Dimensional Infiltrator


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Custom Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch (OGW) Rare

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Dimensional Infiltrator

Creature — Eldrazi

Devoid (This card has no colour.)



: Target opponent exiles the top card of his or her library. If it's a land card, you may return Dimensional Infiltrator to its owner's hand. ( represents colourless mana.)

Dimensional Infiltrator Discussion

ScionsStillLive on The Gravetide’s Eldrazis

1 month ago

Yeah but Dimensional Infiltrator has like no power and toughness, so it's pretty useless. I guess it can destroy your opponent's deck, but the opponent will probably have some cards that can return stuff from the grave.

iNinjy on The Gravetide’s Eldrazis

1 month ago

ScionsStillLive, RNR_Gaming, thanks both for more suggestions.

I already have the Kozilek, but I do find that having some low mana creatures (especially since Dimensional Infiltrator has flying) is useful, as most eldrazis are already high CMC to start.

I have been trying to keep low amounts of instants and sorceries, so I probably won’t be adding more counterspells - I have 3 already.

Mind Grind while an understandable suggestion to remove, has proven to be too useful in my playgroup, and I have Ulamog's Reclaimer to recur it. It also pairs well with Oblivion Sower as a guaranteed X lands to steal.

Opinion on taking out Dominator Drone (not really useful outside of a trump blocker) and Pathrazer of Ulamog (super high CMC and rarely even gets a chance to attack if I cast it at all) for both Keening Stone (pairs perfectly with Fleet Swallower ) and Cloudstone Curio ?

ScionsStillLive on The Gravetide’s Eldrazis

1 month ago

I don't think some cards like Dimensional Infiltrator will have much effect. Maybe something like Kozilek, the Great Distortion ?

Maybe since this is a part blue deck you should run more counterspells like Void Shatter and Sinister Sabotage

dingusdingo on Gravy Garfield Lazav cEDH

2 months ago

drunksementhrowr thanks for checking out the deck!

You've hit on one of the biggest problems of this build, mulligans and gas. Mulligans have actually improved for us since the adoption of the London Mulligan. For those not familiar, you mulligan to 7 every mulligan, and put cards equal to the number of mulligans you took on the bottom. Since we run a layered combo deck with tutor and draw options, taking the best 5 of 7 cards is a lot better for us than taking the top 5 cards.

As far what we want to see and how we mulligan, it requires some playtesting. We run a few different combos with different costs and goals. If we decide to race on an Ad Nauseum, which is our safest bet against an unknown table, our goal is to get 5 mana with 1 specific card in hand. If our goal is to assemble Mill + outlet, we need the 4 mana and 2 cards for cephalid + greaves or orb + alchemist. We generally want to be able to get to 5 mana in artifacts or lands, we want combos or ways to get our combos, and we want pieces to slow the board or protect our combos. So what do we keep? 2-3 lands, 1-2 ramp, 0-2 combo, 0-1 counterspells, 0-2 draw/tutor, 0-1 board interaction. We want land drops to smooth out games against stax pieces like Trinisphere and all the cost enhancer pieces. We want ramp to protect against other stax pieces like Winter Orb or Armageddon by having a diversified mana base that also accelerate us. We want to have a combo piece in hand, and either the matching combo piece or a way to get there, whether through draw or tutor. We can take a 0 combo piece hand if we have a double tutor. A draw engine like Rhystic Study also helps us manage threats with a greater access to counterspells in hand! We also want to see either a counterspell or board removal in hand, we need to be able to stop a win before we can combo out.

Gas is another question altogether. Due to our focus on acquiring combos and the vast amount of combo-only cards we run (that have low quality outside combo interactions) we do run into situations where repeated bad topdecks can wreck an otherwise great game. Due to the nature of our commander, we desperately want creature based combos, but creature based combos in U/B are mostly slow or expensive (in # of cards or mana). We're left with cards that are mostly dead draws outside the combos, which means we AREN'T drawing cards that would have been more applicable in that situation. We run some value pieces, like Aphetto Alchemist and Isochron Scepter which are both highly applicable outside their respective combos, but other parts of our combos are dead draws entirely Laboratory Maniac or have mostly niche applications Pili-Pala for expensive filtering or Dimensional Infiltrator to hate on topdeck tutors.

You'll notice that this deck is optimized for Ad Nauseum. The average cmc is low, with layered combos, because this is primarily an Ad Nauseum deck. With the easy to assemble goal of 5 mana and 1 card, its a fast, attainable in wincon from almost any board state. We have so many layered combos so that we can just draw 1 + 1 tutor with ad nauseum for an easy victory. Its our biggest answer to the gas problem. Our other method of solving the gas problem is having tutorable "bomb" cards that will give us more chances to hit the tutor into ad naus. Windfall and Timetwister are great examples of this. Intuition and Buried Alive similarly can give us enough gas to get to a win. Yawgill is another card that if we topdeck it allows us to gain massive advantage. We also run a handful of scry + mill effects to filter through our deck and build our graveyard for virtual advantage.

Overall though, this deck has needed some attention. My only time on it has been brewing Doomsday variants, so I haven't added in new set stuff and tuned.

Scheming Symmetry has loads of promise as we already run multiple cards to break it, including instant access to a game winning combo by playing + milling with commander.

Narset's Reversal can catch another tutor. Or flip removal. It acts as an outlet for dramatic scepter + copy artifact.

zottis95 on

5 months ago

So, yeah, I made a mistake about Dimensional Infiltrator , i tought you said Blight Herder . Dimensional Infiltrator was there to have an early creature that could dealy a strong attacker if i could exile a land and return it to my hand while flashing it. As welll as a flying body, wich the deck ins't full of.

About Nihil Spellbomb , it works the same as relic, but having to pay a instead of to buy a card, which, in my opinion, is not worth it.

About drawing a Leyline, yeah, it sucks, it's kinda like drawing another KCI when you already had one in the field, but the second one could still be sacked while the second leyline cannot. Would there be a valid replacement? I've been thinking about it; to put the nihil insted of the leyline, it might work, afterall its cheaper and can draw me some cards. I might try an interaction where i place 2 leylines and more spellbombs.

wallisface on

5 months ago


Yeah Path is probably not a good choice cause you’ll want to stay UB for the more reliable lands. I’d just go with blacks famous “cruel control” of Collective Brutality , Inquisition of Kozilek , Thoughtseize - remove the threats before they even exist. The upside here is that some combination of those cards will almost certainly guarantee the game goes until at least turn 5/6 without fail.

My only concern with Ashoik is that it, as well as Leyline and Relic, take up a lot of space - getting any more than 1 of these cards is probably a bad time as far as self-card disadvantage. If you’re doing more hand disruption, then perhaps maindecking some Nihil Spellbomb instead of Ashiok could be viable? As far as you get to draw a card, still exile stuff, and screw over the 80% of the meta doing graveyard stuff. IMO Ashoik just seems like too little value (but obviously i haven’t played this deck so i could be very wrong here).

I missed the cool Delay interaction - that is actually very cool!

I get what Dimensional Infiltrator ’s there for, i just feel like 4 mana for one exile card (and then 2 thereafter) seems like a lot. I feel like you already have a decent amount of cards that can create a good number of exile value, and that this slot would be better spent annoying your opponent with hand disruption and/or killspells till you draw a more stable way to get the engine going. Or, if it is needed, maybe Surgical Extraction serves a better purpose of also removing some key pieces from the opponent

zottis95 on

5 months ago

Hey, wallisface, first of all, thanks for the input.

1) Yeah, i've been thinking about that, I've had interations where i splash some white for a Path to Exile , but manawise it gets too complicated. Maybe some more black cheap killspells, i'll think about that.

2) Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver works towards the maintance of the exiled cards, so the processors can "process", 3 mana, exile 3. Jace, the Mind Sculptor is more of a way to control topdecking, with a focus on the 0 ability.

3) Delay is there, again, to power the processing mechanic, since when it occours, i should have creatures to exile it.

4) The Dimensional Infiltrator works with Ashiok, Delay, and the other mechanics for processing, i'll get 3 free creatures when i cast it, it IS a truck in late game. Not only that, i can sac the creatures to get mana. What do you suggest i trade them for?

5) The urza lands are a joke, i forgot to remove them.

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