Hanweir Militia Captain


Westvale Cult Leader


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Rare

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Hanweir Militia Captain

Creature — Human Soldier

At the beginning of your upkeep ,if you control four or more creatures, transform Hanweir Militia Captain.

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Hanweir Militia Captain Discussion

SynergyBuild on Cleric Deck [~$40]

3 days ago

Drop the Battletide Alchemists for some Path to Exile, drop the Extraplanar Lens and Ousts and Kithkin Harbingers

I'd run the deck closer to a soul sisters deck. Here is the decklist I'd run:

4x Martyr of Sands

4x Path to Exile

4x Serra Ascendant

4x Soul Warden

4x Soul's Attendant

4x Suture Priest

4x Ajani's Pridemate

4x Honor of the Pure

4x Mirror Entity

4x Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip/Westvale Cult Leader

4x Ghost Quarter

16 Plains

Something like that, it would be cleric heavy soul sisters, but lifegain and tokens too.

lukas96 on Menschen streben immer nach Glück

2 weeks ago

I would cut Increasing Devotion, casting a 5 drop is really ambitious with only 21 lands. I also dont know if Odric, Lunarch Marshal is that good in this deck. It would bring your mana curve down even further if you cut them.

Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip also seems a bit slow.Glory-Bound Initiate is a great 2 drop and awesome with Always Watching so I recommend a playset of both. All your of your creatures are humans so id play 4 Thalia's Lieutenant

Thraben Inspector is also a great card and could replace Elite Vanguard or Authority of the Consuls

Philigan87 on Trostani mK.II

1 month ago

Nice to see Trostani! The lifegain build is more effective than people imagine, so I'm glad you're making the most of it.

If you're playing around lifegain, might I suggest Alhammarret's Archive for double on your gains? Soul Warden and Essence Warden would also go really well here, as they will also gain life for your opponent's creatures as well as yours.

Also, have you considered Glare of Subdual? It can shut down attackers pretty effectively.

Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip is another good (and cheap) creature for Trostani builds.

Deploy to the Front and Devout Invocation might be sorceries to consider, as they can get pretty out of control.

If you really want to go mental with mana too Earthcraft and Cryptolith Rite can really play into your many creatures, (especially combined with your Mirari's wake.)

You might also want to consider Oran-Rief, the Vastwood and Khalni Garden for your lands.

So glad to see an earnest Trostani deck though, not enough people use her anymore!

Wel5 on Neos Boros Humans

1 month ago

Sorry, i wanted to say : Consider Thalia, Guardian of Thraben instead of Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip , nice list

Oloro_Magic on Ranking White Weanies...what would be ...

1 month ago

I wouldn't run Steppe Lynx white weanies doesn't play enough lands to make it worth it.

Some other creatures to consider are Squadron Hawk, Mirran Crusader, Flickerwisp, Blade Splicer, Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip, Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, and Adanto Vanguard.

Alternatively you could take a route more focused on humans and play Champion of the Parish, Thalia's Lieutenant, Precinct Captain, Knight of the White Orchid, Weathered Wayfarer, and Expedition Envoy.

Honestly white weenie goes in two directions; some kind of taxes build or monument (with monument I think Mentor of the Meek and/or Bygone Bishop is a must)

RiceMice on Five Color Humans

2 months ago

More suggestions: Being a player of a low cmc deck myself, I can tell you that big creatures can be VERY annoying. I would run Path to Exile to get rid of those threats.
Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip might be good in your deck also. It's low cmc and, when flipped, can help out with growing your army and stays a human.

ArchFline on $10 Tokens ✨

2 months ago

Perhaps Shrine of Loyal Legions to give you a late game pay off. Windbrisk Heights allows you to dig a bit into your deck to help you flood the board. Also Hanweir Militia Captain may be a better option over the wayfarer as it more consistently drops tokens.

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