door for another player.

Stonehorn Dignitary is great for keeping big aggro threats from wiping you out, and can be an awesome political tool.

Stalking Leonin is a personal favorite of mine, since it waits to trigger until you are attacked you can just blink it once to change or reset its target, then leave it and focus on blinking other stuff until it's been used up.

Brutalizer Exarch is one of the most compelling reasons to use Roon instead of Brago. Tutor up any of your creatures every turn, or remove those pesky non-creatures. Can also work to remove enemy lands if you want.

Progenitor Mimic gives you extra ETB triggers for the best thing on the board, while also slowly building up a creature army.

Nevermaker is an awesome card for locking a single opponent out of the game. Repeatedly make them draw into the same high-cost permanent, stalling them out entirely unless they have a way to draw extra cards.

TaegukTheWise on What archetype is my deck?

3 weeks ago

Allow me to provide context so you guys can better understand my question.

I know my Roon, Mayor of Value Town deck is a good stuff control deck, but I have a friend who constantly makes new decks and wants to test them out. But sometimes he can't make it to the cardshop and he has to settle for 1v1 to see what his decks need to work on. My Roon deck is made for 4 player EDH with its control aspect stemming from the toolbox which is the rest of the deck, Roon is for gaining me more value with my creatures to gain advantage or control the board, politics (such as blinking an opponents value creature for favors), and blanking blockers/attackers for extra control. The deck runs counterspells and also has some cards that serve multiple purposes but primarily serve to hate out Torpor Orb and Hushwing Gryff/Tocatli Honor Guard, a perfect example: Bant Charm.

My other two decks are Nekusar and Krenko so he chooses to face Roon since Roon is not as fast as Krenko, but not as vicious as Nekusar. Whenever he does play against Roon, no matter what deck he plays I find some way to stabilize the board and gain victory. My win cons can be: creating enough tokens with Trostani's Summoner/ Avenger of Zendikar sometimes paired with Cathars' Crusade, Meadowboon or Gavony Township, having a bunch of creatures and dropping Craterhoof Behemoth, or having an infinite combo with Reveillark, Karmic Guide, Ashnod's Altar and a creature that can draw me cards like Mulldrifter or Cloudblazer to get Minion Reflector to make an infinite army of creatures to win the game, or a creature that can remove things like Nevermaker, Trostani's Summoner or Hornet Queen to make an infinite army of creatures to swing with on my next turn, or using Acidic Slime to destroy pesky artifacts and enchantments or lands.

The most common occurrence is that I hose his creature based aggressive decks with Stonehorn Dignitary until I get a threat online or I draw into removal I can abuse, or he scoops. Nevermaker to stall his board when he can't draw more cards to lock him in place until I drop a threat, or he scoops. Or the previously mentioned infinite combo, recently and more specifically, destroying his lands in response to a board wipe that would reanimate him a threat to make him scoop (I mention this because if he didn't wipe the board I wouldn't have blown up his lands, thus I gave him the option to take back the wipe, he didn't, so I blew up his lands and he scooped). The way Roon wins in these scenarios isn't shocking since I'm only facing my friend instead of 3 opponents dividing up my resources to maintain defense while being relevant in a subtle fashion, and 1v1 speeds up the game of EDH tremendously.

After losing so hard to Roon under these conditions (8 times mind you) he is convinced that my Roon deck is a hate deck, or at least in 1v1, and will never 1v1 it again because I can stop his decks so easily (which is completely fair). I think the thought that my Roon deck is not a control deck but a hate deck is utterly preposterous since I don't have cards like Gaddock Teeg or Ethersworn Canonist or Aven Mindcensor making up a good chunk of the deck. The only real hate cards in the deck are Thought-Knot Seer, Angel of Finality, and Stonehorn Dignitary but their effects aren't passive and that I need to commit resources to them to keep using their abilities, and that Stonehorn is more considered control than hate in a 4 player game. But I think I need more opinions to further solidify what archetype my deck is.

My question to all of you is can you look at my EDH deck and tell me what my deck's archetype actually is?

TaegukTheWise on Roon, Mayor of Value Town

4 weeks ago

Lol, I did not mean it as me actually being insulted. It was a figure of speech, poetic in a sense though I would hardly call it such. English is so limited on its emotions compared to some other languages that 'insulted' was the best I could present with any hope for relativity, I am sorry for the gross misrepresentation of emotion.

I very much could gather that you had no intent of ill will. I do appreciate your suggestions and I do hope that I haven't put across a message of utter, or any form distaste towards you or your words/suggestions and query's.

I can very much feel the sentiment, it does sound like you have the habit of dumping your hand, either that or you need to establish such control that you need to refill your hand. I prefer to interact with Roon's tap ability and the other control creatures put in to be abused for those niche scenarios that happen all too often like using Stonehorn Dignitary to stop a Krenko player, or Nevermaker to stop someone from drawing their win con too fast. To be honest I find myself with more cards in my hand because I save them for when I need them to lull my opponents into a false sense of security, but I won't simply let good cards go to waste mind you..

Again i'm sorry for the misunderstanding, you've been a good sport about it and I felt that should go 'punished' if you will by leaving the misunderstanding as is rather than giving you the apology.

Regards, Taeguk.

TaegukTheWise on Roon Blink

1 month ago

You could take out one of the draw creatures with low CMC like Wall of Blossoms or Elvish Visionary, Azor, the Lawbringer is a Sphinx's Revelation on a stick so it can maybe replace a draw creature, you could also try taking out Stonehorn Dignitary depending on how much your opponents rely on combat. The other thing to note is that Azor is rather color restrictive. You can play him but you would need enough reliable mana to do so (this is a probable downside). But the upside is that it lowers your opponents interaction whilst being good when you don't need to blink him, so he's actually really good to put in. Its a tough call, but if you really wanted to use Azor take out wall or visionary as my recommendation but if you're not willing to take those two out I would say Armada Wurm due to it being just as restrictive in cost but with no other benefit except tokens. If you take out wall or visionary it will lower your amount of 2 drops for birthing pod but raises the ceiling, so that's also another thing to consider when thinking of what to take out.

ChinoEX on Stack Attack

1 month ago

Bchong This isn't a 1v1 Brago deck, but instead tailored for group play environment, and is quite competitive. Blind Obedience is a good card i've been meaning to slot in, just haven't found the spot for it yet. Reality Acid is a great Brago card, and in group play, both Primordials are champs. Solemn Simulacrum = consistent land ramp with Brago out, why remove it? I've actually debated adding Knight of the White Orchid because again, another solid ramp card with Brago. Remove Palinchron, why, when it negates the detrimental effects of Winter Orb, Static Orb, or even Tangle Wire, for me? Altar of the Brood is a wincon when Brago goes into an infinite loop with Strionic Resonator + Sol Ring. Since when are counterspells bad in a blue deck? I don't want an Austere Command or any other boardwipes going off when I have all my goodies out. Clone effects are amazing in group play, there's always something out there you want a copy of. Stonehorn Dignitary is there because this deck draws hate, so I need things like him and Ghostly Prison to deflect it. Angel of Invention is there so if I manage to get Enchanted Evening + Opalescence out my lands won't go bye-bye. I might replace her with Elesh. I was running the 2 manifest enchantments for a while, but switched them out, they may go back in because they help with getting big cmc cards out for free. Thanks for Blind Obedience reminder!

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